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The Party’s Over

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The Republican Party is dissolving before our eyes, as did the Whig Party it succeeded in 1860.

The Republican Congress of seven years ago extended the Voting Rights Act (VRA) and it was signed off on by a Republican president. (The Republican-controlled House vote was 390-33, the Republican-controlled Senate vote 98-0.) Last year Republicans went out of their way to game the election process with a variant form of poll taxation that failed, but brought the VRA before the Supreme Court. It is unrealistic of the Roberts Court to expect that the present Republican Congress will take any action in the best interest of the country with respect to our civil rights. It has no interest in it. That the court also threw out DOMA, despite GOP legal defense spending, really puts the out-of-power party in an odd place – where a major party dissolves, as did the Whig Party.

For several years the GOP agenda has appeared to be all about repealing the Great Society and anything that supported it under the Constitution. Rand Paul ran up the trial balloon opposing part of the Civil Rights Act itself, prior to his election. Lindsay Graham, Jon Kyl, and Mitch McConnell each supported repealing the 14th Amendment. The party continues to support the disenfranchisement of women, not just the Roe v. Wade decision but coming perilously close to the 19th Amendment itself; all of it under the mantra “take the country back.”

coup d'état

a coup d’état

The show is far from over. In these last few years of the GOP existence we will still have to endure more crisis mismanagement, another government shutdown and debt ceiling rerun, and a coup d’état for the Speakership, although a short Speakership for the present majority leader Eric Cantor should such a coup come before the midterm elections. Scads of congressional Republicans may expect to be handed pink slips by fed-up voters, whereupon Nancy Pelosi will reprise her Speaker of the House role. Thereafter a crushing defeat in the 2016 general election will sound the death knell.

So, what the Supreme Court has done is to harpoon the GOP by remanding the Voting Rights Act to Congress for a rewrite and by striking down key elements of the Defense of Marriage Act altogether. Speaker Boehner has lost control of his caucus, as the recent Farm Bill debacle demonstrated, and Congress’s approval rating is at a historic low. Blame Obama, blame the Left, blame the Democrats, and condemn anyone who points it out; but the party is over.

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  • bliffle

    We can only hope it’s so. The Republican Party I joined in 1955 has been walking away from me since almost the first day, then they broke into a run in the 80’s..

    • roger nowosielski

      I disagree. We need GOP to remind us that the Dems are not all that different.

      And thus far, it had worked!

  • Deano

    It’s interesting that they don’t seemed don’t have learned any substantive lessons from their defeat by Obama.

    They are still failing to systematically move towards a more moderate, centre “big tent” position that would permit more people to make a valid conservative choice (a LOT of voters are fiscally conservative but more liberal on social issues such as DOMA), trying to “game the system” by tweaking voter rights and disenfranchisements, and still relentlessly attacking women’s reproductive rights. They are systematically alienating potential minority voters that they could be making inroads with, and focusing the nation’s attention on social issues that they are generationally on the wrong side of, when, frankly, they could be beating Obama senseless for the current spate of policies and political wrong-steps.

    • The perfect representation of how far right the GOP has become is to have watched CSPAN’s coverage of the republi-cant’s reaction to the Supreme Court’s decision yesterday striking down Key DOMA restrictions and Prop 8.
      Every other word out of their mouths took God’s name in vain, putting their self-righteous words in his as if they were the Lord’s personally appointed representatives.
      The GOP is becoming famous for putting fear into ignorant “God-fearing” southerner’s heads by easily convincing them that to fear a heaven-sent GOP politician is to fear God himself.
      It’s about power not politics- Most GOP politicians could care less about the word of the Bible, unless it’s a useful tool to wave in the air at rallies to get reelected.

  • troll

    Consider refusing to legitimate either (or any) party. Join the no party party.

    • roger nowosielski

      Jet’s comment is on this thread. I don’t think he made any other.

      • troll

        He made one on your anarchy thread calling for the fresh-comments page.

        • roger nowosielski

          Yes, have just seen one. Perhaps we really should abandon posting “nested messages” and do everything chronologically, don’t you think?

  • DH

    Ah, yes. Follow the bouncing ball. As long as we’re deeply divided over whether or not late term abortion are legal, whether it’s ok to kill a baby after a botched abortion, whether or not gay marriage is or is not recognized… issues that effect at most a percent of two of the population in relatively minor ways then we can’t be bothered to concern ourselves with less important issues like the theft of trillions of dollars by the elite, the continued outsourcing and erosion of our economy, rights, and privacy, an increase reliance on welfare, millions of people in prison, citizens being murdered by presidential order, massive bureacracy and red tape, a loss of our position of prestige in the world, etc., etc. The final nail in the Republican coffin will be when we make illegal immigration legal, something that is very close to occuring. Roger has a point, when all that is left is Democrats and the problems still remain who will the masters hide behind! I don’t think they’ll let it come to that.

    They’re smarter than us though, I’m sure they have the next line of divisive social issues lined up for us. Maybe we can do that thing with unisex restrooms and nonsexual pronouns… start calling anyone that doesn’t immediately use them hateful and evil and bigoted and sexist… get us to hating each other real good again and restart the cycle.

  • troll

    Roger says: Perhaps we really should abandon posting “nested messages” and do everything chronologically, don’t you think?

    There’s a lot of cutting and pasting involved in such an approach, but it does keep the conversation available. So, k.

  • troll

    Has anyone seen a disqus site with numbered comments?

  • bliffle

    Disqus is all over the place! How convenient; for data-mining, that is.

    • BC is convinced that we’ll all eventually get used to it and stop bitching. Considering how few ad clicks I’ve gotten lately through AdSense, you’d think they’d take action just to help their own bottom line… unless they’re sabotaging themselves as a tax write off.

      • You’re confusing Blogcritics and Technorati…

      • bliffle

        It’s amazing the extent to which political comment has died out on BC.

        • Response 1: Out of sight-out of mind
          Response 2: Had to remember log in and my password, and am wondering why hassle with it?

  • bliffle

    Women will finish off the republican party, which has given free play to all the misogyny inherent in rightist males.