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The President Of Beers

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I had a nice, long post written up for this, but then my computer crashed, and I lost it. I hate my computer. I really do. I think next time I’m getting a Dell. Dude.

Anyway, I view beer much like coffee: A vile, semi-palatable liquid whose only defensible purpose is to deliver a much-sought-after drug.

But, having said that, there are some “delivery devices” that are better than others. Shades of gray, and all that.

So, which is better: Miller (The “President of Beers”) or Bud (The “King of Beers”)?

Or do you find both to be watered-down pond-scum? If so, what is the best alternative?

Intoxicated minds want to know… ;-]

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  • RJ – Why do you care which beer is the monarch (or whatever) if you don’t like the stuff?

    Stytzer – Brooklyn Brewery ain’t bad at all. I used to get a heaping stein of the stuff at the Peculiar Pub in Greenwich Village, back in the day.

    I have many a memory of my college days, too, with such fine (and some local) products as: Genesee, GABby (Golden Anniversary Beer), Honey Brown, Killians, Rolling Rock, Schlitz, Pabst, Labatt Blue, and the de facto cheapo keg of choice: Busch.

    (Damn, that’s a long and only partially complete list…)

  • Beers from Brooklyn Brewery are exported to Denmark (lucky us). The Brown Ale is brilliant!

  • hopshopper

    Quite possibly the best US breweries: Magic Hat, Dogfishhead, Rogue

    my favorite drinking beers this year: Blind Faith, 2005 Bigfoot, 60 min IPA

  • Eric Olsen

    There is no getting around the delights of BearWhiz Beer.

  • As much as I love the this debate, lets do something about it. There is a website for voting for your ‘president of beers’, it even allows write-ins


  • Shiner is a bit tough to track down outside of Texas, but it can be found here and there. Guinness is simply delightful, and generally I’m in the “darker is better” camp myself.

  • I tend to prefer my beers like mud. Start at Guinness and darken from there (though keep me away from the brown ales). I am also surprised at how Rolling Rock holds up being so . . . light.

    I have never tried Shiner or heard of Shiner in my tastings. I’ll have to check for an LA source.

  • On-topic: Miller (Genuine Draft) over Budweiser any day of the week.

    But Shiner Bock, brewed in Shiner, TX, takes them both easily.

    I haven’t been impressed by many of the Canadian beers I’ve tried, but then the same is true of the beers Canadians would recognize as American.

  • c’mon tom, it’s canada’s premium beer!


  • Tom

    Also if the last beer on earth was Sleemans I’d drink water. That stuff is disgusting

  • Tom

    Meh Rolling Rock or Michalob is better than Bud/Miller


    Sadly AFN does not run commercials, and there is no (real) beer here, but I prefer Miller Lite or MGD to any Bud product.

  • I’ve just seen the new Bud response ads the past week or so during the NBA Finals. I think they’re well-done and effective, even if they were slow in coming. The knock on the actor who plays the Miller “candidate” hosting game shows was clever, as was the South African brewing company stuff. I think Bud’s marketing team thought about the Miller ads for a while and ultimately decided to go all-out — they even brought back the frogs for TV as well.

    I’m not in advertising, but I’m not sure whether it’s a good or bad thing to have your entire ad campaign be a response (an admittedly effective one) to the turf your opponents have set up.

    That is all.

  • Whoever mentioned Magic Hat #9 has pissed me off greatly. I can’t get that in Ohio and I want it. Now I am sitting here at my keyboard and I can almost taste it. DAMN YOU!

    Anyway, I like to drink St. Pauli Girl because the 12 packs of bottles are 9.99 here. It is a pretty good compromise. All else fails, I go Canadian.

    At the right bar, I drink Red Stripe, a fine Jamaican Lager.

  • I think one of Bud’s lines of attack was a reference to how Miller is ineligible to be “President of Beers” since it is owned by a South African company. I thought that was a pretty good jab at Miller.

    They also mock the Miller “candidate” by calling him a horse’s ass (though not directly).

    I think Bud is indeed feeling the heat from the Miller ad campaign, but I think their response has been pretty effective.

  • I don’t really care to read what beers you people drink, but I wanted to add that I think this is a really good, smart ad campaign from Miller. It’s funny, it takes advantage of the election decision, and it mocks all the pomposity of Bud’s images over the years: debating the Clydesdale, the “King of Beers,” etc.

    I heard a radio ad recently where they bring back the Bud frogs to offer some weak verbal retort to the new Miller ads. Anyone else heard that one? That shows that Bud is getting a little desperate to keep up in the marketing. I don’t know that good ad campaigns will shift market share as much for something as habitual as beer purchases, but kudos to Miller for picking a good ad agency.

    That is all.

  • SFC Ski

    I have been stationed in Germany for over 10 years; there are no good American brews. If you can get ahod of some Belgian Deuvel, or Paulaner Hefeweisen, or Czechvar (the real Budweiser) then you’d have a good sample of 3 different beers, it’ll cost ya, but it will be worth it.
    Oh yeah, Egyptia Stella, the best beer I ever drank within 400 meters of the Great Pyramid.

  • Okay, first of all, if you are basing the taste of beer on just Miller or Bud..they you deserve to be shot. All of the domestic macro brewed beers here in the US Suck. If you really want to experience a good beer..then you really need to dive into the homebrewed, microbrewed and event the foreign markets to really taste what beer is all about. I am a homebrewer and have been brewing for nearly 10 years now. There isn’t a beer that I cannot mkae at my home brewery. I can make beer taste like anything I want and have often turned non beer drinkers into beer drinkers. So don’t give up on beer, just go to your favorite store (like beverages and more) and try something different until you find a style you like. If you wish to email me, I can send you different characterizations on styles and the kind of taste they have. I hope this helps.. The Beerman

  • CJ

    Why dont you nerds just answer the question, miller or bud. Nerds. you dont need to prove how sweet you are by telling us that you know about 499 different super secret beers that someone brews in thier basement. Nerds.

  • razzell2

    ive got this ballot in my weekly issue of sports illustrated. its a punch ballot for me to make my vote on the “president for beers” election.
    since i am an independent voter, i will choose neither bud (the monarchist), or miller, (the capitalist)…….no, my choice is dos eques, made in mexico, and more of a revolutionary beer, an insurgent beer if you will. actually this beer is the leader of all mexican beers do to a peasent coup…..a beer for the people in the truest sense of the phrase.
    of course, this is weak beer..4.5 % alchohol, and will probably be toppled by another upstart tribal beer soon.
    but for now, dos eques is in power so i must speak the party line.
    dos eques for the people, or die!

  • For the record:

    I love Canadian beers. Molson Golden and Labatt Blue, especially. But they ain’t exactly cheap…

    Poor white trash like myself prefer to get hammered on Busch Light. Hey, it tastes like ox piss, but it’s cheap and gets the job done! ;-]

  • i was actually talking about the high level of hops. i’m a total hophead.

    there arent’ too many high alcohol beers that successfully mask the, uh, alcohol-ness.

    La Fin Du Monde is one.

    the Ommegang’s from upstate new york qualify.

    there’s also World Wide Stout from dogfishhead. i had one of those at work (18% alcohol) and had to spend two extra hours there before i could drive home!

  • If you want something that’ll knock your socks off, just filter some shoe polish residue through your socks and some bread.

    Heh, I keed. Neal Stephenson, in his interview in Salon on his new book had an observation on how different cultures dealt with trying to not die from diarrhea, Asia was tea, while Europe was beer and wine, because you can’t drink the water (but it gave you bladder stones). But beer, not bread is the staff of life — beer was what kept you from expiring.

  • You can get something unique and local no matter where you travel these days

    very true.

    just last night i was at the 7Barrel in west lebanon, nh…they have an IPA that’ll knock your socks off.

  • Well, on the subject of good beers, I will have to stay with my hometown beer, Yuengling Premium

    Yuengling is a good beer. Not the best, mind you, but far above most of the others.

    In my home town of Annapolis, MD, there is a local pub, Ramshead Tavern which brews its own beer, Fordham Ale, which is excellent! I love the fact that microbreweries have sprung up all over the place. You can get something unique and local no matter where you travel these days. And the best part is, they are all better than Bud or Miller! 😉


  • their porter is pretty good.

  • One of the things which made Canadian beer better in general than USA beer was a provincial border restriction, which prevented the development of national brands (it was the development of pasturization and industrial quality control which allowed the likes of Budweiser to put in place a monoculture)

    However, that has slipped in the last 20 years, but it has been countered by small local breweries, and paradoxically, the national marketing of regional brews. Plus the rise of brew-pubs such as Cheval Blanc in Montreal, and the Amsterdam and Rotterdam in Toronto (damn good beer).

    I can’t honestly say that Keith’s India Pale Ale now is better in Toronto than when I drank it locally in Halifax 20 years ago (mainly cause I was pissed). But it remains that for the most part beer is about marketing, not beer.

  • Tom

    Well, on the subject of good beers, I will have to stay with my hometown beer, Yuengling Premium.

    Though the Lager is good, I prefer the Premium.

  • Unibroue was bought this week by Sleeman’s, an Ontario local brewery, whose Cream Ale is both fine and refreshing and in the mini-keg format, makes a great computer case.

    But remember, if you are going to compute and drink, make sure it is a forum where nobody gives a damn about what you say.

  • Bud vs. Miller? They both taste like STALE WATER!

    My beer of choice?

    Magic Hat #9!

    Magic Hat Brewing Company, Burlington, VT.

    By the way, Vermont is also home to Green Mountain Coffee, one of the best coffee companies in the country. You see, good things do come from Vermont. 🙂


  • bud vs. miller? blech.

    now, Unibroue, that’s good beer.

  • Oh, and a clue, any beer (such as Corona) which has “export” on the label has it for reason. The locals didn’t want to drink it.

    Oddly enough, Corona in Mexico is drinkable, that is, if you are in Puerto Vallarta, where they have a drive-up window at the brewery.

    Remember, drink locally, throw up somewhere else.

  • Both of them are like sex in a canoe.

    Maybe the reason you think USAian beer is like USAian coffee is because you’ve never had good coffee or good beer. It’s like trying to judge good food if all you’ve eaten is Macadonarudo’s, you just have no points of reference.

    Trying to judge between differences in mass merchandised crap (or as it is known in the ad game at Tate and Associates: “Gas in a glass”) is just sorting out degrees, it’s still crap.

  • WhiteDiva

    I am a Corona lover myself. But, if I had to choose between Miller & Bud, I would choose Bud Ice, it gives you a nice little buzz.

    Miller is definately watered down.

  • Tom

    Miller is much better. Bud sucks ass.

    Bud is overfilled with Corn and Rice adjuncts, and has almost no noticable hop definition.

    Though Miller products are also filled with corn, they are lighter on rice adjuncts, slightly more hop and barley definition, and cleaner.

  • Shark

    RJ: “I had a nice, long post written up for this, but then my computer crashed, and I lost it.”