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Has it ever happened to you, while reading a work of fiction, instead of reading in a relaxed atmosphere of your bedroom or on your favorite recliner, you sit in your study room with a legal pad, pencil and computer switched on to make sure you are taking good notes and checking charts and graphs? The Perfect Stock by Brad Koteshwar, is such a story about a real stock (Symbol: TASR) surrounded by fictional characters. This book is an eye-opener to amateur investors, who believe in “moving with the herd” or fall an easy prey to stock brokers. Brad is an old hand at stocks and commodities who knows Wall Street’s well guarded insider secrets, which he so graciously shares with his readers.

Brad provides his readers a perspective to investing from the angle of a Speculator, a Stock Broker, a Pool Operator, an Investment Banker managing the IPO and Owner of the Company. He documents a well orchestrated move of the stock from mere $5.00 to $385.00, an increase of whooping 7000% in a single year. In this process, he shares gems of wisdom, which are hard to find elsewhere.

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About Harish Keshwani

  • Are the fictional characters really fictional, or are they fictionalized versions of real people?

  • Some of the characters (especially the key players) and their actions are fictional versions of the actual events. The entire stock move is completely true as it really did happen.

  • Thanks for clarifying, Brad!
    DrPat, irrespective of the fact whether the characters were fictional or not, what intrigued me was the fact, how insiders were able to set up this move and achieve it. It takes lots of courage and brains to make this happen! After all, they convinced millions of people about the potential value of this stock reaching $1000 per share and started a frenzy of buying, while they (insiders) sold their stock at highest possible prices!