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The Piddle Paddle of Widdle Minuteman Feet Plan on Marching All Over John McCain

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If you were to take the biography that Chris Simcox has on his Senatorial campaign site, one would think Chris Simcox is the answer to everything. The problem is the biography on the Simcox site is full of hyperbole and a tremendous amount of selective amnesia.

Chris Simcox is NOT a Republican. He is running for the GOP nomination for the United States Senate, but has never, ever been identified or considered himself a Republican. In fact, if his actions in the past have any bearing on his future, his personal lifestyle is more in line with the Kennedys. No, take that back. While at least one Kennedy scion has been accused of sexual assault, there do not appear to be any accusations of child molestation in the family.


Perhaps it is a cheap shot, but one of the glaring, stellar, perfect examples of the Chris Simcox “conservative” lifestyle is his devotion to his (extremely wealthy) wife, Alena and their three small children. There is no mention of the two previous Simcox marriages, and his other children. This perfect bastion of conservative family values allegedly cashed in his son’s college fund so he could form the Minutemen. (Other stories say Simcox emptied out his retirement fund).

Simcox had a daughter with his first wife, Deborah Crews.  According to court papers, one night, while drunk, Simcox allegedly attempted to molest his daughter, who fled to a neighbor, crying for help. While charges were initially filed, Crews never went any farther with the case, though she and her daughter have no contact at all with Simcox. In an interview with the Southern Poverty Law Center in 2005: “He's a drastic, chaotic, very dangerous guy," said Crews. "I'm surprised he hasn't shot anybody yet. I see him on TV and I have to turn if off, because it makes me sick to see him getting all this attention."

Because of his extreme anti-immigration stand, Simcox has repeatedly been accused of being a racist. The perfect way to deflect the constant charges is for Simcox to mention the fact that one of his ex-wives was African-American. Simcox also doesn’t mention the fact that the second ex-wife, Kim Dunbar, does not allow Simcox to be anywhere near their son. In sworn testimony Dunbar admits that Simcox has an explosive rage problem, where he would break furniture, car windows and threaten to commit suicide. One time Simcox, that paragon of conservative virtue hit his four year old son so hard that a mark remained on the child’s face for several days. Enraged, Simcox was throwing furniture at his terrified wife, who gathered the child in her arms and escaped through a window.

Dunbar thinks Simcox had some sort of a breakdown following 9/11. No longer living with his ex-wife and son, Simcox left a series of bazaar and threatening messages on Dunbar’s answering machine. These messages were submitted to the court in order for Dunbar to insure Simcox was denied access to their son, who was by that time, a teenager. Until that time, the couple shared custody of their son.

In one of the taped messages, Simcox threatened: “You better stop playing baseball, buddy, and you better do something real, 'cause life will never be the same," Simcox thundered. "I'm going to go down to the Mexican border and sign up for the government for border patrol to protect the borders of the country that I love. You hear how serious I am."


At this point it should be noted that I have been trying, for the past 3 years, to get just one more confirmation on certain explosive information I have concerning Chris Simcox and the time he spent at the Tombstone Tumbleweed. Not long after 9/11 (according to my sources) Chris Simcox showed up in Tombstone in rather dire financial shape. He pitched a tent in the little campground behind the OK Café. For a while he worked at odd jobs, washing dishes, this sort of thing, still living in the tent. By Thanksgiving, my source noticed that he was at Carmen Mercer’s side, serving Thanksgiving dinner for the local community.

A German immigrant who divorced her GI husband, Carmen has owned the “famous” OK Café for years. Tall, stunning, and blond, Mercer does not like illegal immigrants. My source was unable to confirm if that dislike of illegal Hispanic immigrants occurred after she and Chris Simcox became “an item”, but assumes that is the case. My source told me that sometime between that Thanksgiving and Christmas, Carmen Mercer and Chris Simcox became an “item”. I was told Carmen fell hard and fast for Simcox, who was obviously (allegedly) using her.

Not long after Christmas, Simcox returned to LA, where he somehow managed to scrape up the money to invest in the Tombstone Tumbleweed. This where I make a brief cameo in the Chris Simcox story. Simcox and his newspaper were very helpful with a project I was involved in, literally ‘giving us a break’. He appeared to be interested in what we were doing, and to his credit provided excellent and honest coverage for us.

Around the same time my project came into fruition, Simcox began to write about the “border” problems and the problems with illegal immigration. Because he had treated my project fairly, I took note of his involvement in the early part of the Minuteman “movement”.

Fast-forward to the point where Chris Simcox finally achieved fame and fortune and needed to dump the Tumbleweed. His brother started running it when he started gallivanting around the country preaching closed borders and running around looking rather strange in his Kevlar vest.

Chris put the Tumbleweed up for sale, but there were no takers. Perhaps it was because of all the baggage the wannabe senator had accumulated in Tombstone. I know of at least one business which lost quite a bit of money when the Tumbleweed shut down production and closed its doors. According to the gossip in Tombstone, which is known for its gossip, Simcox owned quite bit of money to a lot of people.

It all makes sense when you start getting into the scandal that has become the Minutemen.


The allegations of fraud coming out of Tombstone and the closure of the Tumbleweed would be nothing more than a very inconvenient asterisk for Chris Simcox if it weren’t for the inconvenient finances involving Simcox, Alan Keyes, and the Minuteman border fence. It is a tale of a PAC with a habit of backing losers. Then there is American Caging that handles the finances of not only the Minutemen but Allan Keyes Declaration Foundation, Declaration Alliance, and the Declaration Alliance PAC. We take a detour into Response Unlimited, Diener Consulting, and RightMarch.com.

The much heralded Minuteman Border Fence has proven that there are times when the private sector can rival the Federal government when it comes to graft, cost over-runs, and over-blown delusions of grandeur. That is another story for another time. If Simcox persists in his ill-advised venture to unseat one of the great American heroes, it is entirely possible he will be unable to stand up under the scrutiny, and may go the way of another politician nick-named “Blago”.

There is an irony here. Chris Simcox is a self-made man. He has remade himself several times, from failed actor, to an elementary school teacher his colleagues considered arrogant and unbending. He shows up, out of the blue, in Tombstone allegedly after having a breakdown following the events of 9/11, with delusions of being the next William Randolph Hearst.

In 2003 he was arrested  by federal park rangers for illegally carrying a handgun in a national park.

Why he was carrying a toy action figure of Wyatt Earp, no one knows. Then again, Simcox claims to be yet another of the unending list of Wyatt Earp junkies who consider Tombstone the "mecca" of the Wild West.  But in Tombstone, life goes on, the scandal of Chris Simcox being supplanted by more immediate needs.

Simcox moved on to greener pastures, turning himself into a “national” figure, remarried, has a new family, and actually thinks the people of Arizona will fall for yet another Chris Simcox incarnation. Maybe they will, but they had best take care to delve into his past.

Perhaps someone in Arizona will be offended because Chris Simcox has decided to run against John McCain, not as a Republican, but as a "conservative".  Nowhere on his campaign web site can the word "Republican" be found.

The only person in Tombstone, who truly seems to miss Simcox is Carmen Mercer, who is the VP of the Minutemen.

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  • What’s amazing to me is just how far the right will go to hang on top what little remains. Simcox is a joke. If the people of Arizona decide to thrown John McCain out it had best be for the right reasons. The way I see it is that there is a desperate struggle within the GOP as the moderates and more intelligent members of the Party work to take it back from the ideologues. It won’t be an easy struggle and political blood will flow like the Mississippi after torrential rains. As John McCain enters the winter of his political life, there are many a quality he maintains which are needed in the Legislative Branch. There’s a revolution brewing within the GOP and there’s a new McCain picking up the banner. If more young, vibrant reasonable Conservatives step forward the GOP could become the loyal opposition with a real message. Any Republican candidate for office in 2010 has best be very mindful of where their political capital is coming from. Those candidates heavily funded by the Far Right are destined for failure. The entire Far Right movement is in its’ final descent into the bowels of Hell and THAT is good news for the rest of us.

  • SJ,

    Seems like the depressing economic situation is pulling people’s attention away from what alleges to be “conservative” politics. I realize that McCain is still a big “tumbleweed” in Arizona, but otherwise, he seems so last week. Looks like an opportunity for someone other than this Simcox feller to help Mr. Senator McCain off to a retirement home of some sort.

    Hey, Nalle! Wanna be a senator? Pack yer carpetbag!

  • I don’t know anything about Simcox, but does/did McCain’s site list his first marriage before the one to “his (extremely wealthy) wife.”

  • Cannonshop

    McCain is the best Democrat in Arizona, which if it weren’t Arizona, he’d probably have run his career as, instead of impersonating a Republican so he can have a chance in hell of winning.

    Simcox will probably lose, and if he doesn’t lose the Primary, he’s likely to lose the General and give Arizona a Senator whose party affiliation actually matches their politics.

  • Baronius

    I was wondering why this article was composed primarily of allegations and gossip. I figured that there was a personal agenda involved. Sure enough, there is.

    SJ, it’d be a good idea to base your articles on established facts, especially when you’re personally involved.

  • I agree that at first glance it’s borderline libellous, Baronius, especially given the way it’s written.

    But the Politics editors are usually pretty much on the ball about that sort of thing, and I don’t think there’s anything in the article that isn’t a matter of public record.

  • Baronius

    Dread, I’m more concerned about the article not being convincing.

  • Then come up with a rebuttal, Herr Baron.

    It seems to be fairly common knowledge that Mr Simcox is not a nice bunny. His Senate campaign appears to be a gamble on enough people feeling as strongly as he does about the border issue to carry him through, regardless of his personal failings.

    As far as that goes, this article is no worse than some other hit pieces I’ve seen around the internet.

  • Baronius just doesn’t care for any would-be conservative to be presented in a bad light, however much the description fits.


    My “real job” is that of a research historian and writer. In my specific field, one is only as good as one’s sources. I make it a point to be exact with documentation and sourcing, and really don’t appreciate patronizing remarks about the quality of my research and my sourcing.

    I am not personally involved in this story other than the tremendous amount of time I have spent in research. Again, I do not appreciate the obvious patronizing of the quality of my research. I have been working on this story for a book, for the past 3 years. I have over 5000 pages of documentation on this and other subjects involving the anti-immigration movement and their backers and followers. If I have stepped on any toes or insulted anyone, frankly, I could care less. When you lie down with dogs you come up with fleas.

    This is one of those times when I wish BC would allow documentary style paper complete with foot-notes. Unfortunately with this specific article it would be a pain because nearly ever sentence would contain at least one footnote on sourcing.

    As for my “confidential” sources, I have worked for 3 years developing these and, as a writer I have absolutely NO intention of revealing who they are. If I did so, I would be going back on my word, and I pride myself on my honesty and integrity as a writer and a journalist. I know these are now traits that seem to be going by the wayside these days, but I cannot allow any sort of a slur on my work because it reflects back on the integrity of my historical research.

    The information contained in this specific article is not based on “allegations and gossip”, but for the usual CYOA I have used terms like “allegedly”. I have on the record (but do not reveal the source) and off the record sourcing. I have promised 4 specific individuals that their identity would NEVER be revealed.

    The worst of it is the fact that I have additional information about Chris Simcox, but because I work on a three source confirmation basis, I cannot prove it until I interview one additional person. There are reasons I doubt if this will ever happen.

    Now, if you want gossip, I wish I could dish, but then that would be “gossip” – and much if it is very juicy and is basically exhibits the racism of some of the individuals involved. There are tales about individuals of Hispanic origin being refused service, treated badly, etc. but it is more along the line of gossip because the tales came to me as “I was told”. I would love to mention another aspect of the story, but I can’t document gossip.

    I also find insulting the comment that this is a “hit” piece. No, I do not approve of what Chris Simcox and his associates are doing. There are a lot of things people do I don’t approve of, but I don’t go around writing about them. I don’t consider something a “HIT” piece when the information presented is 100% documented fact.

    I can tell you that this is “personal” in that I have spent 3 years of my life tracking what could be one of the darkest stories in American history. I find myself impatient when working with people who refuse to look beyond their prejudices or pre-conceived sarcasm. The whole story makes me very, very angry because I can’t believe seemingly intelligent men and women can be taken in by an agenda of hate. I find the lack of critical thinking appalling. On the other hand, it proves the “Right” can be conned just as easily as the “Left”.

    I’ve also not mentioned the death threats two of my associates have received by the more “hooded” element of the anti-immigration movement, nor the hate mail I’ve received because of my research.


  • Personally, SJ, I think it’s one of the better pieces from you I have seen yet. There’s a kind of energy that’s usually missing when a writer is less than personally involved; apparently, some of the criticisms you reap is from people who have never considered writing as a profession.

    What’s unbelievable that a person like that would be in public office, in any capacity. He comes across as the worst kind of, excuse the expression, scumbag. You should try to have your article published in one of the Arizona papers.

    My only objection – and that’s where you bias is I think showing – the comparison to the Kennedy’s. Not only does he make any Kennedy look bad; but in addition, they had “class,” which was a redeeming virtue. Your character appears to have none.

  • Error: “look good”

  • Roger;

    Thank you.

    You are correct. I should have said something like having the same womanizing proclivities as the misc. Kennedy. (And they do have class).

    There is a “blogger” in Arizona who writes for the Phoenix New Times – The Feathered Bastard. He’s been covering the story quite well. I think he’s had death threats. He has uncovered the Neo-Nazi connections to the whole AZ anti-immigration movement. There is this lovely little relationship (you scratch my back… etc) between AZ lawmaker Russell Pierce and the new Sec of Homeland Security. Then there is Sheriff Joe, J. D. Hayworth and the whole Russell Pierce thing. It would be no big deal except for the fact that one of the best buds for Russell Pierce is a lovely little Neo-Nazi called J. T. Ready. (complete with photos).

    Now, if you have some free time, look up Chris Simcox, the minutemen and American Caging.


  • Well, SJ. You’ve done quite a lot of research on it already and it has the makings of a good read, if not a scandal, especially if your info is as detailed and verifiable.

    Try to get hold of a publisher to guide you to completion – even from the Left, it shouldn’t matter. And as I said, I would omit references to the Kennedys or even McCain (for he, too, has got skeletons in his closet).

    Besides, you don’t need it. You’ve got a story to tell.


  • Baronius

    Roger, your comment #9 is a cheap shot, and it’s false. I will go after self-styled conservatives as hard as anyone else. But based on SJ’s previous writing, I believe she would criticize any conservative solely on the basis of his conservatism. The article begins with allegations from ex-wives, then relies on unnamed sources, and casts a cloud of suspicion on anyone affiliated with the anti-immigration movement. That’s not fair journalism.

  • Cindy

    casts a cloud of suspicion on anyone affiliated with the anti-immigration movement

    There is a huge dark cloud overhanging anyone affiliated with the anti-immigration movement. No need to cast one. It comes with the territory.

    Some ideas are just wrong.

  • You shouldn’t judge, Baronius, any one piece by what the writer had written in the past. THAT’S UNFAIR. You’re imputing on her motives.

    You can’t possibly document your allegations given the BC format. I admit that her article is provocative, but no less provocative, I’d say, than much of what we see and hear here by way of opinion.

    So the question is – why would you choose to disbelieve her rather than believe her. It’d seem to be that under the circumstances, the reasonable thing to do would be to ask for references.

    Does the character she cut comes across as unbelievable?

    Definitely so! But then again, we’ve been surprised, time and again, by all kinds of people in every walk of life. So no, I refuse to be shocked by the extent to which people and politicians would go. There’s no limit to human perfidy, and I’m surprised that you’re surprised.

  • Sorry: “impugning on her motives”

  • Baronius:

    You are right, there are certain conservatives I delight in going after because I think they are a serious threats to the GOP and a bunch of self-serving hypocrites who hide behind their false version of Ronald Reagan in order to bring down the GOP.

    Roger is right when he says I’m sitting on a story. It’s huge. My problem is it is so sickening that I reached a point where I could not deal with it, and had step away from it for awhile.

    As for the ex-wives club, etc, just google ex-wives and Chris Simcox and you can find quite a bit. I don’t think the court papers are on line now. I think I printed them out, but don’t hold me to it. I think I printed out the court papers dealing with Simcox and his 2nd child. I’m not sure if I printed out the papers about Simcox and the alleged molestation of his daughter. Charges like that are so serious I don’t think anyone who attempts to be respectable as a writer would even use the word “molester” without prefacing it with “alleged”, “indicted” or “convicted”.

    Look, I’m for rational immigration reform, but any conservative or Republican who takes at face value ANY individual who claims to be “conservative”, “GOP”, “follower of Reagan”, etc at face value is a fool. I don’t care who they are. The vast majority of the “leadership” of the anti-immigration movement is nothing but a sham and a hide-in-seek game of paddy-cake with some of the worst characters imaginable.

    Instead of attacking the messenger, one day some “conservative” is going to use the brains Ronald Reagan…sorry…. God gave him or her and decide to quit lashing out and start investigating. That’s exactly what I did. I started out as one of the most hard-line anti-immigration conservatives there is. Once I researched the topic and discovered what was going on, it sickened me. There have been many times when I’ve uncovered material that literally leaves me in tears it is so vile and disgusting.

    If allegedly good conservatives do not have the decency and honor to stand up against the forces of hate, then they’re no better than those people.

    After what I’ve uncovered about the whole anti-immigration movement, I am suspicious of anyone involved in it until proven otherwise. Unfortunately I am rarely proven wrong.


  • SJ,

    I understand now why you couldn’t back up many of the points in your article with documentation, hence Baronius’s suspicion. In light of that, perhaps Blogcritics wasn’t the best medium for this sort of story.

    Your definition of a ‘hit piece’ seems to be a bit narrower and less charitable than mine. I’m sorry for having offended you.

  • I keep a back-up site with misc. information I’ve found over the years about the anti-immigration movement. It is a mess. I’ve not touched it in a year, but you can go to it and start sourcing.

    The Subway Canaries http://www.thepinkflamingo.org/

    It’s like this, I’ve been gathering information for a book. If you don’t believe me fine. That’s up to you. But – do not malign me or my work, or my sources without investigating my work.

    The worst aspect of the internet is that people can pretend to be who they are not, never bother using their real name, and say anything they wish to say. It really isn’t quite fair to those of us who are attempting to utilize it as “the new media” and are quite honest about who we are.

    Once again I will stress that I will allow for disparaging remarks about me. I don’t mind. It’s part of the business. Just don’t go maligning a person because you don’t like what they say – without checking out their sources. Mine are out in the open. You can find many on either the Subway Canaries site or on my Pink Flamingo blog.


  • Dear Dr. Dreadful;


    I would love to do a “hit” piece on this guy. The problem is I need a couple pieces of information that I cannot find. I’ve spent years looking.

    One of the things I find so suspicious about Simcox is the way he had buried his past. I know that sounds crazy considering all the info we do have on him, but it goes only to a point. All we know about his past, until the time that he became an elementary school teacher is the fact that he was either a failed athlete or actor. That’s it.

    Try taking his back-ground any farther than that.
    He says his father was military, but no name,
    Where was Simcox born?
    Does he have siblings?
    What are his parents names?
    I don’t even think we know where he went to college.

    For someone running for the Senate, his resume is terribly empty when it comes to basic background details. That raises any number of questions.

    The average person has a life that is an “open” book. Thanks to the internet, we can track just about anyone. Just go to one of the genealogy sites and you can dig up the names of a 1000 years of my family. (I think it’s open source).

    We Republicans love to complain about the lack of information about Barack Obama’s life, but compared to the lack of information about Simcox, we’re talking a book the size of War and Peace.



  • Baronius

    SJ, the problem is that we all know that “we” aren’t misusing the internet, but we don’t know about each other. By all means, if this guy’s a scumbag and he’s reaching for power, you’d be doing a public service by publishing. That’d be fantastic.

    You could include a chapter on what we don’t know about his past, what he’s not forthcoming about. Or you could find a co-author who could either help fill in the unknowns or flesh out the book in other directions. Another possible route would be presenting the case in documentary form. But I’d encourage you to strike while the iron’s hot, before the 2010 primaries.

  • We Republicans love to complain about the lack of information about Barack Obama’s life, but compared to the lack of information about Simcox, we’re talking a book the size of War and Peace.


    Perhaps he, not Obama, is the dreaded Manchurian Candidate…


  • To Baronius & Dr. Dreadful:

    You are right about doing a book – before 2010 (not that I don’t have 1 to rewrite, 1 to clean up galleys, and am starting one on fashion in the wild west). I need to just shut up about it and do the blasted thing.

    It will be on the movement in general.

    And Dr. D. you don’t know how “correct” you could be – sort of. I’ll save the rest of it for the book.

    Please keep harassing me about it!


  • Consider yourself harrassed. 🙂

  • the TRUTH

    Wow, of everything I’ve been reading I rarely find something filled with so much hate and void of so much fact. Nearly all of your assertions are “he-said-she-said”. I’ve read the comments and understand that you don’t like people making “patronizing remarks” about your research…you seem to take your research seriously, but if that’s the case, WHY CAN’T YOU GET IT RIGHT?? So many of your “facts” are so far off-base, i.e.,

    1) Simcox cashed in son’s college fund to but newspaper (DID NOT HAPPEN)

    2) regarding the allegations of Deborah Crews-it can easily be found in court documents as well that Crews has in several occasions gone to dire lengths to ensure custody of their daughter, including claiming Simcox was not the father for YEARS during an ongoing court battle. It was eventually proved that he WAS the father, however Crews never stopped trying to regain custody at any cost (see ALLEGATIONS).

    3) Simcox only uses the fact that he was married to and had a child with an African American to cover up the fact that he is a racist-well that’s exactly why he does this, because so many people base-lessly throw around the “R” word simply because his passion for border security embodies itself in a primarily Anglo vs. Latino way. This is a coincidence. If China were our Southern neighbors you all would accuse Simcox of being anti-Chinese….

    4) Dunbar, Simcox’s ex-wife, “does not allow Simcox to be anywhere near their son”. Well, actually, smart guy, Simcox and his son were just together last week, you can look at the videos of his campaign announcement on youtube for proof, and the only time the two have EVER not been allowed to see each other was during a extremely brief period immediately following 9/11 when Simcox was yes, a little freaked out, as if you weren’t…

    5) Simcox’s brother started running the Tumbleweed after he started “gallivanting around the country preaching closed borders and running around looking rather strange in his Kevlar vest.” Ummm, not that this even matters that much, but his brother never had anything to do with any of this, and lives no where near Arizona at all, another baseless lie on your part….

    6) Simcox was a failed actor??????? WHAAAAT????? what you have to say gets more and more hilarious by the second……

    Maybe you, yes you the author of this absurd article, and all the readers out there should think of it like this….

    Yes, Chris is a real person, No, he is not some phony politician who stands on a pedestal with a “holier-than-thou” attitude is if they have always lead immaculate lives. Chris has made mistakes, and he will in the future, just like EVERYONE ON THIS PLANET. The difference between him and the “holier-than-thou’s” is that he actually stands for something. He is not just some wishy washy guy who is in it for money, popularity, to be a career politician, to play the game of American politics….

    No, he is a person that instead of sitting on his hands during one of the most important and trying times in our history, he decided to do what our country is supposedly based on-GET OFF YOUR BUTT, OUT FROM IN FRONT OF THE DAMN TELEVISION, AND DO SOMETHING!!!!

    So many examples throughout our nation’s history to choose from, how about the separation from England?? Our nations very beginning??? If nobody had the guts and courage to make the tough decisions, and right or wrong, DO SOMETHING ABOUT WHAT THEY DID NOT AGREE WITH, we would not be in existence today.

    So go ahead, call him a racist, call him what you will, but as his oldest son, that he is ACCORDING TO YOU never allowed to see (who is spewing the hyperbole now?) I will stand tall, and call him A TRUE AMERICAN.

    It is sad that on a website where one of the conditions of leaving a comment is that no personal attacks can be made, so much hate and personal attack is spewed by the author of its’ articles!!!!!! You claim to have devoted your life to researching all this, and you are soooo boo-hoo sensitive when people call you out on your idiotic claims, however, at the end of the day the truth is you haven’t done a very good job!!!

    oh and p.s., while we are slinging mud (thanks for giving me the idea!), before you EVER EVER begin to think of publishing a book you really should hire an editor or contact a 3rd grade teacher, because with the amount of grammar and spelling mistakes you made in 4 pages of writing I can’t imagine anyone would let you out of grade school.

  • the TRUTH

    “I don’t know anything about Simcox, but does/did McCain’s site list his first marriage before the one to “his (extremely wealthy) wife.”