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The Problem With Blogging

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Blogging is hard.

Sure it SOUNDS glamorous: setting your own hours, total creative control, not having to put on pants, etc. But in the end, it’s just one person trying to continually entertain people, which is EXTREMELY difficult. Especially if you don’t rely on cheap attention grabbers like CAPITALIZING LETTERS, which is something I should stop doing RIGHT NOW.

Have you ever hosted a party? There’s a lot of planning involved, all revolving around making sure people have a good time. You need food, drinks, and activities going constantly. There’s tons of stress throughout because you’re worrying if you’re being a good host. Doesn’t this make you exhausted afterwards? And why wasn’t I invited?

The point is, putting something out there that will entertain others is harder than most people realize.

How most bloggers look while trying to decide what to write about.

How most bloggers look while trying to decide what to write about.

The best filmmakers put out (maybe) one movie per year. Comedians and musicians release (maybe) one album per year. TV studios show (maybe) one good season of one good show per year. So for a blogger, constantly coming up with material interesting enough to make people want to read it is extremely challenging.

Newswriters face this struggle as well, but also have the luxury of being able to lean out their window and yell,

“Anything interesting going on today…? Any strikes going on in Central America…? Any good gossip going around…? Anyone know if Timmy fell down the well again…?”

Bloggers don’t have that. We have to pick a new topic and spit out something either knowledgeable or humorous for viewers to read every day.

Or when we’re able to get around to it. Because there’s a Mad Men marathon on today, so my schedule is pretty packed.

Does sitting pantless at your computer still sound fun?

While trying to write a blog I mean.

Don’t be gross.

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