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The Party of Hate and Sexism

I have not been following the “veepstakes” as closely as some. I think the VP pick matters more for McCain than it does for Obama because of McCain’s age, but really wasn’t paying attention to the candidates that much. Gov. Sarah Palin was a surprise to me because I knew only vaguely of her. Being involved in my own political activities, I haven’t paid as close attention as I should have.

Many have written about what this pick means for McCain and Palin’s resume. I’m sure more detailed biographies of her will be out shortly. For my part, I like what I see. Gov. Palin’s record for reform and taking on the party establishment is exactly what the Republican Party needs. In similar fashion as Gov. Jindal in Louisiana, she has made no friends with the old guard. Lest anyone try and convince you that she’s part of the corrupt Alaska Republicans, remember she got the state GOP chair nailed on ethics charges.

What is, however, most interesting and disturbing about the pick has been the response from some on the left. I spent the day on and off perusing some of the leftie websites seeing how they’d react. The fair criticisms (like experience) are drowned out by the overt rage and misogyny of so-called progressives. Here, you have the party of “tolerance” and “diversity” saying she got the job because of sexual favors for McCain. And that is the most benevolent of some of the comments from known hate sites like the DailyKos (also known for anti-semitism). Go there and read the comments if you don’t believe me.

Here we get a shocking moment of honesty and transparency from the left. See, they don’t believe a woman can make it on their own without sexual favors. They’ve already put up websites commemorating the “VPILF” (figure it out). Here is what this should tell you about the left and why this election matters:

These Democrats and progressives don’t mind if you are black, a woman or homosexual if and only if you stay on the plantation for their ideas. As long as you kowtow to the partisan line, you’re fine. “So, you’re a minority and want to get ahead? That’s great, just give us your soul and intellect and do what we tell you to do.” And they call this progress.

Hillary’s campaign for the White House was historic. Palin, likewise, is a historic candidate, only the second woman to be nominated for the Vice Presidency of a major party. Those someon the left, supposedly for women’s liberation, go apoplectic making misogynistic comments that could make most rappers blush.

It’s a clear contrast between the graciousness and civility of the McCain-Palin campaign, both in congratulating Senator Obama for his accomplishments and Senator Clinton for hers. In return, someDemocrats foam at the mouth instead of recognizing how far we’ve truly come as a nation when women of any political affiliation are serious contenders for the highest offices in the land.

Instead, these Democrats are showing their true racial and gender colors. They wish to impose a new kind of slavery where you can get ahead… just as long as you accept their ideas unquestioningly. It should be a great day for women everywhere… instead some devout Obama supporters show they only will give you a dispensation from racism and sexism as long as you agree with them. Talk about oppression.

If Obama and Biden are serious about “change we can believe in”, they’d tell their supporters that these kinds of attacks are degrading and turn the clock back a century. It is important to remember that the DailyKos is not some random site, but an arm and instrumentality of the Democratic Party and linchpin of the party’s Web 2.0 movement.

What is it going to be Senator Obama, “Change we can Believe in” or bitter partisanship?

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John Bambenek is a political activist and computer security expert. He has his own company Bambenek Consulting in Champaign, IL that specializes in digital forensics and computer security investigations.
  • RJ Elliott

    Great point, Clavos.

  • Silas Kain

    And neither Muslim or Christian authored the book!

  • Tom

    The democrats are a party of hate.The blacks,jews and hispanics hate each other and would not even want to leave by each other.The thing they have in common is that they hate the white anglo saxons.

  • Les Slater

    From the Militant right after the pick of Palin by McCain.

    “’Liberals’ anti-worker bias

    “The selection of Palin drew howls of scorn from liberals who found it unbelievable that a mother of five would dare run for vice president. Article after article in the liberal capitalist press talks about her pregnant 17-year-old unmarried daughter and her daughter’s ‘high-school dropout’ boyfriend. The New York Times claims that the ‘revelation’ that Palin’s husband was arrested on drunk-driving charges 22 years ago ‘complicated the rollout’ of her campaign.

    “In the midst of all this Biden joked that his ‘obvious difference’ with Palin is that ‘she’s good looking.’

    “The reaction by the liberals exposes the anti-working-class arrogance and bias of the ‘progressive’ Democratic Party. It is no better than the rightist positions Palin has promoted.”

  • Dave Nalle

    Interesting quotes, Les. I ran into something similar earlier today on another site. Apparently there’s an element of the reactionary left that kind of likes Palin. Go figure.


  • Les Slater


    I hope you have enough capability to read and digest what was quoted from the Militant. It in no way expresses any likes for the likes of Palin. It just says that those liberals with ‘progressive’ pretensions are no better than the rightists, such as Palin.