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The Ramble: Vick “Settles” With Herpes Case, Bush Is Burning, Artest Suspended, Hernandez Reprimanded

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Bad boys will be bad boys. From an NFL star to a retired baseball player-turned announcer, men are behaving badly. Here we go.

Michael Vick/Ron Mexico. In case you haven’t been following the story, in the spring of 2003 when the flowers were blooming and love was in the air, Michael Vick of the Atlanta Falcons completed a pass and convinced a sweet young southern lass to engage in some good old-fashioned unprotected sex. The problem is that after this interlude of love and passion, the southern belle in question tested positive for some you’ll-have-it-for-eternity herpes.

Being quite displeased that her romp with a famous jock resulted in her receiving a gift that will keep on giving, this formerly star-crossed young lady decided to file suit against Michael Vick. During this process, we’ve learned that Vick used the nickname “Ron Mexico” when seeking treatment for his condition. Well on Monday April 24 Michael Vick/Ron Mexico settled the lawsuit, although the terms of this settlement were not released to the public. That’s probably a good thing since I’m sure that now NFL fans won’t be able to taunt Vick this season since the details of the settlement are being kept private. I mean, that kind of info could be embarrassing to a guy if it got out. Right?

If Mike had just visited Amazon.com and done a search on “herpes” and learned to talk about his condition, perhaps he wouldn’t be in this predicament. But I’m sure Vick will easily be able to recoup whatever financial loss he may suffer as a result of this settlement if he seeks out an endorsement deal with the folks who manufacture Valtrex, the genital herpes treatment and from condom manufacturers. However, he’ll never be able to get back on board the “Pro Athlete Tookie Train.”

Reggie Bush. There’s a scandal brewing around the potential number one pick in this year’s NFL draft that involves his parents and stepbrother living in a San Diego home that has ties to an agent who was trying to represent Reggie Bush. Damage control experts in the Bush camp are trying to make it seem like there’s nothing wrong with the arrangement where Bush’s mom, stepfather and stepbrother lived in an $800,000, brand new home that was owned by an agent who was trying to represent Reggie Bush. So of course nothing is wrong. They keep saying it, so it must be true. Which is why – as reporters were basically ringing the doorbell to ask the family questions about the arrangement – Bush’s family moved out.

This has nothing to do with Bush’s future and everything to do with saving the reputation of USC. Pete Carroll and company have done everything in their power to restore the luster to the Trojans’ program. “The Boys From So Cal” can ill-afford this kind of negative publicity and the even more negative probationary penalties or retroactive penalties, like forfeited games. Something stinks here… let’s see who picks up the trail and find where it leads.

Ron Artest. This career idiot got himself into hot water again and got himself suspended from the Sacramento Kings second, first round game because he lost his cool and threw a punch during the Kings’ first, first round game. Of course the usual responses ensued, blaming the suspension on Artest’s reputation while ignoring his actual behavior. Fellow idiot and teammate Bonzi Wells said that given Artest’s past “they’re going to look for a way to get him.”

I guess given that he goes by the name Bonzi he must have a childlike view of the world, but someone needs to clue Bonzi in that Artest’s “past” or his “reputation” didn’t throw the punch, the person did. And of course Artest himself made the statement that many things in his career have been “unfair.” The league will be much better off when this guy is gone.

Keith Hernandez. It’s 2006 and the former Cardinal and Met star still doesn’t think that a women’s place is in a Major League dugout, and he even says so during a Met broadcast – pun intended. How out of touch can a guy be? And also how wrong. It might be weird for an old school guy like Hernandez to get used to the idea that these days there are female members of a team’s training staff, and that these women are entitled to be in their team’s dugout. He might even have a tougher time understanding that the players might not even mind having a woman in the dugout. But that’s what he should say, and not “I won’t say that women belong in the kitchen, but they don’t belong in the dugout.” Someone needs to tell Keith that his guest shot on Seinfeld was almost 15 years ago and that he can stop playing himself now.

That’s it for now. But just remember that by the time the Post gets their next lame version of “The Rumble” printed, you’ll have had at least three top-quality versions of “The Ramble.”

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  • “Nice broadcast, pretty boy!”

    Sorry, had to.

  • sal m

    that comment could be construed as a personal attack… 😉

  • Can Michael afford to support this woman and his little brother too?

    I like the career idiot title too. Good post!

    Where in NJ are you sal?

  • MCH


    Just listened to the video of Ms. Calabrese’s response to Hernandez’s comments…I think she articulated her point-of-view very professionally, and also showed a lot of class by not mentioning Hernandez’s past drug indescretions…

  • I think what’s even more amazing on that sight with the video of Ms. Calabrese is the poll that’s right next ot the video. More than 37% of the people responding believe she had no business in the dugout! Personally, I’d much rather have a woman give me a massage than a man…but that’s just me…

  • MCH

    I think sal hit the nail on the head regarding Hernandez’z “old school” mentality. I’m sure there are a lot of baseball purists who are opposed to change. For example, look at what Jackie Robinson went through in ’47, or Hank Aaron in ’74; death threats and everything else.

    And I’m with you on the female massages, Andy. Although there is a potential problem afterwards of taking the wrong bat out on the field…

  • Never thought about that MCH…but hey…if you can hit a baseball with it…you’re a better man than I!!!

  • It’s the one without a donut around it.

  • Matt – I don’t think I wanna go there…this could get really ugly!!!

  • sal m

    for years at the high school level there have been female trainers and assistant trainers…they’re in the locker room and on the sidelines…that’s just the way it is.

    i could understand hernandez’s position if it was in response to a female coach or maybe even an umpire in baseball, but his comments in response to a female trainer is weird.

  • sal – do you think he was trying to be funny? Or does he really believe the BS he spewed?

  • sal m

    i think that once he said it – whatever his motivation – he realized that it sounded bad and tried to step away a bit and make a joke of it…but it was really stupid of him to preface the comment by making the “women in the kitchen” reference.

  • MCH

    Ms. Calabrese also stated that Hernandez said something like comparing her to “Morgana without the wig,” or something like that. I wonder if he’s had a relapse?

  • sal m

    he’s been prone to saying some pretty bizarre things so who knows…very strange…maybe we should try to find out if he’s been hanging around with dave parker lately!

  • MCH

    Or maybe Al Campanis…

  • Doesn’t a woman who has unprotected sex with some guy she just met kinda sorta take the risk of catching an STD upon herself?

    But then again, if Vick KNEW he was infected and still willingly had unprotected sex with a woman during a flare-up, I can see her point.

    But did he know?

    That’s my “burning” question… :-/

  • Oh, and Ron Artest should be shot. Like a rabid dog with a history of irrational violence against others.

    My 2 cents…

  • lcg

    MEN WILL BE MEN SOME ARE BRAINLESS AND EFFORTLY DUM BUT WHAT CAN YOU Say Most of the dumbest people are being paid for dumb comments such as hernandez’s, By the way Calabrese should take it as a compliment, now hernandez can see what his daughters could be. a independent woman able to be in the dug out doing his damn job

  • patty

    the young lady who got burned by vick should have known better you must protect yourself at all times. she did not know him at all!! he is well known and now we know he’s been around . play with fire you get B U R N E D

  • sal m

    true…maybe stories like this will put that oh so slight dent in the culture of celebrity worship tht exists today…she’ll have a good long time to think on her mistake.

  • QTCeCe

    she knew him for 2 years, and had sex with him after a year of knowing him. read all the info before u decide that she had sex with someone she didnt know and contracted an STD!

  • sal m

    please reread…i don’t say that she didn’t know Vick before they had sex. before you start lecturing people on getting the facts straight you should brush up on your reading comprehension.

  • Isn’t herpes pretty damn common? And, would she have sued some convenience store clerk if he had been the one to give her herpes?

    I doubt it. Sounds like a gold-digger to me…

  • Some women will gladly have unprotected sex with a rich celebrity in the HOPE of getting pregnant, so they can then sue for all that child support $$$…

    This chick didn’t get knocked up, but she got something entirely different instead. So…she sued for what she got.

    I ain’t saying she’s a gold-digger.

    But she didn’t sue about getting herpes from a broke n***a…