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The Religious/Political Right: A Vocabulary Lesson

Provided here is a “translation tool” of sorts, to help understand terms employed by the Religious/Political Right in editorials and sermons. These terms are also used quite often in the political arena.

Normal: Anyone who is white, heterosexual, married (or engaged to be), attends church at least once a week, and a registered Republican voter. The opposite terms “abnormal”, “repugnant”, “evil”, and of course “offensive” are usually used nearby as a companion in the same paragraph or comment with this word. Blacks and Hispanics can sometimes be included in this category, but only if they completely adhere to strict guidelines, and stay in the background as much as possible.

Law-abiding: This “hijacked” term has been twisted to mean “those who adhere only to “God’s law”, in an attempt to misguide the uneducated into believing there’s a difference between “god’s law” and “civil” laws. For instance, several states and/or municipalities have “Consenting Adult” laws, which state that any two adults of legal consent age, regardless of sex, may engage in sexual activities in the privacy of their own home. To the Religious/Political Right, this is not one of God’s laws, and therefore if you recognize the concept of “Consenting Adult” you are not a “law-abiding” citizen. The same goes for a lawful legal abortion, etc. etc. ad nauseam.

Patriot: Only those who strictly worship the Flag, the Bible, and any denomination of the Baptist Church as a holy trinity. Anyone who does not do so is branded “unpatriotic”. Example: the “Patriot Act” has nothing to do with being patriotic, in the literal sense of the word.

Homosexual: This term is used frequently to stress the “sex’ in homosexual, because the only difference between a homosexual and a heterosexual is who they sleep with at night. The idea behind using the word “homosexual” is to emphasize the myth that gays are nothing more than sexual beings, to the exclusion of all else, as if this is the only thing they think about night and day. This increases the “icky” factor, causing normal god-fearing people to shield their children and themselves from such beasts. Usually in the same sentence or article you’ll find such terms as “predator”, “recruits or recruiter”, “pedophile” or “degenerate” to bolster the claim that gays are only dangerous sexual beings. The term “gay” is to be avoided at all cost.

Special Rights: This a term describes a set of basic human essentials that the Religious/Political Right reserves only and wholly for itself. By using the term “special” it convinces regular folks that gays want rights that “normal God fearing” Christians don’t or can’t have, and that they covet exclusively for themselves! In actuality the “special” rights that the “Religious/Political Right” would have you believe that gays want are the following:

1. The ability to visit a lover/partner of 10 years in an intensive care ward as a “next of kin”, without being barred from the hospital and/or by the opposing family.
2. The unopposed ability of one partner/lover to inherit the property they’ve shared and nurtured for a lifetime from the other.
3. The ability to have both lover/partners listed as “parents” or “guardians” of the biological or adopted children they’ve lovingly raised and nurtured together.
4. The right to jointly own property, and to jointly file income as a couple

Evil: This term should be obvious, but isn’t. The word “evil” was hijacked by the Religious/Political Right, and they love to use this term to describe anything that they don’t agree with. For example, the “Evil Empire” to describe the Soviet Union (not the one associated with Darth Vader). An associated adjective would be “evildoers”. In some ways, by their own definition, The U.S. is doing “evil” by haphazardly tapping innocent citizens phones because they “might” be terrorists, and/or holding foreign prisoners captive without legal representation, and in some cases psychologically or physically torturing them for the purpose of getting information from them.

Liberal: This used to be a proud term, meaning all-inclusive, all-encompassing and all-accepting. It used to be that you’d brag proudly of attending a Liberal College or studying Liberal Arts. However when used by the Religious/Political Right it means, (forgive me for being blunt here) “Fag lover”, “God-hater”, “Baby Killer” and “Against the Flag”.

Pedophile: A pedophile is a homosexual that is attracted to, and tends to kidnap, eat, and/or molest innocent little children of either sex (go figure) and is unsavable. A heterosexual with the same tendencies is a “misguided soul” who needs some loving prayer and religious help, in order to redeem himself in the eyes of the lord.

Secular: This term has taken on a meaning of it’s own, and usually when used by the Religious/Political Right is opposite of its intended “worldly” definition. A new religion as been defined as Secular Humanism, a very slippery term which can mean anything they conveniently want to oppose.

Offensive: see “Evil”.

Beware I’m about to use most of the Liberal Thesaurus on this next two terms!

God-fearing: This term is probably the most self-serving, judgmental, hypocritical, morally ambiguous, intellectually bankrupt, long-winded and Biblically challenged phrase of them all. They use this term to make ordinary people “fear” god, and in so doing to fear them. To fear God, is to fear your reverend/priest/minister, through whom God speaks to you.

God: God is actually someone you unconditionally love, and who loves and accepts everyone; in other words a liberal. (Hmmmm I wasn’t struck by lightning while typing that sentence!) God speaks through you, and to you, and not through self-appointed, self-anointed men who pick and choose which Bible verses are important and which aren’t, in order to argue in favor of slavery, prohibition, or the suppression and segregation of one population over another.

In conclusion:
I miss the good old days when a church or a temple united and pulled a community together, instead of dividing it. A thief, an adulterer or even a prostitute didn’t have the sanctuary doors judgmentally and verbally locked against them in judgment. They were welcomed with open arms in fellowship. In doing so, they and the congregation learned through love and gentle acceptance to change their ways.

The power of hate is a potent weapon, and in the wrong hands can and does push love and acceptance aside.

I’m sad that those days are gone, probably forever, and I’m hoping that someday a surgeon will find a way to separate the Religious Right from the Political Right, who’ve been joined at the hip for far too long.

People such as Pat Robertson, Pat Buchanan, Jerry Falwell, and Rush Limbaugh want nothing more than to acquire the power through the use of the name God, and/or George Bush (who some believe is one and the same) in order to allow them to think and form your opinions for you. They use God, not to spread the meaning and teachings of the Gospels, but to line their pockets, and gain prestige. Robertson and Falwell are nothing more than “thieves at the steps of the temple”. To paraphrase the grandmother on the COSBY SHOW, these men have become so secure in their own sacredness in the scheme of things that they probably believe that the sun doesn’t shine until they wake up in the morning.

I consider myself a Christian… Just not “their” brand of Christian

But of course this is only my opinion

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  • Jet in Columbus

    Jordan, I think you might enjoy reading this article…

  • Jordan Richardson

    I like it! What I like more is that the religious right is dying a slow and painful death.


  • Jet in Columbus

    Kinda ironic isn’t it, sort of what happened to heretics during the inquisition…

  • Jet

    Time to bone up on these terms before the election kids!

  • Dr Dreadful

    The notion of gays recruiting new homosexuals is the one that intrigues me…

    I used to write revue sketches for my little theatre group back in England, so we’ll take the mental picture of a couple of grim-looking guys in rainbow camouflage fatigues handing out flyers outside a gay bar and see where it leads us. Ah, an earnest-looking young man has just taken one of the flyers, read it briefly, and gone inside the bar. He comes face to face with a stern-looking man in shirt-sleeves sitting behind a desk.

    ‘I’m thinking of becoming homosexual.’
    ‘You are, are you?’ [picks up pen] ‘Name?’
    ‘Steve Costa.’
    Steve Costa? What kind of poncy straight name is that? From now on you’re Hank Goodthrust. Got that?’
    ‘Yeah, think so.’
    ‘It’s SIR to you, Goodthrust! Let’s hear it!?!’
    ‘Yes, sir.’
    ‘Good. Now. Age?’
    ‘Hmm… bit long in the tooth, but we can still work with it. Any communicable diseases? HIV, hepatitis, gonorrhea, syphilis?’
    ‘No, sir.’
    ‘Excellent. Blank canvas.’ [turns to group of men secretly listening behind a lace curtain] ‘I think we’ve got a live one here, girls. Now for the physical exam…’ [slips on latex glove] ‘Drop your pants, Goodthrust, and bend over…’

    I could continue for some time here spoofing the first 30 minutes of the movie Full Metal Jacket, but I think the result would be unperformable pretty much anywhere…

  • Jet

    LOL Doc. Anita Bryant started the “Recruiting” bullshit back in the 70s, but warning everyone that gay men were kidnapping little boys from playgrounds.

    Oddly enough she also said gay men were kidnapping little girls for the same reason… she sort of lost her credibility after that, but Jerry Falwell picked up the ball she dropped and ran with it, adding the lie that gays give you aids so that your infected with the homosexual gene.


  • Jet

    Just what the hell is YOUR definition of a liberal? Specifically and exact??????

    It seems to be an all-purpose one size fits all, but no one really knows what they mean.

    Similar words are
    Faggot-He may not be one, but if you don’t know he’s married with four kids, you can pick up manerisms that might mean he is one… even if he isn’t.

    Witch!-which means you have to prove you’re NOT one or be burned at the stake.

    I really believe that anyone the right-wing wants to attack, they simply attach the “bogeyman” stigma to, they just lump them into the catagory of “liberal”

    Those congressional “liberals” caused the stock market to crash… but which ones? Point out one of them to me, tell me their names?

    Those liberals are trying to push their immoral ways on the rest of the decent society… Can you point out to me specifically which one of the group you’re pointing to vaguely that did?

  • Dr Dreadful

    Jet… who are you talking to?

  • Jet

    Myself… I’m the only one who listens to me…

  • Dr Dreadful



  • Jet

    I rest my case. Even though I fratured my upper arm in four places, it’s still not in a cast. this means that it gets sore quickly, but it should be completely healed in about another 14 days.

    …that’s why you guys only hear from me every so often.

  • Jet

    Actually, since McCain’s using most of these words in his ads, I figured I’d get those interested in it, to brush up on their right-wing vocabulary

  • Jet

    RJ! Quick go wake up Suss!!! Jet’s on line!

  • Dr Dreadful

    It’s Saturday night, Jet. I think RJ’s too immersed in college football…

  • Jet

    Ohio state won 16-3 and I still think the game sucked. No offensive touchdowns? Pryor’s got to stop overthinking his moves and do something on instinct or we’ll never get past Michigan!

  • Jet

    “Jet. I think RJ’s too immersed in college football…” yeah those tight shiny pants get to me too…

  • Dr Dreadful

    Well, Fresno State just beat Idaho 45-32 but they were far from convincing. Idaho are the college equivalent of last season’s Dolphins.

    American football gear does puzzle me. Those guys are just too big and burly to make stretchy pants look good…

  • Jet

    point taken… forgive the pun

  • Jet

    on that note I’m going to force down an OXYCODN/APAP 10/325 for the pain in my arm and try to get some sleep…

  • Jet

    Here’s a reading assignment for out “Hope and Change”