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The Radio Years – So Long Sarcasm… EP

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The Radio Years is a three piece band comprised of Matt Kirkley, Josh Zimmer, and Mike Holt. Comprised of current (Mike Holt) and past (Matt Kirkley and Josh Zimmer) members of The Huntingtons, they have shed their skin of Ramones- esque rock and roll to create a more poppy-rock feel.

Right off the bat I have to give these guys credit for being great musicians, even under the gun. So Long Sarcasm… was recorded after only two hours of practice as a full band before heading into the recording studio, a feat that most bands couldn’t emulate.

Holt’s vocals are sure to be reminiscent of past Huntingtons albums, but that’s pretty much where the similarities end. Unfortunately the album doesn’t really say much. Its chock full of poppy hooks, simple guitar riffs with a danceable beat, but after several listens your only conclusion is that it’s a cookie cutter shot at pop-rock. Most Huntingtons fans are eager to pick up any side projects that members may be in, but this album really turns out to be a disappointing release.

You can buy this album from Lujo Records.

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