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The Republican Cliché

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When the chips are down—when backs are against the wall—that's when you can get a glimpse of the mettle people are really made of. Facing a power hemorrhage in the 2006 midterm elections, President Bush and the Republicans are pulling out all the stops, going the extra mile and giving 110% to "energize" their base.

And just how do they hope to do that? With a double-edged sword of bigotry that may just prove to be their Sword of Damocles in the end. As if throwing red meat to a pack of jackals, the Republican leadership has decided to play off of the hatred their base has for gays and foreigners. (If it ain't true, then why are they humming this tune?)

The right-wing "batten down the hatches because here come the Mexicans and your town will never be the same" forces have been in full swing for some time now, exploiting a mixture of racial hatred and economic fear to get people to vote GOP in November. Now the "batten down the hatches because here come the fags and your son will never be the same" forces are in attack mode as the Republican majority pursues a Constitutional amendment they know will never pass just to score easy political points with the bigots in their midst.

Only one question remains: will people see the Republicans' biennial two-minutes hate as the grotesque cliché that it is? Will the GOP base rise to this tried and true appeal to their prejudices?

Only time will tell. Perhaps the GOP will ride a groundswell of intolerance and hatred to the polls in November. Or, maybe the Republican base will resent being treated like so many performing monkeys. If that's the case, then, to quote George Orwell quoting some political hack, the fascist octopus has sung its swan song.

Either way, this electoral desperation has opened up a window on the Republican soul and it's as black as night, or coal, or ink…

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  • Dave, did you just call Cheney gay? I’m pretty sure that’s what I got out of all that.

    And no, the nice guys don’t outnumber the extremists. That’s why this is pandering to the base. It means the average Republican believes in these policies—or the folks in Washington sure think they do. Why might they think that? (The “normal” will alwyas outnumber the “extreme” in technical terms. That’s in the definition of the words.)

  • Fob

    What is truly sad is that no matter what party wins in the election, not a damn thing will change. Neither party cares about its citizens, neither party cares about what is good for the country and neither party has the balls to say or do what the people want.

  • zingzing

    dave– you know you’re the one who has it backwards, regardless of legal reality. who gives a fuck what the law says when it’s so obviously wrong? i agree with your proposed amendment, although i don’t believe that an amendment in this situation is necessary at all, as the “inalienable rights” bit pretty much takes care of it anyway. we are all equal, yeah? well, then.

    bing– how can you not see that if you don’t grant equality to everybody, that you are being a bigot and a homophobe? it pretty much follows. are gay people equal and do they deserve equality? if you say no, then you are a bigot. and a homophobe. and a bad person. simple as that. it’s got nothing to do with politics, does it?

  • gonzo marx

    comment #24 sez…
    *Except that several of the most powerful positions in the administration and in the party leadership are held by gay Republicans, of course.*

    oh really?…that woudl explain Ganon/Guckert…but please, do out them…so far they are still way in the closet

    and no matter what they ARE, it’s what they DO that counts to the rest of America…and what they are doing was shown yesterday, from the President’s announcement to the bullshit on the floor of the Senate

    what they DO is continue to foster treating a minority in our country like second class citizens, advocate “seperate but equal” with civil unions, and decry “activist judges” who rule against them merely by doing hteir job and interperting the Law to cover ALL Americans, not just those who don’t like some folks to have equal protection under that Law….

    as for the assertion in the last paragraph of comment #24…i’ll believe it when i see it

    so far, the current incarnation of the GOP leadership has hsown itself to be controlled by imperialist neocon agendas and panders to the religious right, all the while blowing any semblance of fiscal responsibility while it indulges in nation building after a pre-emptive war while leaving Afghanistan to rot and return to the Taliban

    not good so far…

    i won’t swallow that it can be fixxed until long after it has proven it is…


  • i woudl like to point out to you, and any other Log Cabin types that you are being used and abused, with absolutely NO chance or voice within your chosen political Party…

    Except that several of the most powerful positions in the administration and in the party leadership are held by gay Republicans, of course.

    unless you can find enough people to form a large ocnstituency within the GOP that agrees with you, then the party will continue to take your contributions and support, all the while , shitting on you and your lives

    I’d hazard a guess that between the Log Cabiners, the Liberty Republicans, the moderates like It’s My Party Too and unaffiliated moderates and traditional Republicans the extremists are easily outnumbered. The trick is getting all of the sensible groups to work together on certain key issues and convincing them that the pandering isn’t worth tolerating anymore.


  • Gonzo, you’re right. That being said, Log Cabin Republicans need to be very careful where their political dollars are spent. I, for one, refuse to allow a single cent to be diverted to Santorum in Pennsylvania or to Romney in Massachusetts. The LCR needs to take a stand and stop funneling money into the GOP national coffers.

    As for the bullshit in the Senate, I see this whole gay marriage debate as a continuation of hate mongering and diversion from the real problems that affect America. The Senate is primarily comprised of a bunch of impotent men who are more concerned with their own net worth and keeping their special interests happy than they are about the welfare of America. The problem is that Americans have become too complacent. They continue returning these pieces of political manure back to office. The American voter hasn’t made an informed decision in generations. Our elections are a joke. America is no longer a Democracy. We’ve allowed the country to become a Fundamenalist oligarchy and the quicker backwoods America learns it, the better.

  • gonzo marx

    to Silas….

    i woudl like to point out to you, and any other Log Cabin types that you are being used and abused, with absolutely NO chance or voice within your chosen political Party…

    this very bullshit in the Senate and from Bush yesterday proves that point beyond a shadow of a doubt

    unless you can find enough people to form a large ocnstituency within the GOP that agrees with you, then the party will continue to take your contributions and support, all the while , shitting on you and your lives

    sorry, that’s just the way i see it


  • …the idea of a gay Reagan conservative would have had me doubled over with laughter…

    Ever heard of Merv Griffin? oops. I didn’t say that! Actually, I know many Conservative Gays who felt and remain to feel the way I do about Ronald Reagan. To truly know and understand the Reagan dynamic, one comes to quickly realize that Reagan the man was no bigot on any level. His own daughter Maureen made that very clear to a group of gay Republicans during Reagan’s run in 1984.

    The truth is that a real Conservative believes in little or no governmental interference. We expect a return on our tax dollar and we expect accountability to be a core of the American value system. Religious pigs have stolen the Conservative cause and made the word ugly. Ronald Reagan didn’t need Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson, it was the other way around. He was and remains the Great Communicator. For me, Ronald Reagan was the greatest President to have served in my lifetime followed by Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton. And, until another loser comes along, George W. Bush shall be the greatest failure the Oval Office has ever housed.

  • gonzo marx

    ummmm…a couple of things…

    “freedom of association” and “pursuit of happiness”

    i think both of those may apply

    as to the argument that NOT recognizing these Rights for gay folks just as much as for hetero folks is just “tradition” and the way it “has always been”…well, tell that one to Rosa Parks and MLK jr.

    there is NO sane argument against allowing equal rights to the minority except the discomfort of some in the majority

    and your discomfort does NOT give you a valid reason to deny certain inalienable Rights…

    you want to convince me, show me how allowing gays/lesbians to marry impinges or hurts or infringes on another’s Rights in any way

    nuff said?


  • Bliffle

    Archie seems to be whining and threatening again.

    Marriage is a financial scam that costs the US treasury 10s of billions every year. Do away with marriage and solve all these problems.

  • Arch Conservative

    Anyone who doesn’t agree with liberals on every issue is either a bigot, homphobe, racist etc….

    You can take your bullshit labels intended to stigmatize and [Edited]
    I don’t worship at the altar of political correctness and moral relativity.

    Seriously though…….[Edited]

  • Roger, you are the king of the inept comparison. The enlightenment had established that all humans had certain basic rights before slavery became a major issue in America. Once the government had signed onto the idea of equal rights for all men then slavery was doomed.


  • Bliffle

    I resent the fact that my republican party has been commandeered by the Meanest People In America.

  • JP

    It’s our loud preaching of democracy, contrasted with our intolerance as shown by the gay marriage amendment supported by Bush, that causes America to lose a good deal of its clout in the global marketplace of ideas. Not to mention Iraq and the poor way we handled that hurricane..

  • RogerMDillon

    No one asked you to, but I don’t accept something just because the majority believes it. Why did we bother abolishing slavery? Their rights weren’t being violated since they didn’t have any.

  • Not sure I can take a comparison between human behavior and laws based on it, and demonstrable geophysical fact all that seriously, Roger.


  • RogerMDillon

    A majority of people used to think the world was flat. When did they vote to make it round?

  • No Zing, you’ve got it assbackwards. The reason gays can’t marry right now is that they’ve never been allowed to marry in the past, de facto if not de jure. From the point of view of conservatives all they’re doing here is making the law match the practice which was dominant for 200 years. That’s not taking away rights, because you can’t take away what people were never given.

    What we ought to be looking at is an amendment to guarantee civil union rights regardless of gender which at the same time prohibits the government from having any role in defining what is or is not marriage.


  • zingzing

    and that’s wrong. so why are they trying to pile wrong upon wrong? you make laws against things, not for things. you have a law that says “you can’t murder someone,” not “you can pat someone on the back.” the only reason why gay people can’t marry right now is because some fucking assholes are out there saying they can’t and making laws against it. it’s obvious how wrong they are. whether or not it is law, it is a human right to do all of the things i said, and that’s more important than some bunch of fucking hicks saying that they can’t. it doesn’t matter what the law says now. it should be changed to be inclusive of all people, because right now, it’s just pure bigotry.

  • Zing, I agree with you that all those things you list SHOULD be rights, but as it stands right now under the law, they just aren’t. Facts are facts.


  • zingzing

    fuck your “opposite sex” argument. where does it say that? show me the law. yes, if a majority of americans oppose gay marriage, THAT MEANS A MAJORITY OF AMERICANS ARE BIGOTS! just because a majority of people think something doesn’t mean shit. how can you be so foolish?

    it is any person’s right to marry the person they love. it is any person’s right to collect benefits when their partner in life dies. it is any person’s right to be at their dying spouse’s bedside when they die.

    it’s just a fucking word. get over yourself. you arrogant, needy, self-righteous twat. why do you deserve anything more than anyone else? huh? YOU DON’T DESERVE ANY MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE, REGARDLESS OF WHERE THEY STICK THEIR DICK.

    or lack of dick. you know. lesbians rock too.

  • Arch Conservative

    it doesn’t limit anyone’s rights slapnuts………..

    every american has the right to marry someone of th eopposite sbeing that the majority of the american population is anti gay marriage i guess that means america is full of bigots……..

    bigot…….. def a conservative winning an argument with a liberal

  • Look at the bright side. All of this pandering is basically exploiting the bigots for their votes while actually giving them nothing. It makes the otherwise completely worthless bigots actually useful for something.

    And Silas, I’m with you. You’re in MY Republcan Party.


  • zingzing

    gets, not got.

  • zingzing

    pony tail? pony tail? the only people with pony tails are men with convertibles (republicans) and mid-40’s businessmen (republicans). dems have mohawks. (republicans have mullets.)

    sigh… how can you support an amendment to the constitution that clearly limits people’s rights? it’s pretty fuckin obvious that this thing would be repealed as soon as someone sane got into office. of course, this thing will never pass… who could be so cruel… it’s just bush trying to get the religious, the bigots and the stupid back on his side by pushing for something he know will fail.

  • Arch Conservative

    Althought I support such an amendment it is quite clearly an attempt to make nice with the base after abondoning us.

    Hmmm maybe because I see this ploy for what it is I should join the Dem party, put a pro-abortion bumper sticker on my car, start reading the new york times, join the aclu, grow a pony tail, subscribe to the Michael Moore fan club, marvel at the intellect that is Al Gore, attend a Cindy Sheehan speaking engagement….


    I think I’ll pass.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem


    I gotta be honest with you. When I left he Republican party in 1979, the idea of a gay Reagan conservative would have had me doubled over with laughter. I’ve grown older, and I hope a bit wiser since then.

    For my own part, I only hope that the Conservative Christians who are held in such cntempt by Bush and his ilk are smart enough to see through the bullshit emanating out America’s “executive mansion.”

  • Rather than fight the GOP whackos by being Democrat, it’s time for progressive folks and Log Cabin Republicans to band together to throw out the bigoted pigs who have stolen the Party of Lincoln and Reagan from people who actually give a damn about America. George W. Bush is a disgrace to the Oval Office. His “standing proud” against gay marriage is just another ruse in his game to cover up just how inept of a President he is.

    I want my Party back and will do what it takes this year. People like G.W. Bush, Karl Rove and Gov. Mitt Romney must be politically neutered for the sake of the nation.