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The Real World Goes to Key West … Then Where?

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MTV and Bunim-Murray Productions has recently announced that the island locale of Key West, Florida will play home to the upcoming seventeenth season of one of their most popular reality series, The Real World. Key West will be only the second time the show has ever taken place inside the United States, but not on the mainland (the eighth season was filmed in Hawaii). The show is scheduled to begin filming in Key West this fall with a premiere date tentatively set for early next year.

The only problem with MTV’s decision to film the next season in Key West is that it is, by far, the smallest city that the show has been hosted in. For a show that’s mostly known for sticking to cities such as New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, London, Miami, Austin, New Orleans, Seattle, etc. it seems a bit strange that they’re moving into a city with less than 30,000 in population. Though the island boasts a fairly large gay community and a huge Halloween festival called Fantasy Fest (likely what influenced the show’s decision), does it feel weird to anyone else that The Real World‘s cities are getting smaller and smaller?

Key West isn’t a terrible location. Personally, I don’t blame them. The aforementioned gay community and Halloween festival provides perfect leads to stir up the drama — a key ingredient to the show’s formula for success — while at the same time pitching the cast into a picture-perfect island background. But could it be possible that MTV’s running out of locations to film the show in? There’s still several large cities that the show hasn’t filmed in. Being a native of Indianapolis, Indiana, I can’t personally ever see them shooting here. Minneapolis, Minnesota is another rather big metropolitan area that remains untouched by The Real World‘s radar. Phoenix, Arizona; St. Louis, Missouri; Atlanta, Georgia; and Nashville, Tennessee as well. All pretty big cities, but all cities I don’t see as the next location for the show (well, maybe Nashville…if the show aired on CMT).

Even though I don’t see it happening, I’d honestly love to see the show be set in one of these cities. The Indy 500 aside, Indianapolis doesn’t excel in any particular large events or festivals that could get the cast into trouble. In fact, they’d probably grow rather bored, but hey…that’s reality isn’t it? Which segues you right into the argument of whether reality television should actually feature realistic scenarios or not, so that’s a different story all together. Plus, moving into a city like Indianapolis or Nashville would more than likely influence viewers to ask themselves questions like, “Indianapolis? Please. What’s next? The Real World: Backwoods, Mississippi??” I’d also like to raise the question as to why London and Paris have been the only non-American locations that the show’s filmed in. There’s still plenty of great (and huge) foreign cities that the show could make use of…Rome, Sydney, and Tokyo just to name a few. Then again, I guess that would eliminate the need to ever sell the idea of the show to foreign markets to produce their own versions of The Real World, huh? The show has also made use of New York for more than one season. One might guess that if need be, they could always start re-using cities that they’ve already made use of…but that would seem rather boring, wouldn’t it?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see where the next locations for the show will be. Granted that the show will be going into its 17th season on the air, there’s always the chance that it could go off the air all together before they’re forced to deal with the dilemma at hand. But we’ll have to wait and see for sure.

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About Joe

  • Well, Big Brother is huge in Europe so going back to Europe wouldn’t be the best for Real World.

  • They’ll likely begin to repeat on some of the large cities. For example, haven’t they done New York twice already?

    Perhaps one of the reasons they’re avoiding larger cities is due to the hostile reaction the cast/crew receives periodically…

  • Joe

    Yeah, they’ve used New York twice, but that’s the only one that they’ve done twice so far.

    And I didn’t know Big Brother was a big thing in Europe, huh. I figured the reason they weren’t particularly fond of using foreign cities was because it wouldn’t be as easy to turn around and sell the idea of the show to foreign markets like they’ve done with tons of other mediocre reality shows.

  • I’ve really enjoyed the last three or so seasons of The Real World — they’ve done a great job with casting, which is absolutely the key… same is true for most reality shows, I suppose.

  • Eric Olsen

    Alaska: The Real World – Northern Exposure

  • Joe

    Yeah, I agree Eric Berlin. I think that the most recent cast for Austin, despite a regular few that I can’t stand, has been pretty decent.

    And haha…I’d love to see a season set in Alaska. Cast members freezing their asses off.

  • Eric Olsen

    hobnobbing with the Inuit

  • Joe

    Ending up having to go ice fishing for their job.

  • Igloo keggers!

  • Joe

    Haha…man that would suck to be them but so entertaining to watch.

  • It could be like The Real World: Survivor

    Who will hook up?
    Who will pass out?
    Who will… make it home in one piece?

  • Eric Olsen

    I have a better idea: Antarctica – now you’re talking cabin fever

  • How about Death Valley? Picture it…

    It’s hot… so hot!

  • Joe

    Antarctica. Wow. Someone‘s going home with frostbite.

  • Eric Olsen

    they could run it like Scandinavian sauna: first Death Valley, then Antarctica, then Death Valley, then Antarctica …

  • Eric Olsen

    back to the post: Key West is a strange combination of tourist, nautical, and gay culture – here comes the green streak!

  • Joe

    I had actually always thought that Key West was just a really big retirement community. I wonder what the old fashioned folks living down there think when they’re forced to mesh with the gay community.

  • Well, Hemingway dug it, so I think it’s kind of a Big Tent down there.

  • Amstel

    I think they should put a fork in TRW…because it is DONE!

  • Eric Olsen

    sadly they did: TRW was sold to Northrup Grumman and is no more

  • Ah yes, the shifting sands of the defense contractor-reality television complex blow ever onward…

  • Eric Olsen

    both of my brothers and my brother-in-law star is the latest episode

  • what about portland OR, thats the perfect city

  • I think they might get a backlash in that city such as was the case in Seattle.

    EO — were you joking about your fam being in The Real World, or was it in reference to the talk about defense contracting?

  • The Real World, Portland

    c’mon people

  • I’m guessing you’re a Portland fan?

    It’s a nice city — I found it to be filled with real deal hippie/crunchy folk as compared to San Francisco, which is high on the poseur scale.

  • Portland is bombdigidy

  • Why the great desire to The Real World there? Can’t it just remain bombdigidy?

  • hey…im not tryin to bust ur balls our anything, i just wanna know where u live

  • Amstel

    I really think that “The Real World: Iraq” or maybe “The Real World: Somolia” might work. I would definitely tune in to see that. I think the token gay charicter would fit in nicely with the Islamic community.

  • Mahroze

    The Real World: Washington D.C. ,,,,,,, that would be good, especially with all the political activity, and its also close to Baltimore so I could see that going down

  • no way, portland is the shit

    dont fuck this up for me, real world portland

  • I think that Portland does sound like a great place to host The Real World. I myself have never been there, but my friends have and they have told me cool stroies about it. The real world:Iraq or Somolia would not work at all. Maybe….Finland? They have a lot of awesome bands there and they could probably work for one of them or do something like what they are doing with SbySW. Also, there are soooo…many bars in Finland,and there would pobabaly be a lot of possible fights= good television. Or if they did something in Tennesee or a different part of Texas where they still lived in like a mansion (or maybe not?) but they had to work on like a farm, cattle ranch thing, you know picking up horse shit and things like that. But i guess there would have to be someplace for them all to get drunk.

  • Nobody goes to Portland anymore. It’s too crowded.

  • Josh

    The reason they don’t film international very often is actually based on ratings not around the fact of trying to sell it in foreign markets. The international shows always have had lower ratings and aren’t watched as much as the ones that are based in the US. Also, it costs a lot more for them to do an overseas shoot then to stay in the states.

  • Jon

    I live in Key West. I’ve seen them at the bars a few times now. Key West itself is small, but the population here is at around 67,000. Not as big as, say, New York City, but that’s a lot of people on a little 2 x 4 mile island. There are tons, TONS, of clubs and bars down here for them to go around to. As for anything to do, its mainly watersports. All there really is to do down here is drink and get out on the water. It could make for some good drama. Two of the Real World girls were dancing at the bar I was at this past Saturday (Lazy Gecko). Ya never know, MTV may end up having to take them over to Japan or something in the fiuture.

  • Jeffrey Alburger

    Washington, D.C., are we blind or r they dodging the nation’s capital altogether?…makes no sense to me

  • dave

    Possible locations:
    DC-Baltimore region-maybe Silver Spring, Bethesda, Georgetown, Adams Morgan, Fells Point, Canton

    Not to mention cities that might be small, but still boast a cool, funky vibe, and have plenty of bars.

    Memphis, Tenn.

    Boulder, Colo.

    Madison, Wis.-home of U of W

    Somewhere on the Jersey Shore

    Cape Cod, Mass.

    Savannah, Ga.

    Tucson, Az., home of U of A

    Berkley, Cal.

    Myrtle Beach, S. Carolina



    OR, if you want to make things really crazy:

    Real World: Kandahar

    Real World: Fallujah

    Real World: Mogadishu

    Real World: Compton

    Real World: The Projects, anywhere USA

    Real World: South Bronx

    Real World:, Nome, Alaska in the dead of winter

    Real World: East by Jesus

    Real World: Bumf**k, Egypt

    Real World: Pluto (pack a sweater!)

    Real World: Alpha Centauri

    And finally, a very special episode where anyone ever associated with this dreck is put on a rocket and shot into the sun….

  • T.

    I like idea of Portland, OR… it would be nice!

    I ran into the cast of the Key West show in Orlando just yesterday. (They evacuated because of Wilma.)

    I was just talking to some really nice people I had no idea who they were (they didn’t have the cameras with them, they’re not allowed to bring them past security where I work.) One of them took me aside later to let me know they were the cast of the next RW. (I totally blushed becuase its retarded where I work we have to say “See you next Season.” and I said that to them… haha, and I really will!)

    I don’t really even care about TRW that much but I really can’t wait to see them in the Key West show because after meeting them and and then hearing about their triple evacuations I think it should be pretty intresting to watch.

    And two of them are Californians, which I can admire… because so am I!

  • laya

    Key west is by far the best they have picked- I live there-lots of $$$ and plenty of drama.

  • Chris

    it should be Real World: Atlanta or
    Real World: Houston
    Real World : St,Louis
    Real World: Detroit
    Real World: Memphis
    Real World: Baltimore
    Real World: Orlando

  • meaux

    i think that Real World: Denver during the summer would be awesome but i would rather see Real World: Sydney!

  • ATL

    Why hasnt there been a Real World Atlanta, or a Real World St. Louis? I think it’s because those cicties are too black for the show. That would be a little too much drama for the world of MTV.

  • joey

    i think the real world should be in the jersey shore.

  • I’d like to see it filmed in a city that’s on the decline or on the verge of revival to show what possibilities could exist. Cities like:

    • Worcester, Massachusetts
    • Buffalo, NY
    • Montgomery, AL
    • Joliet, IL
    • Kansas City, KS
    • Lansing, MI
    • Independence, MO
    • Fayettevile, NC
    • Parma, OH
    • Clarksville, TN
    • Pawtucket, RI
    • Oshkosh, WI
    • Savannah, GA

    These cities have populations less than 200,000. Filming would help their economies and showcase what’s really out there and available in America. I’ll bet production costs would be lower and the television value woul dbe priceless to see the Real World residents interact with the native folk. Imagine a Real World in Clarksville, TN. They could have The Monkee’s Last Train to Clarksville as the theme song.

  • Joe

    I think the other choices MTV should have in mind for a season of TRW would be…

    kansas city
    somewhere around atlanta thats not the hood

  • Read Chuck Palahniuk’s “Fugitives and Refugees” (written about ‘PDX’, as Portland’s ubiquitous hipster crowd calls it) and you’ll know why TRW should be here. Portland is the perfect spot for this show. It’s only pure fear (on the part of MTV) that has kept it out. The producers and cast would be stalked relentlessly from day one by the progressive elite who hate corporate governace and all it stands for. (insert evil laugh here)

    So yes, the show should be here. We’ll be waiting for it with torches and pitchforks. Please understand it’s because we love.

  • namesnotimportant

    Umm yeah – WASHINGTON, DC has to be HANDS DOWN the one INTERESTING city they seem to be avoiding. Which is weird because of the nightlife, colleges, bars, politics, urban/suburban exposure… Maybe they are saving it for the LAST SEASON? 😛

  • Jon

    Portland is probably one of the worst cities in the United States!!
    Go to Atlanta. The city is awesome- it has a lot of clubs and things to do.
    Key West sounds lame; it’s not big enough.
    Atlanta is not too black; it is just portrayed that way. It is filled with very wealthy white people. The city is growing and has transformed over the past decade.

  • eddie

    what about real world compton?? now that would be a real survivor show.

  • kara

    real world cancun

  • couldntfindnemo

    What about San Antonio, TX? I went there for a Spurs game, and by chance it was the week of Fiesta. For you people who have no idea what that is…Fiesta is a ten day long celebration that happens all around the city with parades, parties, parties….and did I mention parties? San Antonio is a great city…sounds like a good place to film to me.

  • Josh

    yea, atlanta is NOT black, its just potrayed that way because all the rappers and black artists. Atlanta is filled with above average residents. I live 45 minutes south of Atlanta, and i go there atleast once a month, its Great, and it would be Great to film a Real World there… there is so much to do in Atlanta, and the Real World cast would have a Blast! (i just hate the fact that Atlanta is potrayed as being a black city, such as Detroit or St. Louis, because it’s NOT)


  • Josh

    oh im sorry…. most rappers and black artists who claim they are “from” Atlanta are actually not from atlanta, they say they are because Atlanta is such a great city to “reside” in. Yea, they may have houses in Atlanta, but they weren’t “born” there…. Props to ATLANTA


  • joe

    i don think they are saving washington as their last city to air in. their 20th season is gonna be back in new york. i dont kno why there having a season in key west florida? it would be more interesting if they had it in orlando florida and have their job have somthing to do with disney’s theme parks they have their. that would be interesting to see. the only reason their putting a season in key west is to see how they react to a hurricane hitting their area. i think somewhere up north in canada would be pretty cool. or have it in brazil! that place is beutiful.

  • AtlantaChick

    I dont think TRW:Atl would do too well… it’s WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too crowded here already, but since Atlantic Station is up and runnin… it may not be such a bad idea after all!

  • AtlantaChick

    I dont think TRW:Atl would do too well… it’s WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too crowded here already, but since Atlantic Station is up and runnin… it may not be such a bad idea after all!

  • mtw

    real world should come to connecticut….

  • couldntfindnemo

    “real world should come to connecticut….”

    That is as likely as the French winning a war, and who would really watch that…I for one wouldn’t.

  • marlin

    real world amsterdam

  • rell

    there are rumors going around that detroit is going to be the next location. apparently mtv just recently leased over 8,000 square feet of space in the detroit suburb of royal oak. the rumor is that it might be a super bowl related show….

    personally, i’m still waiting for an atlanta season. i’m surprised they haven’t gone there yet (along with DC).

  • fdanny

    real world Pittsburgh!

  • Heidi

    I heard that Real World is going to be in Detroit, MI in the future. I guess they’ve bought the building and begun remodeling for the house. Anyone else heard that?

  • Nicole

    how come no one has thought of Milwaukee, WI???

    They could film during summer months…SUMMERFEST…the world’s largest concert festival…..that could have a lot of fun/get into a lot of trouble there!


  • pissoff

    Media giant Viacom Inc. leased 8,812 square feet of space for its MTV network in downtown Royal Oak, according to a release from Signature Associates-ONCOR International.

    The deal lends credence to a rumor circulated for months that MTV may base a Super Bowl-related season of its reality show, “The Real World,” in the eclectic suburban town.

    Detroit hosts Super Bowl XL in February.

    The space is in the Main North development, which is under construction on Main Street, near 11 Mile Road.

    Signature, a Southfield-based commercial real estate firm, represented the landlord, Joseph Freed and Associates LLC, in the deal. The lease is categorized as office space.

    Neither Signature nor Viacom returned calls from the Oakland Business Review by press time. Illinois-based Freed is developing Main North, a new mixed-use redevelopment project. The first phase of the project is planned to open in spring 2006 with 70,000 square feet of retail, 28,000 square feet of office and 273 residential units.

    The project is being billed to prospective residents as three separate options – Main North Lofts, 94 two- and three-bedroom loft homes; Main North Terraces, a 176-unit condominium building; and luxury condominiums Main North Residences.

    Main North is one of about a dozen condo developments planned, under construction or recently completed in the downtown Royal Oak area.

  • RJ

    I think Real World is running out of seasons which is bad. If it is true they are cancelling it after the 20th season that wuld be dumb seeing how it’s probably their biggest show.

    They should bring back Road Rules. To spice thigs up i think for once they should have a Real World where the majority of the cast are minorities(Blacks,Mexicans,Asains ect.) and not all white With one black person. Or bring in more foreign people from different countries

    But here are some possible cities.
    The Real World:
    St. Louis
    Washington d.c

  • Back On Welfare

    I should have read #65. I have ADHD. My Bad.

  • I think that Madison, WI would be a perfect place for the next real world. 1) If you have ever been to madison (home of University of Wisconsin) it is a crazy town with crazy people and lots and lots of bars 2) Its a college town…bring everytype of person including white, black, rich, poor, straight, gay, etc…every type of house hold imaginable 3)Its home of Landon, real world Phili, and well its a great city…a perfect, well ideal city to throw a group of seven and let them explore. There is plenty of stuff to do…40,000+ students go to school down in Madison im pretty sure there is A LOT OF STUFF TO DO


  • I think that Madison, WI would be a perfect place for the next real world. 1) If you have ever been to madison (home of University of Wisconsin) it is a crazy town with crazy people and lots and lots of bars 2) Its a college town…bring everytype of person including white, black, rich, poor, straight, gay, etc…every type of house hold imaginable 3)Its home of Landon, real world Phili, and well its a great city…a perfect, well ideal city to throw a group of seven and let them explore. There is plenty of stuff to do…40,000+ students go to school down in Madison im pretty sure there is A LOT OF STUFF TO DO


  • JR

    REAL WORLD:ORLANDO!!!!… I think they should do Real World Orlando because there is a lot of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, beaches are close,and of course THEME PARKS…they would never get bored out here with sooo much to do.

  • jp

    Its in Denver this Season.

  • Shelby Jackson

    I heard that the next real world is in Dever Colorado is that correct. T. Brown and R. Hanson. are going to be in it

  • jp

    I heard differently. There is no T. Brown.

  • Mike in Denver

    Great, just what Denver needs, more drunk sluts making asses of themselves and embarrassing a community. The Real World was a great concept when it began, but has become just another egos & libidos gone wild show.

  • Matt in Denver

    More drunk sluts in Denver? Thank God I’m 21 in 3 weeks. Hahahahhaaha. 🙂

  • Matt in Denver

    It’s been confirmed.

    Real World – Denver

  • In Denver

    I just saw on the news tonight that they will be living where B52’s used to be. lol any chance they’ll be hanging out at Lodo’s?! 😉 who could beat partying 2 doors down?

  • Matt in Denver

    I’m sure you’ll see me on an episode starting shit with them/flirting with one of the sluts. 😀 I hope… hahaha.

  • Tot

    I think that a good Real World Would be in Puerto Rico

  • ummmmmmmm……… your all wrong wrong wrong portland is tight and very overlooked i live in portland and there arent as many hippies as people think and its like the 20th biggest in the us city and real world should come to portland

  • justine.

    a real wotld atlanta would do really good. there are tons of bar & clubs to go to.

  • w v

    i think denver will be a good season, but what about a Charleston, West Virginia for the next season? that would be awesome!


    Real World: Baghdad. I’d watch that one.

  • Alicia

    I heard the next real world is filming right now and it will be in NY again!!!! But this time on Long Island..in the hamptons. Friends of mine always run into the cast at clubs

  • Reina

    the real world is in Denver, Colorado…i live right down the street from where they are filming.

  • monique

    Wow Reina you live right down the street from them? Have you seen any of them?

  • Reina

    yeah…i’m try to be a cool breeze and walk by like i’m minding my business so i can be on tv. haha!

  • D.J.


  • Reina

    huh! I’ll be like “si, senor…i got burrito’s for ju”

  • D.J.

    That would be hilarious then when they answer you can take a picture, you’ll be like your own little paparazzi.

  • Reina

    hmmmm (light bulb)…i think this weekend if i see them at the tavern (a bar they go to) i’m gonna be like “hey mike, what’s up! you should buy me burr”(somebody is always named Mike on the RW)

  • willy-will

    i think that they should do one in puerto rico….there is nice and crazy ass weather…..plus its soooo hot that getting half naked is easy……step 1 is completed already…..nice ass females…..the majority are whores if u get them drunk enough….the spanish thing is very big……lots of eye candy on the beaches (not tryna sound gay hear but all the guys are pretty boys with there hair gelled and tan skin)…lots of clubs (for english and spanish music)and festivals….and they could throw in a puerto rican 2 help translate…lol…the spanish really celebrate their culture…..the only problem they would have is hurricanes…..but if they don’t shoot during hurricane season then everything should b fine…..COME ON U KNOW IT SOUNDS GOOD!!!!!!!!!! THE REAL WORLD:PUERTO RICO!!!!!

  • willy-will

    puerto rico!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • w v

    The Real World: Alaska

  • futc

    The Denver Post has kept a blog on the Real World Denver – photos of the cast, great bar stories. Check it out

  • justine.

    the real world ATLANTA, DEF. its not a bad city at all. there are tons of rich white peopke here. not only blacks.