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The Party of Hate and Sexism

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I have not been following the “veepstakes” as closely as some. I think the VP pick matters more for McCain than it does for Obama because of McCain’s age, but really wasn’t paying attention to the candidates that much. Gov. Sarah Palin was a surprise to me because I knew only vaguely of her. Being involved in my own political activities, I haven’t paid as close attention as I should have.

Many have written about what this pick means for McCain and Palin’s resume. I’m sure more detailed biographies of her will be out shortly. For my part, I like what I see. Gov. Palin’s record for reform and taking on the party establishment is exactly what the Republican Party needs. In similar fashion as Gov. Jindal in Louisiana, she has made no friends with the old guard. Lest anyone try and convince you that she’s part of the corrupt Alaska Republicans, remember she got the state GOP chair nailed on ethics charges.

What is, however, most interesting and disturbing about the pick has been the response from some on the left. I spent the day on and off perusing some of the leftie websites seeing how they’d react. The fair criticisms (like experience) are drowned out by the overt rage and misogyny of so-called progressives. Here, you have the party of “tolerance” and “diversity” saying she got the job because of sexual favors for McCain. And that is the most benevolent of some of the comments from known hate sites like the DailyKos (also known for anti-semitism). Go there and read the comments if you don’t believe me.

Here we get a shocking moment of honesty and transparency from the left. See, they don’t believe a woman can make it on their own without sexual favors. They’ve already put up websites commemorating the “VPILF” (figure it out). Here is what this should tell you about the left and why this election matters:

These Democrats and progressives don’t mind if you are black, a woman or homosexual if and only if you stay on the plantation for their ideas. As long as you kowtow to the partisan line, you’re fine. “So, you’re a minority and want to get ahead? That’s great, just give us your soul and intellect and do what we tell you to do.” And they call this progress.

Hillary’s campaign for the White House was historic. Palin, likewise, is a historic candidate, only the second woman to be nominated for the Vice Presidency of a major party. Those someon the left, supposedly for women’s liberation, go apoplectic making misogynistic comments that could make most rappers blush.

It’s a clear contrast between the graciousness and civility of the McCain-Palin campaign, both in congratulating Senator Obama for his accomplishments and Senator Clinton for hers. In return, someDemocrats foam at the mouth instead of recognizing how far we’ve truly come as a nation when women of any political affiliation are serious contenders for the highest offices in the land.

Instead, these Democrats are showing their true racial and gender colors. They wish to impose a new kind of slavery where you can get ahead… just as long as you accept their ideas unquestioningly. It should be a great day for women everywhere… instead some devout Obama supporters show they only will give you a dispensation from racism and sexism as long as you agree with them. Talk about oppression.

If Obama and Biden are serious about “change we can believe in”, they’d tell their supporters that these kinds of attacks are degrading and turn the clock back a century. It is important to remember that the DailyKos is not some random site, but an arm and instrumentality of the Democratic Party and linchpin of the party’s Web 2.0 movement.

What is it going to be Senator Obama, “Change we can Believe in” or bitter partisanship?

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  • Les Slater


    I hope you have enough capability to read and digest what was quoted from the Militant. It in no way expresses any likes for the likes of Palin. It just says that those liberals with ‘progressive’ pretensions are no better than the rightists, such as Palin.


  • Interesting quotes, Les. I ran into something similar earlier today on another site. Apparently there’s an element of the reactionary left that kind of likes Palin. Go figure.


  • Les Slater

    From the Militant right after the pick of Palin by McCain.

    “’Liberals’ anti-worker bias

    “The selection of Palin drew howls of scorn from liberals who found it unbelievable that a mother of five would dare run for vice president. Article after article in the liberal capitalist press talks about her pregnant 17-year-old unmarried daughter and her daughter’s ‘high-school dropout’ boyfriend. The New York Times claims that the ‘revelation’ that Palin’s husband was arrested on drunk-driving charges 22 years ago ‘complicated the rollout’ of her campaign.

    “In the midst of all this Biden joked that his ‘obvious difference’ with Palin is that ‘she’s good looking.’

    “The reaction by the liberals exposes the anti-working-class arrogance and bias of the ‘progressive’ Democratic Party. It is no better than the rightist positions Palin has promoted.”

  • Tom

    The democrats are a party of hate.The blacks,jews and hispanics hate each other and would not even want to leave by each other.The thing they have in common is that they hate the white anglo saxons.

  • And neither Muslim or Christian authored the book!

  • Great point, Clavos.

  • Clavos

    The greatest book on military strategy ever written, The Art of War, by Sun Tzu, is taught at West Point and Annapolis.

    It is also taught in a number of business schools, because many of the principles discussed in it are applicable to business.

    The Art of War was written 2,600 years ago, in the 6th century BC.

  • Ah, Jet. You forget that lessons are learned from the study of history. Military strategy doesn’t really change rather it is weaponry and technology. Comparing John McCain’s bona fide service to this country to George W. Bush and his paltry National Guard stint is displaying a total lack of regard for McCain. But that’s just my opinion.

  • Ah, Jet. You forget that lessons are learned from the study of history. Military strategy doesn’t really change rather it is weaponry and technology. Comparing John McCain’s bona fide service to this country to George W. Bush and his paltry National Guard stint is displaying a total lack of regard for McCain. But that’s just my opinion.

  • Jet

    Silas, any military strategy he learned is now 40+ years old and useless to us now. Everyone respects what he did, but he’s beginning to sound like Bush did with his “National Guard” service-and look how that served us.

  • I do have a serious question here especially to McCain detractors. Does John McCain’s military record and sacrifice for this country mean anything to you? Which leads to an even more important question: Do people who serve in our military deserve advanced recognition and respect for their service?”

    I ask this because it leads me to an even bigger question. I listened to Mike Huckabee’s speech tonight and was touched when he talked about that teacher in Arkansas and the students’ desks. All I could think of was this is the kind of teacher we need in every school in every neighborhood across this land. I can’t help but repeat my concern that a major part of our political problem is the complete failure of our education system. Coming from a Jesuit & parochial education environment, I was spoiled. Unfortunately, most kids of meager parentage didn’t get the blessings that I did. One thing that lacks in the adult world is ethics and a sense of accountability. And if we are not accountable how can we expect the same from our children? I’m a life long proponent of ethics and accountability as a foundation of the education curriculum. To me these are as core as reading, writing and arithmetic. Perhaps it is only after a generation is educated in this paradigm that we can evolve as a society and finally, I repeat finally, get our acts together and work across all aisles.

  • Sorry, BJ, that the facts got in the way of your world view. I should know better that informed comments aren’t your forte.

  • Sorry, El Bitcho. I usually don’t watch Larry King. I still have a pulse.

  • Every night after the Dem convention last week, Larry had on all Republicans to get their reaction.

    Try to keep up.

  • Larry King has three women on his panel right now, discussing Sarah Palin. All three are Democrats and Obama supporters.

    Fair and balanced? LULZ

  • From The New Republic:

    Focus Group: Palin Was (Alarmingly) Strong

    Several moderate-Democrat friends of mine have been emailing–few if any would ever vote for McCain–but all agree that Palin was very strong. The more liberal among them are a little panicked.

    I completely misjudged how negative she would be. Her lines about Obama were brutally cutting and possibly over the top in places. But she’s a far better messenger than an angry white man. (Note, by the way, how both Rudy and Huckabee employed a tone that was more bemused than angry. That’s the modern GOP’s favorite trick–comedic ridicule in place of outright nastiness.)


  • Anyone wanna guess what the national tracking polls will be showing come this weekend?

    I’m guessing a slight McCain-Palin lead, about two points. A tie, at least.

  • Clavos

    The Killa from Wasilla did a great job tonight.

  • She’s seems qualified. Read a good speech, although I know some don’t like their politicians to read from teleprompters, and she misled about her position on the bridge to nowhere.

  • Cold party. Hot VEEP. She hit this one out of the ballpark. She is, indeed, a pit bull with lipstick.

  • Mort Kondracke, a critic of Palin, just called this speech “brilliant.”

  • Good speech. But her voice is just…awful. Nails-on-a-chalkboard pitch. Also plenty of cheap shots delivered with a smile. Some folks are obviously enjoying that aspect very much.

  • Alright, it’s over. I say she scored about a 98 out of 100.

    Next (and perhaps final) test – The debate with Joe Biden.

  • “There is only one man in this election who has ever *really* fought for you” = great line

  • One leg of the McCain-Palin strategy seems to be to run against the current Congress. Smart move. I just saw a poll the other day that showed the approval rating of Congress is literally in the single digits.

  • Clavos

    “And those styrofoam Greek columns are hauled back to some studio lot…”


  • “We’re gonna lay more pipelines” = double entendre :-/

  • Nah, I can vouch for RJ being a heartless bastard.

  • “I put it on eBay” = Win

  • Well, so far, this speech is a GRAND SLAM. And I mean that objectively.

  • “Now Rudy is nailing Obama on flip-flopping.”

    Who better than a guy who flip-flopped on his oaths to his wives?

  • Bitter Clingers FTW!

  • troll

    imagine that – what a shock

  • I am actually touched by this speech. SRSLY. And I’m a fairly heartless bastard.

  • LEAVE SARAH PALIN’S FAMILY ALONE! By the way let me introduce you to her five children. Vote for McCain.

  • The Palin family is damn telegenic. Give them that, at least.

  • Sarah’s on now. She seems poised and not nervous. So far, so good.

  • Clavos

    Best line in the speech came during the section about Obama flip-flopping:

    “If I were Biden, I’d ask for that VP thing in writing.”

  • “Maybe they cling to religion there” = Home Run

  • “Serious question: Were there any chants of “USA! USA!” at the Democrat’s convention? I didn’t watch much of it.”

    Not sure either, but I do recall several spontaneous bouts of “Latvia! Latvia! Latvia!” Don’t know what that was about.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Larry Craig and Mark Foley weren’t invited to the DNC? [rim-shot]

    Nah, Larry’s car stalled and Foley didn’t get the IM.

  • Now Rudy is nailing Obama on flip-flopping. Good stuff.

  • troll

    “Drill, Baby, Drill”….NLP – republican subtle sexism

  • Jet

    the All-White Male Fellatio Circle??? Damn it, did anyone record it or post it on U-Tube?

  • Jordan Richardson

    Rudy just said that when the Dems gave up on Iraq, they gave up on America. What an absolutely shameless, ironic statement!

    Wouldn’t it be fair to say that Rudy and his GOP gave up on America when they gave up on finding bin Laden? And wouldn’t the inference that support for the war equals support for America disparage the majority of the public who stands against the war?

    What’s next? Pitchforks and torches?

  • “Also not present at the Democratic Convention: the All-White Male Fellatio Circle.”

    Larry Craig and Mark Foley weren’t invited to the DNC? [rim-shot]

  • Clavos

    makes sense. It’s said to be her long suit.

  • The GOP has really been pushing the energy (oil drilling) issue over the last few days. I suspect that topic will make up a significant portion of Palin’s speech.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Okay, so now there’s a “Drill, Baby, Drill” chant. Well done.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Not that I can recall. I didn’t watch all of it, though. Also not present at the Democratic Convention: the All-White Male Fellatio Circle.

  • I must admit that the Palin pick somewhat undermines the GOP’s attacks on Obama’s inexperience.

  • Serious question: Were there any chants of “USA! USA!” at the Democrat’s convention? I didn’t watch much of it.

  • BTW, Rudy is speaking right now, and he’s ripping Obama a new one.

  • Jordan Richardson

    I think we should all play the “USA Chant Drinking Game.”

  • RJ here. I will be semi-sorta live-blogging the Palin speech in this article’s comment section tonight, for anyone who is interested.

    I’ll do my best to be objective. :-/

  • Have you EVER seen Republicans protest at the RNC?


    I thought Ron Paul and friends were protesting it, like, right now?

  • Clavos


    Gustav is coming ashore at this time as a Category 2 storm.

    The eye is just brushing Grand Isle, LA.

    It appears that, thanks to it weakening, and the preparations/evacuations, loss of life will certainly be minimal, and property damage may be less, as well.

    Apparently, this wasn’t the apocalypse, Ruvy…

  • Condor

    Dan, I have been following Hurricane Gustov closely….

    In the aftermath of Katrina I cut through wood and snakes for over 2 weeks before hitting high tension wires.

    To gaff off the natural power of water, volcanic action and meteorists is uneducted… witness the mayor of NOLA who challeged the Army Corp of Engineers last week when HE made a statement to the Corp of Engineers that “now let’s see what they got” or something to that effect….. DUMMY…. it’s not nice to fool nature…… and the scrubbing effects, as in reference to water, should not be underestimated….

    Water is destructive…. so is seismic (sp?) and volcanic … at el…..

    My point. NOLA is 20 some feet UNDER WATER… perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea… it may have seemed so at the time (i.e. mid 1800’s)…. but after a few signifcant near misses and an Katrina… it seems less and less like the “perfec” place to stake a claim.

    What is it about living next to the 3rd or 2nd most powerful river in the world…. couple with the effects (not to mention potential) of hurrican action….. that people (politicians) don’t freaking understand.


    QUIT THOWING TAXDOLLARS AT CRAP THAT IS OF PISS POOR DESIGN…. i.e. some watershed 20+ feet under water… I.E. New Orleans….. let it go… it is doomed… it wasn’t ment to be…..

    A study in the dynamics of power of water, as a desctructive force…. will illuminate my point!!!

  • Clavos

    That’s what he gets for riding Coach…

  • Here is another link to the comments on a YouTube video about how funny it is that the hurricane is heading to Louisiana in time for the Republican convention. Mr. Fowler commented on the video,

    The hurricane’s going to hit New Orleans about the time they start. The timing is — at least it appears now that it’ll be there Monday. That just demonstrates that God’s on our side. [Laughter] Everything’s cool.

    He has now apologized. Perhaps this one will stay up for a while. And, of course, one must hope that Mr. Fowler was sincere in his apology.

    Whether the hurricane is a Cat 3, 4 or 5, it will not be much fun for those there.

    Dan Miller

  • Baritone-

    I’m sorry you can’t read, but besides putting the qualifying words in a font so large they could be seen from space, I’m not sure what else I could have done.


    I’m not sure you’ve ever paid any attention to the Republican Party if you really think that. In fact, organization is our chief problem, seconded by the fact that up until the Palin nomination, every single GOP state convention was protested, up to and including many normal donors simply not donating. We’ve been having a full scale riot on our end. Thanks for playing though.

  • John –

    Generally speaking, a man expects others to do what he would do himself given the same situation and circumstances.

    THAT, sir, is why you posted so much drivel about the Democratic Party.

    Know what? My party has been compared to ‘herding cats’ – because we Dems are of such a wide range of cultures and lifestyles and beliefs that it’s hard to get us to truly organize. The Republicans have always been better at organizing, at keeping their mouths shut and keeping in lockstep behind whoever the leader currently is. That’s why Republicans win elections even when there are more Democrats.

    You are ASSUMING that the Dems would keep their mouths shut and keep in lockstep…but how can that happen when even DEMOCRATS were protesting against Obama et al outside the DNC in Denver? Have you EVER seen Republicans protest at the RNC?


    If a Democrat protests Democrats, we might disagree, but we don’t try to stop them unless they get out of control. Tell you what – try doing protesting at the RNC and see what your fellow Republicans do to you….

  • Sorry about that. The link worked when I found it on Drudge (it’s still there), when I posted it, and thereafter. Now it doesn’t.

    Were I a conspiracy theorist, I would suggest something. But, then, I ain’t.


  • Clavos

    Hey Dan(Miller),

    Your link doesn’t work.


  • Sorry John, your point, then, alludes me. The structure of your post did in fact conflate the hate comments with the left in general. That is such a popular pastime here.

    The fact is that neither Obama, Biden nor his campaign had anything to do with those comments which is what you apparently want your readers to believe.

    If McCain/Palin lose in November it will be because the voting public will have rejected their platform in favor of that of Obama/Biden. It will not have been because a handful of bloggers made distasteful statements on some blog site. All this self-righteous bleating about what low bottom feeders the Democrats are will have been rendered moot.


  • The party of compassion? Oh. Hurricanes are funny! I get it.

    On a plane from Denver to Charlotte following the Democrats’ convention, I found myself seated behind former National Chairman of the Democratic National Committee Don Fowler and Congressman John Spratt of South Carolina. Their conversation was interesting to say the least….So you see, it’s funny. That New Orleans will get a hurricane. That’s funny because it is due to hit when President Bush is scheduled to speak. Isn’t that cool?

    The link has a You Tube video of the conversation.


  • You can believe that Baritone, that certainly isn’t my point.


  • Condor

    “excessive linking to Rick Astley songs, and tough-guy Godwinning n00bs” – whoeversaidit

    Oh crap… In amongst my Allan Holdsworth, Danny Gatton, Jaco Pastorious, Jim Hall, Tal Farlow, Barney Kessell, Joe Pass, Miles Davis, Chet Baker, Clifford Brown, Dizzy, Charlie Parker, Talking Heads, U2, Allman Brothers I also have a Best of Commodores, Sly Stone, Woodstock, Hendrix, Cream, Chris Farlowe, Grateful Dead, Dread Zepplin, King Crimson…. Mantovani, Percy Faith, Mancini…. a bunch of Great American Songbook renderings from the likes of Fitzgerald, Cole, Oscar Peterson and a dogpile of other impressive musicians in my CD barn…

    I do have a “Best of Rick Astley” and I only now do I feel less than worthy for that….

    But I don’t have a Richard Harris sings Macarthor Park… can anyone burn me a copy (Jet)?

    Now… what kind of rub was the reference to Rick Astley? Was that some sophomoric attempt to discredit certain demographics?

  • Pablo

    Dave Re 28 said:

    “And BTW, you’re just as guilty as he or anyone else is when you say things like “the extreme right includes the likes of neo nazis, skinheads and the Klan” when you should know perfectly well that these people are outside of the normal political structure and not really part of the right wing in America at all.”

    Now that is pretty funny coming from the likes of you Davey boy. Not only have you done everything in your meager power to link unsavory characters with Dr. Paul’s movement, you might want to double check your constituency again at the Republican meetings that you were attending in Texass. As you have disclosed and many of us already knew, it is filled with hateful, petty, narrow minded bigots.

    Your overt hypocrisy as usual knows no bounds bubba.

  • I give up John. You are of course correct. All us Democrats are hate spewing, baby killing, racist, misogynists who write objectionable comments about female VP candidates. You got us dead to rights.

    Meanwhile, the right wing flies high amongst the whispy golden clouds with nary a dark thought and the hand of god gently keeping ya’ll aloft above the Democratic muck and mire. Bless your pea pickin’ hearts.

    I am now off to splay open the bellies of some aborted babies to eat their innards – and suck up their stem cells, perhaps with some fava beans.

    Oh, and by the way, I reakkt hate women! Hate their bloody guts! And I’m going to write disgusting comments about them on hate filled left wing web sites! So there!! HaHa!!!


  • Matt #25:

    LOLWUT? ^_^

    You fap, you lose! :-3

  • Zedd

    Hey All,

    Martha Stewart – you guessed it, Secretary of the Interior. hmmm what about the exterior? What the heck, Interior and Exterior. She’s good at all that.

  • FYI, the Daily Kos *is* a mainline DNC operation, and when they have conferences, DNC candidates show up.

    And maybe the posts today have moderated somewhat, but the posts I saw on Friday were wall-to-wall hate speech.

  • Handy’s comments mirror my feelings. Also, I would say that while his examples may not be exciting, or capable of spurring passions, they are, in fact, better suited to a reasoned debate.

    The inflammatory comments I found on the DailyKos were from individuals. The Kos is open to anyone to make comments. Such individuals on the left are in equal measure to the extreme right wing organizations I mentioned above.

    None of the main line organizations nor the Democratic party itself support or sponsor those hateful comments. All the shitty comments prove are that there are assholes on all points of the political spectrum. There is plenty of trash out there coming from the right.

    Also, when I checked on the Kos, there were also a number of comments regarding Palin that were respectful and positive. Most simply don’t know the woman and don’t quite know what to say about her.


  • Clavos

    Good idea handy!

    Here’s mine:

    Barack Obama is a good and honorable person. But I don’t want him to be president because he’s a liberal, and I disagree with him on taxes and military policy.

  • Nope… no big name Democrats are saying anything bad or sexist about Palin… they’re moral pillars, these guys.

  • I doubt that Baritone is suggesting we all stop commenting…just that we stop taking cheap shots and making false generalizations. But this is the Commentariat subdivision of the Blogosphere, and unsupported or barely supported attack rhetoric will continue to make up the majority of postings. Probably including Baritone’s and my own, and certainly including our maestro of the hyperbolic one-liner, Mr. Nalle.

    And I guess it would be more boring, though more accurate, if people wrote such comments as:

    Leftie: John McCain is a good guy [not a crazy, grumpy old geezer]. I just don’t think he should be president, because his militaristic foreign policy and barely defined domestic/economic policies would continue the downward spiral of the current failed administration. Sarah Palin? Nice person, feisty, inoffensive. But choosing her seems far more gimmicky than substantive. And her social conservatism is not what I want in someone a heartbeat away from the presidency.

    Righty: Barack Obama is a good and honorable person [not a closet terrorist or unpatriotic or even merely an empty suit]. But I don’t want him to be president because he’s a liberal, and I disagree with him on abortion, taxes and military policy.

    As I say, not comments likely to be posted in large numbers on here or other web-megaphone sites. But it would be a relief if people on both sides would stop portraying their opponents as dangerous bogeymen and debate policy.

  • I love it how people try to read between the lines to divine my intention… I put those points of emphasis (some) in there for a reason… because I realize it is some. But when the DKos board, and arm and instrumentality of the DNC, is *wall-to-wall* mysogyny, that should tell you something.

    So basically, you are ignoring what I’m writing, playing Miss Cleo to figure out what I really mean, and then bashing it.

    In logic we call that a “strawman”.

  • You can call it bullshit, btone and I might agree with you in many cases. But in this particular case, the irony is that the sometimes extremely partisan Bambenek didn’t have to go out and cherry pick comments. I went out and did a little research myself. The level of hate and smear coming from the left directed at Palin is like nothing I’ve ever seen. He didn’t have to be selective at all. I could line up hundreds of quotes as bad or worse than the ones he provided, all from the last 24 hours.

    And BTW, you’re just as guilty as he or anyone else is when you say things like “the extreme right includes the likes of neo nazis, skinheads and the Klan” when you should know perfectly well that these people are outside of the normal political structure and not really part of the right wing in America at all. Their basic political beliefs are inconsistent with anything which the Republican party supports and they are certainly not welcomed in any party organizations within the GOP. By suggesting that they are part of the political right, you are attempting to smear anyone who is right of center by association, and that’s unacceptable.


  • Dave,

    John’s article is a perfect example of what I am talking about. He cherry picks a few offensive comments and then, despite his strategically placed italics, he conflates them into an across the board attack against the left which is bullshit. I can assure you and John that I could go to any number of right wing sites and find equally offensive comments. While the extreme right includes the likes of neo nazis, skinheads and the Klan, its likely that I wouldn’t have to go that far out there to find truly offensive comments against the left. But my rant goes beyond the above.

    I’m not suggesting that we shouldn’t discuss politics or the candidates. The problem arises when we make blanket statements about a group or charges against politicians without facts to back them up, or as is more often the case, the supposed “facts” are quoted from totally biased sources. I have been guilty of that as have most of the bloggers here at some point or other. Some are worse offenders than others. I just think it would be far more fair and far more useful if we would limit ourselves to what we know and not spew out crap that represents what we want to believe and/or what we want others to believe.

    Some say it’s time honored political discourse. I say it’s bullshit.


  • Clavos

    I now believe that the most important issues in America are the overabundance of centipedes in vaginas, /b/tards, paint-huffing Warriors fans, Domo-kun attacks, excessive linking to Rick Astley songs, and tough-guy Godwinning n00bs. FAIL.

    I have no idea what that means (for all I know you could be speaking Farsi), but I don’t think it matters.

  • “Here, you have the party of “tolerance” and “diversity” saying she got the job because of sexual favors for McCain. “

    Awright, finally, someone who reads Internet comments and takes them seriously. This a watershed moment for commenters everywhere. The average American can finally be summarized by what one reads on Fark and 4chan, which I do devoutly.

    I now believe that the most important issues in America are the overabundance of centipedes in vaginas, /b/tards, paint-huffing Warriors fans, Domo-kun attacks, excessive linking to Rick Astley songs, and tough-guy Godwinning n00bs. FAIL.

  • Pablo

    “Perhaps we should disqualify the voters and just let the politicians pick each other?”

    Uhhh they already do Davey, your just a bit slow bubba.

  • Baritone, by your logic I’m only qualified to comment on Bob Barr, Al Gore, Evan Bayh and the various Texas politicians I’ve gotten to sit down with for a real chat so that I got to know them at least somewhat personally?

    By that logic almost no one except the other candidates is qualified to discuss the election because they probably haven’t gotten truly personally familiar with all the candidates they would want to discuss.

    The average voter knows even less about the candidates than any of us do, yet they have the far more important role of actually voting to give them the most powerful jobs in the world. Perhaps we should disqualify the voters and just let the politicians pick each other?


  • I am a hack on a good day.

  • You know. When it comes down to it everyone commenting here, myself included is full of shit.

    There’s not a damn one of us who knows diddly squat about any of this. All of our charges, all of our predictions amount to meaningless crap.

    People here lambast the MSM and the various pundits who blather on about this and that, yet, that is exactly what we do here. Most of those who appear on the various television networks, radio broadcasts, and most of those who write for the major news magazines and newspapers are people who have spent most of the their adult lives involved either actively in politics, and/or reporting and/or analyzing politics. Many of them know the pols personally. Some have held office at some level or other. Yet, for the most part, their various analyses and prognostications wind up wholly missing the mark, much the same as economists who make their supposed educated guesses about the direction the economy is likely to take. Weather forecasters have a far better track record than most political pundits. Generally, if a few do get it right, it’s just the luck of the draw. Someone has to win; someone has to lose.

    Pretty much all of us here are hacks at best. We all have our opinions, and we are certainly free to share them. What I find so disturbing and maddening is how often most of us, again, myself included, are either totally uninformed, or it’s discovered that the majority of our so called “facts” are gleaned from other WEB sites and publications having a heavy bias, and therefore, no better than questionable credibility. Yet we brazenly come here and repeat the drivel that these places publish as truth. Who knows the truth? What the hell IS the truth?

    Everybody here claims to know that Obama, McCain, the Clintons, Bush, Cheney and the rest are lying, cheating, stupid, ass kissing, groveling, elitist bastards. But, not one of us knows any such thing.

    I say I despise George Bush, but when it comes down to it, I really don’t know anything substantive about the man. I think his performance in office has been abysmal, but as a man, he may be, hell, I don’t know, charming, funny, a pleasure to be around. The same may be true of McCain or Rumsfeld.

    I have often been told that Bill Clinton in a one on one situation is absolutely captivating. Apparently, he is able to charm the pants off of some people. I talked with a couple who had Obama come to their home here in central Indiana to talk about their lives, and their economic situation. (The guy, Mark Fisher, even spoke at the Dem Convention last Monday night.)
    They said that Obama was very friendly and seemed honestly sincere. During that visit, my brother in-law’s wife met and spoke with Michelle Obama. She was also said to be funny and very personable.

    There are people here on all wave lengths of the political spectrum who spout their hatred – real hatred – for any or all of the candidates, their wives, probably their kids, and many other politicians as well. Many claim to have personal or “inside” information about this or that person, but again, most of that so called information is no more credible than 95% of all the crap that gets bandied about here.

    Most such people either are, or are verging on being, conspiracy theorists, who imagine that the candidates and politicians they have chosen to oppose, and, therefore, hate, are the embodiment of evil in league with equally evil forces that supposedly run the political machine.

    I have spent most of the last hour just reading a few articles and several of the comments here, including my own. Upon some reflection, for the most part, it’s all childish bullshit, carrying no more weight, often having less, and certainly no more, veracity than the same kind of bantering we see and hear ad nauseam on the boob tube.

    We need to grow up, and perhaps get ourselves a life.


  • She is one illegitimate child from being about 5 times as qualified as John Edwards was in 2004.

  • “By selecting an unqualified former-beauty queen over the hundreds of other qualified women John McCain has done something that women everywhere should find offensive…”

    Hundreds? I can’t think of one. I would say it is just as offensive to select an unqualified former community organizer over at least a half dozen other far more qualified presidential candidates just because he is black. To pretend that stapling posters to telephone polls gives Obama any significant edge over Palin in terms of experience makes me laugh.

    At least she isn’t friends with any terrorists

    Let’s be serious. If Obama had the speaking skills of George W Bush he would be doomed to obscurity. He has done nothing.

  • Tom

    Executive experience? Alaska is a rich state with few people. If she was governor of California I would say that a couple of years would begin to qualify as real executive experience, but Alaska is probably nowhere as challenging as California nor any other state that doesn’t see huge money from oil companies.

    On the Democratic Convention: Yes it was staged just as the Republican Convention will be highly staged. What is your point — that they did a great job and it was entertaining? Sure it would be wonderful and compelling for REAL decisions to come out of the conventions…but that is just wishful thinking at this point.

    Frankly, that the Republicans would get behind Palin is astonishing. I’m not saying that she will NEVER be ready, but there is no way she is ready now.

    Remember the Cuban Missile Crisis? If Bush had been in office we would all be dead right now. Kennedy had to overcome pressure to launch an attack on Cuba and if he had not been as intelligent and as prepared as he was then history would have been completely different. Republican anti-intellectualism is going to get all us “folks” killed.

    By the way, I was not a Hillary supporter becuase I thought that she could never unify the country. That wasn’t Hillary’s fault, but it was a fact that the right considered her the devil incarnate. At some point candidates need to do what is best for the country even if that means skipping an election cycle.

  • Right-wing loudmouths complaining about how mean and awful left-wing loudmouths are…well, maybe it’s the most amusing way they can find to waste time on a Labor Day weekend.

    But to pretend that the loudest and most obnoxious voices on either side represent the GOP or Dems as a whole is not funny…it’s just stupid and offensive.

  • That’s the Democrats for you… unless you are a Democrat you better get back in the kitchen.

  • If you look on HuffPo, right now, there is a headline that implies that Palin might have fucked McCain for the job. I shit you not…

  • “By selecting an unqualified former-beauty queen over the hundreds of other qualified women”

    Hundreds? Okay, there may be a few GOP women who are arguably more “qualified” than Palin. But few, if any, have her executive experience and accomplishments.

    And what’s wrong with beauty-queens, exactly? Should McCain have picked an ugly woman instead? Do you automatically associate an attractive woman with a low IQ and incompetence?

    The misogyny from the Left begins, as predicted by this very column…

  • Jordan Richardson

    Lol, now that’s even more ridiculous.

  • I DO see the distinction. I haven’t converted to McCain just yet. I’m still writing in Dave Nalle.

  • Jordan Richardson

    And a vote for Obama is an INFORMED vote?

    It sure as hell could be. But switching parties (and issues) completely based around the Palin nomination for veep is far from rational. Surely you see the distinction here.

  • Frankly, any Clinton supporter that would switch to McCain just because he picked Palin to be VP is so ignorant of the issues that they should do the country a favor and stay at home on election day.

    And a vote for Obama is an INFORMED vote? Come on, now. Last night’s “political event” was a cheap imitation of The American President mating with a Boyz 2 Men concert. It was all rock star and celebrity and NO substance. Read Obama’s speech transcript and compare lines to scripts for the aforementioned movie as well as a wide variety of The West Wing scripts and you will discover a disturbing truth. And if I need to spell that truth out to anyone perhaps it is they who needs to remain in their living room on Election Day.

  • Arch Conservative

    The GOP has someone who’s unqualified as VP on their ticket…the Dems have someone who is unqulified as the pres nominee on their ticket.

    one is obviously much worse than the other.

  • A year and a half as governor of Alaska and seven years (is it?) as the mayor of a very small town does count as executive experience, I guess. Oh, I’m forgetting her time with the local PTA. That should help her ease in behind the Oval Office desk in the event that McCain is unable to complete his term. They may need to provide her a world map, a gazetteer, and a phonetic list of the names of world leaders, or she could just give GW a call to clear up any problems in that area.

    Actually, aside from having a fairly irritating voice, she seemed to be reasonably on top of things for her initial introduction. I wonder how many times we are likely to hear the word “maverick” over the next few months. You realize of course that the primary definition of maverick is “an unbranded calf or yearling,” and among several synonyms for the word are malcontent, extremist, radical, also aberrant, quarrelsome… I guess those are good traits for a president and VP, no?


  • Hutchinson declined because she wants to run for governor of Texas. Collins and Snowe are too liberal. Dole is too old.

    The reason to pick Palin is not that she’s attractive, but that she appeals to the parts of the GOP who had doubts about McCain, including the Ron Paul supporters (those who are halfway sane), and because she DOES have executive experience – more than McCain, Biden, Obama and Hillary Clinton added together.

    I know that you find the choice threatening, Tom. But that just proves what a great choice it is.


  • Tom

    Lets be real…Sarah Polin was chosen because she is an attractive woman and might appeal to Hillary Clinton supporters. That she is a bona-fide conservative and an outsider was secondary.

    I understand that the VPILF is offensive to many people. It’s supposed to be offensive. By selecting an unqualified former-beauty queen over the hundreds of other qualified women John McCain has done something that women everywhere should find offensive…in a way that really matters.

    Why not Senator Hutchinson from Texas? Why not Senator Collins or Senator Snow from Maine? Or Senator Dole … or one of the dozens of women in the House?

    Frankly, any Clinton supporter that would switch to McCain just because he picked Palin to be VP is so ignorant of the issues that they should do the country a favor and stay at home on election day.

  • Jordan Richardson

    No, I wouldn’t. Again, I know the difference between broadband idiocy and actual party platforms. You can’t control the masses, especially on the internet.

  • Track it down? No.

    Shut it up? Yes.

    If McCain had KKK commenters, you’d be all over him for it.

  • Jordan Richardson

    I’m not sure tracking down a bunch of asshole internet commenters is the responsibility of the Left or the Democratic Party. Frankly I find it unreasonable to take the pulse of just about anything through broadband, but that’s just me.

  • The Left always goes berserk when a member of a minority** group joins the “Dark Side” and experiences success as a conservative.

    Examples abound. Clarence Thomas is just one of the most famous. Andrew Sullivan (back when he really was a conservative) is another. And so it shall be with Governor Palin, it appears…

    **Women actually make up a majority of the population; why they are referred to as a “minority group” has always baffled me. Perhaps I’m too literal?

  • John M

    Sorry to say that vpilf.com has been registered for a couple months and articles have been up for a week before this announcement.