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The Piano Review: Standing Ovation For Hunter & Paquin

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Holly Hunter and Anna Paquin Deliver Powerhouse Performances

Last night I watched a movie that won two Academy Awards in 1993 called The Piano. It stars Holly Hunter as a mute widow, Anna Paquin as her young daughter that interprets for her, Sam Neill as her arranged husband, and Harvey Keitel as Hunter’s unlikely lover. Because she is mute, Hunter’s character, Ada, communicates with the world through her piano. But when her husband whom she doesn’t much care for, sells her piano to Keitel’s character for some property, Ada is then forced to trade unusual sexual favors for keys on her piano to play. I give this movie 3 and a half stars–it drags at times, but the performances are amazing. Holly Hunter and Anna Paquin (who is the 2nd youngest person to ever win an Academy Award–only second to Tatum O’Neal) both earned their Oscars for this stunning film.

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