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The Playstation 3 and Junk

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The next generation of consoles will soon be upon gamers across the country. The Playstation 3, X-Box Next, and the obvious Nintendo console will soon be playing all the latest games to happy children everywhere. This new set of systems also brings with it something new: Junk. As seen here, there are rumors floating that the PS3 will cost $500, if not more, at launch. Why? Junk.

Now, gaming systems have always had extra accessories. In fact, consoles have tried to be computers and computers have tried to be consoles (did anyone actually use their Commodore 64 for anything except games?). Most of the early consoles either announced accessories like keyboards or released them to the market. Even the NES had a rumored keyboard attachment in the works.

I’m not sure about everyone else, but when I buy a game system, I want it to play (gasp!) games. Yes, video games. I know, it’s an absurd assumption, but I feel it had to made. *end sarcasm* If I want a Tivo system, I’ll buy one. It is an absurd notion that gamers have no choice but to plunk down an insane amount of money simply because Sony thinks it’s what gamers want. I have no problem if they choose to make the attachment a $200 extra, but I have no use for this item right out of the box.

It’s even begun invading the portable market. The PSP will have (although optional) a GPS attachment. Yeah, GPS on a glorified Game Boy. I just figured out what GPS was about 3 weeks ago. Granted, it is optional, but I’d be willing to bet that there is something extra inside the console that is costing me money to make that attachment work.

Now consoles are moving into a new generation. These accessories will not be an optional attachment, but forced onto the consumer. Some of these ideas will be good (the hard drive on the X-Box is a godsend) but unless they have some purpose to enhance the gaming experience, there is no use for them. Now, where is my PS2 horizontal stand?

Originally posted at Breaking Windows.

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  • It’s about time they added a hard drive to one of these systems. But I think you’re right: Most additions have been crap that should instead be offered as options.

    I’m sure as hell not going to shell out $500 bucks for a game system (and then probably close to a hundred bucks per game). Screw that. I’ll just enjoy my PSO, thank you very much. (Though I may be getting an XBOX sometime soon, because they have gone down in price recently…)