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The Passion – The Trailer

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A trailer for Mel Gibson’s The Passion is available online. Looks good, if you can judge such things by trailers.

One small historical quibble. The Roman’s nailed their victims to the cross in the wrists rather than the palms. A nail in the palm can’t bear the weight of a human body. The nail just rips through the tissue between the bones in the hand. Just a small quibble. Whether through the palm or the wrist, the scenes of suffering are still powerful.

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  • If you saw in the trailers, the wrists were tied. Crucifictions varied from just rope and exposure, to nails in the wrist to nails in the hands with the wrists tied.

  • Rodney Welch

    After watching the trailer, I cannot say this film appeals to me as either a filmgoer or a Christian. It looks like little more than a gorefest, and it kind of makes you wonder what the point of that kind of realism is.

  • andy

    maybe to portray just how horrid the crucifiction was. I can’t imagine many worse ways of dying than suffication on a cross.

  • Yeah, but we already know it was horrid. Is Gibson making the greatest story ever told, or just the bloodiest?

  • heather

    I have not seen the trailer, but since its subject is the Crucifixion, it will be “gory.” However, I would assume that – since the movie itself must run for some 2 hours – there is much much more to cover, a lot of which is NOT a “gorefest.”
    It troubles me that Mr. Gibson has not found a distributor. But perhaps we can buy or rent the video/CD anyway.

  • Bob Burke

    For those of you that have never meditated on the Passion of Christ this movie will have little meaning to you. We who do pray every day and meditate on Christ Passion (for those who think you are Christian — His PASSION is what paid for our sins NOT his rising), will have a great moment during this movie. I can’t wait until I can buy DVDs for my family and friends. God Bless America — we need it.