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The Pope Is In Rough Shape

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Story here:

ROME (Reuters) – Pope John Paul (news – web sites) spent a restful night in hospital after throat surgery and was breathing unassisted but doctors have advised him not to speak for several days, the Vatican (news – web sites) said on Friday.

The Vatican’s first medical bulletin, issued some 16 hours after the Pope had a tracheotomy to open his windpipe and help him breathe, aimed at soothing a worried Roman Catholic Church. Spokesman Joaquin Navarro-Valls told reporters the 84-year-old Pope’s heart and blood circulation were good and he had no bronchial pneumonia infection — a possible complication of the operation on Thursday to ease his breathing problems.

“The Holy Father spent a night of tranquil rest. This morning he ate breakfast with a good appetite,” he said, adding that it consisted of milk with coffee, biscuits and yogurt.

“The post-operative situation continues regularly. He is breathing on his own and cardio-circulatory conditions remain good … he does not need respiratory assistance, that means no mechanical device was used either yesterday or today,” he said.

Among the world’s many relieved Catholics was Sister Maria Pinni, a 92-year-old Italian nun walking in St Peter’s Square.

“What anxiety he put me through!” she said when told that the Pope appeared to be doing well. “That’s good news and gives us reason to hope he will recover fully and remain well.” The Pope was rushed to hospital for the second time this month on Thursday with a relapse of acute breathing problems.

In the evening doctors cut a hole in his windpipe to prevent him from choking and placed a tube into his throat to allow air to flow directly to his lungs.

Navarro-Valls said that when he awoke from surgery the Pope asked for paper and wrote jokingly: “What have they done to me.”

I wish him well, of course.

Quick question: Why would it be a bad thing for the Pope to die? I mean, he’s a true believer in the Christian faith, right? And therefore he gets to go to heaven, right? And he won’t be sick or feel any pain in the afterlife, right?

So why shouldn’t devoutly religious persons wish for a quick and relatively painless death instead?

I’m just askin’…

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  • scarney

    the reason everyone fears his death, is because that when the anti-christ will appear. and everyone knows the end is near for all of us,as we know it.the new pope will be in with the anti-christ, the cathlice church plays a big rollin the end times.also the u.s. and the president, things will get rough. just take a look at what the president is doing now..war ,sosial security, spping aide to familys that need it, etc. just read the book of revalations, it tells all, its hard to understand but all the answers are there .

  • Eric Olsen

    well, there’s that

  • “So why shouldn’t devoutly religious persons wish for a quick and relatively painless death instead?”

    Because they believe in miracles and the power of prayer. Plus there’s that whole bit about how you’re not supposed to presume to know the mind and will of God, who may have reasons for the Pope to remain here on Earth for the time being.

  • Eric Olsen

    we are supposed to fight the good fight here on earth until the bitter end, knowing that having done so our reward will be great in heaven – interesting that this would come up in the middle of Hunter S. Thompson suicide discussion.

  • To bad the Pope is not a muslim orelse he would be greeted by 72 virgins at heaven’s gate;-)

  • oops typo error

  • The only virgin up there in his heaven is probably Mary, and he’s not hankering for her.

    Knowing Karol Wojytla, he’ll be glad with a good football team in heaven.

  • There are plenty of good gigs he can go to up there; I bet the power trio of Jimi Hendrix, Phil Lynott and Keith Moon are really good.

    Perhaps not quite Karol Wojytla’s taste in music, though.

  • Nope – he only likes ‘pop'(e) music.

    He’s had a Top Ten album himself, though – which should be listed in this post – B00000ICML

  • Whenever someone we knew was dying my Grandma would say, “pray for a quick and happy death.” She was a woman who lived her faith believing that death of the human body released a soul hungering for Truth.

    Karol Wojtyla has suffered much in his journey but accepted it all with grace and dignity. I may not agree with the majority of his doctrine but I respect what he has accomplished. History will view him as one of Catholicism’s greatest Popes having had more of an effect on the world than any other Pope in the last 500 years. If this is his time I pray that he passes on happy in knowing that he stayed true to his faith and his country.

  • Innocent ngabirombo

    Holy Father
    I wish you a quick recovery. I am optimistic that God is taking care of you. May God bess you.

    Innocent is a seminarian at Ggaba National Seminary, Kampala (Uganda) studying theology