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The Power of The Boycott

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The figures are in (via Soundbitten). The Dixie Chicks’ Home has gone back up to Number 4 in the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart since that remark and remains at Number 1 in the Top Country Albums.

All those conservative blowhards jabbering away have probably earned the Chicks another couple of limos and holiday homes each. Pats on the back all round — you sure showed them!

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  • Speaking on behalf of us conservative blowhards, good for the Dixie Chicks, though we’ll see how those numbers hold up over the next several weeks. I don’t care if they sell 2 records or 20 million. It’s no skin off my nose either way.

    Now I for one would never buy a Dixie Chicks album in the first place. This is not on account of politics, not having previously known or cared. I don’t pick music based on how nice a fella I think the singer is.

    No, much more significant than some cheap political crap is the fact that their music really sucks. OK, they’re not quite as bad as Shania Twain or Faith Hill. Nonetheless, the Dixie Chicks are bland pre-processed faux country cheese food.

    What earthly reason would cause someone to buy a Dixie Chicks album when they’re still selling Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn and Carter family CDs? Why?

    In short, when I see the Dixie Chicks selling 3 trillion records, it does not look to me like a political defeat. It is merely an indication that a big portion of the public has crappy taste in music.

  • bflaska

    They do a rousing good version of “Goodbye, Earl”

  • The Theory

    i agree wtih al.

    while i despise the dixie chicks for their music, i think that boycotts are silly.


  • The Theory

    thanks eric.


  • The Theory

    oops… i posted the above comment in the wrong thread…

    my bad.


  • andy

    The Dixie Chicks murder bluegrass haha