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The Practical Duct Tape Guide

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So, you wanna spend your salary on duct tape, eh? Well, that’s fine by me but perhaps you should read what you can do if that tape isn’t (hopefully) needed. 73 rolls of duct tape can bring hours and hours of family fun! Read on!

If someone in your family is quite the prankster and you’ve always wanted to get him/her back, visit The Duct Tape Practical Joker, where you can learn how to tape someone’s head to their bed while they’re sleeping. Ooooh fun!

If you’ve thought about using your recently aquired expertise to launch a website about all things duct tape, don’t even bother. The Duct Tape Guys have occupied that corner of the weirdo sites market. Instead you can use the resources at their website to put your excess tape to good use or read everything and earn yourself a PhD in all things Duct!

If you think it is “a damn shame how those who truly affected our lives in so many ways get over-shadowed by guys like Edison, Marconi, Orville and Wilbur” and “resent the attention all those big guys get because [you] know there are so many others who contributed things much more important and on which the progress of our daily lives and the ultimate fate of the civilized world still depends” then you will really enjoy Budd Davisson’s grassroots tribute to Duct Tape. Get those rolls of tape out of the closet, hold them close, and just tell them how much you appreciate them!

Considering that George W. Bush’s constant beating of the war drum will never allow the U.S. economy to recover, you can save yourself some money by turning all of that duct tape you bought into the next hottest fashion. Don’t bother making the Duct Tape Wallet, because if we got to war you won’t have anything to put in there anyway (unless you’re an oil exec, that is!).

So, gather up the family and have some duct tape fun! It’s a great project for the weekend or those rainy days at home!

BONUS LINK: Duct Tape helps clean game bird

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