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The Real World Finally Gets Real

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Finally something that happens in the real world happened on “The Real World” (not that what took place you would want to take place). While shooting the latest edition of The Real World in San Diego, a sexual assault in the Real World house occurred. The assault did not involve a cast member. It possibly took place in a bathroom stall, between two guests, male and female, who were at a party in the Real World house.

The alleged victim reported the assault to the police. However none of “The Real World” cast members, producers of the series, or MTV notified the authorities of the purported sexual assault. Did the producers not want this kind of publicity for the show? Why not take this issue head on; it would have been interesting to see how the different cast members all reacted to the assault. Make a few episodes be “A Very Special Series of Real World Episodes.”

But no. “The Real World” will once again, put seven strangers in a house, throw them all in a work setting where they all have a chance to work together and argue. We’ll see the bitch, the stud, the outsider, the gay guy, the average girl, the slut, and the asshole all cohabitate, sleep with one another (or want to sleep with one another), piss each other off, and whine for another season.

The producers blew the chance for everything to get real.

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