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The Passion Of The Christ

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I’m glad I’m finally through with The Passion Of The Christ, I must say. There were some parts that were hard to watch, and I had to turn my head away, especially when they knocked Jesus’ hands against the cross. Although the brutality he received before was also already bad, and some say it was the worst. Many say the brutality and bloodshed is too much in this movie, but I wonder – who can tell it wasn’t so?

Just think back a few-hundred years when people were still malicious and retarded enough to burn people who they had declared to be witches for one or the other reason. Or people were threatened to be sentenced to death for claiming planet Earth isn’t flat. Who tells me that a few hundred years before that, maybe people were not even crazier, more evil, narrow-minded and hungry for blood?

And about all the discussion about whether it includes anti-semitic sentiments I’d say, the movie blames all kinds of people equally, and even though Jesus says – It is he who delivered me to you who has the greater sin. – the hypocrisy of the Romans was equally evil. I mean, nobody really forced the Governor to ask for Jesus’ execution. He was just afraid to lose his face, although he didn’t believe that Jesus earned the punishment he then put on him. And the Romans that executed him enjoyed doing so, even though they’d probably say nowadays they only did their job.

I think Jews who feel it’s a movie all against them should take the focus away from the group of people that are portrayed as Jews in the movie. The focus of the movie is Jesus, and the people around are equally guilty, because nobody stopped it. Though they also showed people among the Romans and among the Jews who defended Jesus. I personally think the movie was balanced concerning who’s to blame. In the end Jesus hasn’t put the blame on anybody and it was his choice, and he believes it was God’s choice.

I thought the movie was well-done concerning the guidance of the audience through the story. In the beginning and at the end the story is summarized, but in the middle of the movie you feel as if it were all in real-time and probably takes as much time as it’s taken until Jesus was finally nailed against the cross. It all takes ages, all the thrashing and the suffering. It seems quite realistic.

Though I think there is nothing really all that outrageous about the movie. We’ve had other movies already about Jesus’ life and way he died. I remember well the old version called King Of Kings from 1961. They often show it for Easter on TV, and I think it’s quite an impressive movie also, it’s probably just half as realistic concerning the suffering Jesus must have gone through. But who knows what it was really like? Nobody of our time’s been there to see it.

By the way, there were two sentences in the movie that had the greatest impression on me:

– If the world hates you, remember that it has hated me first.
– For if you love only those who love you, what reward is there in that?

I think the movie arises interest in the Bible, and maybe it’s gonna influence some people to have greater belief in it again. I’ve always thought about reading the Bible from page 1 to, uhm, dunno how many pages. If I weren’t too lazy this movie would make me read it finally. I guess some will actually read it after having watched this movie to make up their minds.

Another thing I thought I’d mention was – I think King Herod seemed pretty gay in that movie. I don’t know whether he was gay, but he seemed gay in the movie, that’s for sure. Maybe he was just simply misplaced, or Mel Gibson felt Herod had to be ridiculed. I thought King Herod was a pretty disturbing character within the movie.

So, that’s it. I don’t think I’ll ever watch this movie again. Not because I didn’t like it or because I thought it was wrong. The reason simply is that I couldn’t bear watching the real-time scenes again. It’s enough having watched it once. I don’t need it twice. And yes, I do think the movie was hyped a lot, and Jews demonstrating against the movie sure won’t make it better, because it arises even more interest and attention.

Rating – 8/10

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