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The Ramble: Baseball, Steroids, Duke Lax and Harold And Kumar

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Life may be boring but there’s a lot to talk about in the world of sports, so let’s get to it.

Banned For Life Double Standard. If the baseball was able to ban Pete Rose for life for gambling on baseball why didn’t Bud Selig ban Bonds’ steroid connection Greg Anderson? What’s up with that? Pete Rose actually played baseball and — before he became a degenerate gambler — made a positive contribution to the sport, where Anderson is a dirt bag who has done nothing but sully the image of what used to be America’s Pastime.

Where Selig and the rest of the baseball establishment deserve to be crucified is on the double standard that exists in baseball with regards to gambling and steroids. In the Balco/Bonds/Giambi/McGwire/Conte scandal, replace the word “steroid” with the word “gambling” and all parties are banned for life, erased from the record books and probably in jail. Steroids have had more of a negative impact on the game than any of the bets that Pete Rose ever may have placed on baseball. If you don’t believe that, you don’t understand the issue of steroids in baseball.

The Finale of the Final Four. The last three games of the best event in sports stunk. As a matter of fac,t the lure of watching Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle for the 40th time was stronger than anything the UCLA/LSU game could offer. Florida beat George Mason and then went on to beat UCLA in a lousy game. “And so it ends, not with a bang but with a whimper…”

Loose Uniforms. Did the uniform style change this year, or is there some other reason that baseball uniforms look really baggy this year? Hmmm….

The Duke Lacrosse Disgrace. Let’s get something straight here, what happened at Duke and involved their top-ranked lacrosse team – whether or not a sexual assault was involved – is not a scandal but it is a disgrace. Scandal is too soft of a word for what went on in Blue Devil country. I don’t care if the rape allegations turn out to be baseless, what the guys on that team did, without the sexual allegations, should be enough to get them all thrown out of school. Scandal invokes images of some Hollywood idiot cheating on their spouse with a hooker. Scandal doesn’t begin to describe the damage that has been done to Duke University thanks to the actions of these fools who were more concerned with throwing an in-season bachelor party for an ex-player than they were being committed to their sport and their school. And don’t give me the “boys will be boys” bullshit. These kinds of “boys” should be thrown out of school, and if there was a rape, then jail is an appropriate coup de grace.

David Wright The Underrated Future Superstar. New York Mets third baseman David Wright is one of baseball’s next superstars. If you haven’t heard of him, that’s because he plays for the “other” New York team. If he manned the hot corner in the Bronx, all of the Big Apple’s sportswriters would be lauding him, instead of just the people who have to hang out at Shea. If you don’t have him on your fantasy team, you should.

Who Wouldn’t Want To Play Football At USC? Like the most beautiful supermodel in the world, USC picks whom they want, and not the other way around. And that’s the way it should be. I could never figure out how the USC program could ever fall into disrepair. Being a New Jersey, football-obsessed football guy, I always felt that USC was the place to go if you were a hot high school football recruit. Heck, if you were ANY kind of recruit. The weather, the cheerleaders, the school, the girls, Hollywood, the girls, the film school, the girls…you get the idea. Pete Carroll has the best job in all of sports and he is doing a great job at making the job even better. Carroll planned to have USC’s “pro day” on the same day he had all of his potential high school junior recruits visiting…have you ever heard of a more savvy move? What kid wouldn’t want to go there?

If I were a betting man I’d say Pete Carroll and USC will have the top recruiting class in the nation for years to come. And if I were Pete Carroll the only way that I’d leave this job is if I was carried out feet first.

Consecutive Game Hitting Streak. Is Pete Rose’s NL hit streak record of 44 games in jeopardy? Jimmy Rollins of the Philadelphia Phillies got a hit in his last at-bat Wednesday night to keep his hit streak alive at 38 games. If Rollins keeps going and surpasses Rose’s and DiMaggio’s – in case you live in a cave or in Latvia, 56 games – streaks, they will still have the single-season records while Rollins will hold the consecutive games streak, since he would have hit in consecutive games over two seasons.

Dwight Gooden. Is there a sadder story in recent history than the saga of Dwight Gooden? Dwight Gooden and Darryl Strawberry are the two biggest examples of unfulfilled promise that we’ll ever see in our lifetime. And not only did they underachieve, they’ve both done time.

Speaking of doing time, I’ve gotta go and see who gets voted off of Idol this week…but I’ll be back even if Bucky isn’t.

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  • Cornfuzed

    I still cannot understand why baseball records held by admitted, and busted steriod users are not stricken from the books. It voids all the past acheivments by non-enhanced players.

  • I hate to see the Duke lacrosse party lumped in with sports news. Just doesn’t belong there.

  • Hairynipples

    A)You are still a Met “home boy”. Don’t deny it. David Wright will be in the Yankee infield in a couple of years.

    2)I heard Pete Carroll is rumored to be replaced by Richie Kotite very soon. Hot scoop.

  • thebigdogg

    Have you ever been to college? Or how about a college party? If you answer yes to the second, I dont think that what went on at the Duke LAX party is much different then any other college party. Outside of the rpe allegations which are at this point ridiculous, it was not.