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The Ramble: I’ve Been Ripped Off By The New York Post

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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, or so the old saying goes. However, when I checked the New York Post’s online Sunday edition I was shocked to see this blurb under their “Sports Columnists” header:

The Rumble: Debut Of Post’s New Column.

I clicked on the link to The Ramble, I mean The Rumble to find an extremely downmarket version of what you fine Blogcritics readers have been treated to for the past several months.

First of all there’s no byline attached to the item so there’s no accountability for this column. We don’t know who is writing this and whose opinions we are getting. Given the lack of quality of material in this new feature, I’m sure that nobody at the Post is willing to have his or her name attached.

Just a couple of tips to the big shots in the Big Apple: humor is supposed to be funny — not lame — and try to pick some topics that are at least the slightest bit interesting and somewhat current. Pedro Martinez’s gardening woes? Backed-up sewage and pigeon droppings at Aqueduct Race Track? A reference to Regis and Kelly sitting courtside at Knick games to help Larry Brown with his acid reflux – WTF are you talking about?

The Post should call this column “Disjointed Dreck.”

I’m actually embarrassed for the Post and by what the Post has done to this format. I did it better writing for Lehigh University’s Brown and White student newspaper in the early 1980s, and I certainly do it better now.

The Post ripping us off is just another example of how we do it better here in the blogosphere and illustrates how members of traditional forms of media are in a panic over what we are doing.

And since you guys at the Post obviously read this, I want you to know that I work pretty cheap. Just ask anyone here at Blogcritics.

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  • The Ramble vs The Rumble. I can envision it already..!

  • Stay tuned for ESPN’s latest hit series, The Rimble, starring Sam Morinelli

  • Since ESPN Radio has apparently been stealing material from blogs, the MSM clearly has no shame when it comes to what P. Diddy would call “sampling”…

  • Sal,

    Looks like we all work pretty cheep in the blogosphere (someone has got to think up a classier name than that! Ideas?)

  • sal m

    yea, i’m not a big fan of the blogosphere either…alt media?

  • I am going to write a column on desicritics now. It will be called ‘The roomble’.

  • sal m

    how about “the rhumba?”

  • Hamburglar stole your idea in his latest edition of “The Rabble Rabble”

  • By the by, RJ, Cowherd finally gave attribution to the MZone for that Wonderlic bit.

  • Did Sal steal the idea from WWE Royal Rumble? Hmm. I wonder.