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The Pixies to Record New Music and The Daily Music and Tech News

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Pixies to Head to the Studio

The Pixies has announced they will be recording a new album. The band has scheduled rehearsals in the coming months. The album would be the first from the band in over 15 years and may be out sometime next year. The Pixies will also be releasing a live DVD in November.

Apple Ships Video iPod With Virus

Apple has admitted to shipping a small number of iPods with a virus. The virus may be on video iPods purchased after September 12th. The virus thought to be on some of the iPods is RavMonE.exe. There have only been about 24 outbreaks associated with iPods reported.

Google to Allow Tailored Searches

Google Inc. has said that it is ready to let bloggers and other web publishers create custom searches on their sites. The move may help Google make searches more relevant for consumers. The new service will allows corporations and individuals an opportunity to create their own version of Google search. The details can be found on a page that Google has set up .

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