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The Price of Rock & Roll

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This week saw some rather interesting and, to some of the band, startling developments. On Wedsnesday we were interviewed (over pints of beer) by a PR/management type who agreed to take us on. We had a long and varied discussion of the way forward. I had dinner with the individual involved on Friday, as well, to continue discussing things. One of his first acts is that he has placed two of us on diets. Now I normally lose weight in the spring but I have been taken off the beer. Interestingly enough, John is suppose to lose weight as well; Tom can be smug.

We have been given instructions to finallse five songs in 5 weeks. This means that as a band we are having to get cracking. On Saturday we managed to whittle the songs down to the first 5 to complete. The first choice was easy and the fifth was the hardest. I am pleased to report that one of the songs selected is the one most written by Tom, another song which was selected was written by me just before the Skid Row gig. John is hard at work on the music…the poor sod. It will surprise no one to hear that the stuff making the first batch is more “mainstream” than some of the other songs we have produced. We are planning to rehearse on Wednesdays and record/work on music on Saturdays. We are looking into potential bassists and another guitarist. Bizarrely, all the bassists I tend to meet are both female and attractive. Not sure if I really want any women in the band, but we shall see. There are other things going on band-wise but they are not yet ready for public consumption. One thing is for sure, this band stuff is bloody tiring.

In addition to the various stresses of kicking G.o.D. into high gear, I encountered a rather vile judenhaas on Saturday. After badgering me into admitting I was a Jew, (he was trying to out me) he readily admitted to not agreeing that Israel had the right to exist and that his father was a Nazi. A rather unpleasant episode in otherwise generally a rather nice pub.

Not that the only thing I am doing is band stuff. I have completed another short story, which you can find above.

Oh yes, one more thing…Congratulations to Hurricane Party for being signed to Sanctuary Music by no less than John Kalodner!

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