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The pale face of the GOP

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Part of being a blogger in the very conservative blogosphere is responding to remarks such as these from Tom Bux of Tom’s Nap Room.

So I guess they aren’t black unless they are American hating NAACP supporters such as yourself who would sooner blame whitey for keeping you down than getting off your duffs and achieving success?

And what (sic) me clarify: Read Bill Cosby‘s comments. If you are functionally illiterate, don’t blame anyone but yourself for not getting that management job.

The comment documents how far away from having any real insight into the reasons conservative politics gets little support from minorities the far Right is. Bux abuses the civil rights organization that has done more to bring about equality than any other in history and has the support of most African-Africans. He then tries to hoist Bill Cosby, who was rightfully condemned for his ignorant remarks blaming the victims of discrimination for its existence, up on a pedestal. These blunders occurred in the context of our representative of Right-think claiming Republicans, including the Bush administration, support civil rights.

In stark contrast to the image of the GOP presented by Bux and his compatriots is good news from the Democrats. The New York Times reports that nearly half of delegates to the Democratic convention, July 26-29, will be people of color.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Minorities will be represented in record numbers among the delegates to this month’s Democratic National Convention in Boston, convention organizers said Wednesday.

Nearly 40 percent of the more than 4,300 delegates are of a minority background, including record numbers of blacks, Asians, American Indians and Hispanics, the Democratic National Convention Committee said.

. . .“This will be the most successful convention ever in terms of diversity,” said Alice Germond, secretary of the Democratic National Committee.

Some people are clueless about why minorities are alienated by the Republicans. They either don’t know about the sorry civil rights record of the contemporary GOP or they ignore it. Even more telling, they apparently believe they can attract people of color to the GOP through a combination of paternalism and abuse. As long as this is the face of the GOP, the Democrats, despite their imperfections, will remain the party of diversity.

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President Bush is continuing his policy of refusing to speak to the NAACP.

Note 1: This entry also appeared at Silver Rights.

Note 2: Enjoy a mixed grille of fine blogging at Mac-a-ro-nies.

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  • Rob

    Sorry civil rights record of the contemporary GOP? Who are Colin Powell and Condi Rice, chopped liver? Last time I checked they were the two highest ranking minorities in any administration ever.

  • Joe

    It’s wonderful that the NAACP has the support of most African-Africans, but I think the important figure would be how American-Americans feel about the organization. Apparently, the memo calling for universal condemnation of Cosby’s remarks didn’t make it to some people.

  • Tom

    Please keep my comments in context. The following quote was in response to shrugging off Rice and Powell as people of color:

    So I guess they aren’t black unless they are American hating NAACP supporters such as yourself who would sooner blame whitey for keeping you down than getting off your duffs and achieving success?

    It is in response to this post.

    Don’t forget Elaine Chao and Rod Paige, both people of color on Bush’s cabinet. How many people

  • Tom

    sorry, I meant to finish,

    How many people of color are on Kerry’s campaign staff?

  • But, somehow, the original racist attack on all people of color, one of many by Tom Bux, [personal attack deleted], aren’t violations of Blogcritics‘ ill-conceived rules?

    That is, of course, the material quoted from Bux to explain why I’ve written the entry. Bux said:

    So I guess they aren’t black unless they are American hating NAACP supporters such as yourself who would sooner blame whitey for keeping you down than getting off your duffs and achieving success?

    And what (sic) me clarify: Read Bill Cosby’s comments. If you are functionally illiterate, don’t blame anyone but yourself for not getting that management job.

    Bux trots out the stereotype of most, if not, all Americans of African descent, including me, being lazy and illiterate. [personal attack deleted]

    I chose to respond to the attack with a blog entry detailing why the face of the GOP, represented by people like Tom Bux, alienates millions of Americans. I’ve said nothing that isn’t true and fully stand behind my remarks.

    [personal attack deleted]

    I am one of only a handful of bloggers who regularly write about civil rights issues. I will continue to confer that benefit on the blogosphere.

  • By the time the moderator, who momentarily pretended to have a life, got to the original comment, you had handled it so well, that a decision was made to let it stand with your rebuttal. Later rebuttals such as the last comment moved off the stupidity of the comment and closer to the stupidity of the commenter and had to be cut.

    I can’t take it all down without taking down a fair amount of your rebuttal and that rebuttal makes valid points.

    It’s a tough call but one designed to try to allow the tough discussion. There have been a number of close to the line decisions here. You can disagree but don’t think they are being made lightly.

  • Well, you are relatively new, so I will cut you some slack, Justene. The description of Tom Bux’ blog above is not new. Some of us who have been at Blogcritics awhile have confronted him about running a site that reflects bigoted views against nonwhites, women and gays quite often. Either Eric or Phillip, perhaps both, has been directed to look at the remarks from the KKK types on Bux’ blog. I’m not exaggerating at all. lf anything, the situation is worse than I’ve described.

  • I have no jurisdiction over off-BC activities.

  • Hey, she’s “cut[ting] you some slack” Justene. How magnanimous! 😀

  • Rob

    Mac, your characterization of Tom’s blog is patently false. I’ve been reading it for some time now and have never noticed anything even remotely like racial bigotry.

    Could you possibly link to an example within his blog? Keep in mind that Google and Archive.org more than likely have an extensive collection of snapshots from Tom’s site for you to peruse. If his bigotry is as manifest as you’d suggest I’d imagine that you could find something.

    My guess is you’ll find nothing.

    As for your blog entry, why do you assume that its a good thing for over half of the delegates to the DNC Convention to be blacks? They don’t comprise 50% of our population, wouldn’t you be interested in seeing a more racially diverse delegation that more closely resembles the diversity in our country’s population?

    Further, you characterize the GOP as being racially insensitive yet ignore the fact that many people in the current President’s administration are of minority descent. That doesn’t exactly jive with your classification of Reupblicans-as-bigots.

    The NAACP was once a proud organization that accomplished a lot of good for minorities in this country. Unfortunately they’ve over-stepped their original purpose and have begun advocating for the “advancement of colored people” to the detriment of all other types of people. That’s just not right.

    Your arguments, Mac Diva, are old and worn out. Republicans and others on the right no longer fall into the stereotype of bigotry that you so forcefully advocate.

  • Of course a fellow traveler like you would agree with Tom Bux. That in no way ‘cleanses’ his perspective. It just shows some other people share it. Indeed, some other far Right bloggers may come along and make my point — the Right’s views on equality make it anathema to minorities — for me, even stronger.

    Anyone wanting to read more of Bux’ views can go to his listing at Blogcritics and click on his name, followed by all posts by Tom Bux. Or you can wade through his blog, of course. Feel free to form your own opinion.

    Since I never said that half of the delegates to the Democratic national convention will be black, I am not going to bother addressing that example of poor reading comprehension. The important point to remember is that the Democrats, despite their imperfections, have earned the votes of minorities to an extent. The GOP has done just the opposite. Furthermore, it continues to alienate minority Americans with gestures such as last week’s sneering at the NAACP by Bush and his attack on gay unions this week. The problem is not minority voters, it is the GOP and its values, which include offering aid and comfort to bigotry.

  • Tom

    Again Mac, I ask you to cite a specific example instead of throwing a pile of stuff against a wall in the hopes of something sticking.

    Show me a specific item in my content and we can discuss it.

  • Tom

    Here, I’ll make it easy for everyone.

    Here are my blogcritics articles

    Here is my blog

  • I am not going to get bogged down in a pointless discussion with Tom Bux and Robbie Port because I know it would serve no purpose. [personal attack deleted]

  • Tom

    It’s pointless because you cannot cite specific examples. You act on the assumption that we will not call you on the carpet when you make blanket accusations.

    Please cite specific examples of racism in my posts, here or at my blog, or stop saying I am a racist blogger please.

  • Eric Olsen

    That doesn’t sound like an unreasonable request, especially given the gravity of the assertion.

  • BB

    Do tigers change their stripes?

    I have been silent for a long time, hesitant to get involved in this nonsense and not wishing to soil myself in this neverending diatribe, but I can no longer sit idly by. I recall the Bloke being criticized over making a separate post in defence of similarly disparaging allegations made by one Mac Diva… all for the unforgivable sin of daring to disagree with her. Unfortunately it seems that we have history repeating itself all over again.

    Like Tom I also called her out to prove her allegations, and when push came to shove she disappeared into the ethernet leaving a tarnished reputation hanging in the balance. And so MD continues to prowl BC with all the religious fervor of a zealot, and now she has only added to her hypocrisy by upping the ante, labelling or inferring anybody and everybody who criticizes her or the NAACP as ignorant (Bill Cosby) or a racist “KKK type” – aka Tom Bux, Al Barger, Shark, Robbie Port, David Flannagon (even Eric and Phill) et al, (and so on and so forth). The differing malicious comments are of course wholly dependant upon the color of her respective victims.

    Even the title of this post (i.e. “Pale Face”) is racist in itself, but for some unknown reason Ms. Diva doesn’t seem to understand that. According to her value system it is only racist if a “pale” faced person should happen to make a similarly intolerant statement. Two standards – one individual.

    The rank and file at BC will testify to the incalculable number of those who have fallen victim to MD’s malicious rhetoric. Many who have in fact left, never to return fearing and loathing her wanton witch hunts. I can only assume that by making this comment I shall also fall victim again to her vitriolic hate mongering – i.e. guilt by association.

    An open question to Mac: When will you grow up and finally come to the realization that your fanaticism is wasted and fallen upon deaf ears, and only serves to discredit any sensible offerings that you may undertake? Any perverse gratification that you may hope to achieve by libeling somebody will only come back to bite you in the ass over the long term.

    A word of advice from this “senile old man“. I’m not taking sides here, and in fact I am not interested who is right or wrong. That is NOT the point, because it’s NOT necessarily what you have to say – it is HOW you say it. (Please re-read that last sentence because it is extremely important). Knowing however how headstrong you really are, you will no doubt probably ignore it.

    If you truly believe that you have genuine issues with others at BC (i.e. those nasty “right-wingers“), please understand that in most cases you bring it upon yourself. Predation on people with name-calling and malicious labels, and then playing the innocent game after being backed into a corner is tediously boring and doesn’t cut it.

    One more thing. Before you respond with another one of your hateful statements and attempt to label me with any of the above, you should know that I am considered a moderate by definition, and although you won’t believe it – I am only trying to help you.

    For the love of God and in the name of everything civil, please cease and desist from this abusive crap-rap!

    Peace sister. That is all.

  • [personal attack deleted] Tom Bux said:

    So I guess they aren’t black unless they are American hating NAACP supporters such as yourself who would sooner blame whitey for keeping you down than getting off your duffs and achieving success?

    And what (sic) me clarify: Read Bill Cosby’s comments. If you are functionally illiterate, don’t blame anyone but yourself for not getting that management job.

    They promote the stereotype of people of color being illiterate and lazy. The civil rights group that did the most to end segregation is characterized as ‘America-hating.’ The tone is one of a sneering lecture by a superior to an inferior. And, so on.

    [personal attack deleted]

    [personal attack deleted]

    [personal attack deleted]

  • Tom

    Again you take me out of context. Those remarks were in reply to a comment in this post

    You said this in reply to me pointing out that there are several people of color in the Bush administration:
    (Scratching head.) I’ve noticed Shrub (George W. Bush) has two beige people in his administration who helped with the disastrous plan to invade and occupy Iraq.

    That’s when I said the first comment.

    The second comment was me paraphrasing what Bill Cosby said when he said this whle speaking to the NAACP convention:

    “They think they’re hip, they can’t read. They can’t write. They’re lauging and giggling and they’re going nowhere.”


    “…And the young people who choose not to learn standard English”

  • Tom

    And I’ll admit the first comment was probably a little harsh, and what I meant by it was that people who go calling people who support Bush the “Taliban wing of the Republican party” are pretty hateful.

  • Ed Godard

    It’s stunning to see where the hatred and vitriol lies. The number one reason for my recent disassociation with the left is the nasty side of it that has been emerging and growing.

    I was right there when the right was being characterized as a bunch of angry white men in the mid-90s. Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich, et al; I couldn’t take their policies seriously because the root seemed to be hatred.

    So the left’s response? Angry white guys like Dean and now Al Gore (he used to be so… mature), and now angry people of color.

    There are so many good ideas that the left once espoused, on the basis of the ideas, but now it’s all about hating Bush and the Republican Party. The NAACP used to be for the advancement of colored people, but now NAACP seems to be the National Association Against Conservative People. I keep waiting for John Kerry to be *for* something. Bill Cosby may have taken the leadership to the woodshed (something he should have done in private) but there is no doubt in my mind that his remarks come from goodness and being *for* the advancement of colored people.

  • boomcrashbaby

    Dean and Al Gore, even Franken and the like, are nothing like the Right’s Coulter, Novak, DeLay, Rush, O’Reilly, Hannity, Sanatorum, Musgrave, et. al.

    All I see are a bunch of liberals getting fed up with the hateful rhetoric of the right. So, they’re fighting back? It’s about time.

    For what it’s worth, that first comment that MacDiva referred to, that Tom said, IS offensive. I’m white, and the NAACP is not American hating. Nor is the implication in that statement that all NAACP members sit on their duff and blame ‘whitey’ for everything even remotely accurate.

    To be honest, the second comment sounds like a generic ‘you’. Like it’s replaceable with the word ‘one’. But I don’t know. (A helpful tip to all, don’t use ‘you’ in the generic sense. Use the word ‘one’.)

  • Ed, are you sure you read the entry? It is part of a two entry explanation of how the GOP alienates people of color. (The other part does not use Tom Bux as as an example, BTW.) Just recently, not even going back to Neshoba County, Miss., Willie Horton, or the massive fraud against minority voters in Florida, the GOP has purposely snubbed the NAACP and is leading an assault on equality for gays. Any reasonable person would see that as hatred and vitriol. When people want to diminish the lives of millions of other folks because of their skin color, gender or sexual orientation, I define that as hatefulness. Your definition, Howard Dean’s little squeal, is nothing in comparison.

    People have a lot to be angry about. Not least of all is this sad excuse for a war. Anger is often justified and can be a great motivator. I hope it helps change things in November.

  • Tom

    [personal attack deleted]

    I no longer feel I have to defend myself. The lack of citable proof for the baseless accusations against me and the shifting of the the subject shows the shallowness of the arguement and of the lack of any proof of the acccustations against me.

  • Tom

    he GOP has purposely snubbed the NAACP and is leading an assault on equality for gays. Any reasonable person would see that as hatred and vitriol.

    Again you ingnore the hateful comments of Julian Bonds. They came first. I don’t blame any candidate for refusing to go to a place whose chairperson said those things.

  • boomcrashbaby

    If you are incapable of reading entire posts, comments, and insist on taking my comments out of context, then I understand your misguided twisted view of the world.

    huh? I read what you said in comment 18 that MD posted. Then I read you putting it into context in comment 19, by saying it was in response to MD’s comment. I have no desire to go track down everything you’ve written.

    Based on the sentence MD said, in comment 19, and then the followup you said in comment 18, it IS offensive. I’ve seen it nowhere else, nor do I care to go look.

    It’s not my job to prove you are right or wrong. If you don’t want to clarify your statements, that’s your perogative.

  • boomcrashbaby

    Politicans, especially Presidents, shouldn’t be petty and vindictive.

  • Tom

    Well he also shouldn’t put himself in a position where his political enemies can use a situation where he may be speaking to a hostile booing crowd to their advantage. Just see it, Bush speaks to NAACP, they boo and hiss, next day there will be soundbites all over the news of that. Great for Kerry, bad for Bush.

  • boomcrashbaby

    Shielding one’s political self from opposing views is something Saddam did, Tom. This is America, where a President should reach out to ALL citizens. Come on.

    I don’t know what Julian Bonds said. But I know that the President should try to find out WHY he said it.

    Proof that the GOP is the party of exclusion, not inclusion, if you ask me.

    It’s great for Kerry if people boo Bush? But isn’t it also great for Kerry if Bush snubs a huge voting bloc?

  • George

    [personal attack deleted]

  • Ed Godard

    Mac Diva- I did read the entry, and the thread of the posts, and was responding to the tenor of the posts, but to a point. There is an awful lot of negativity coming out of the left right now, and it leaves me flat.

    I’m not saying that there isn’t hatred and oppression coming from the right. There is, and I expect it from many (not all) on the right. And of course people of color feel alienated by the Republicans.

    It’s just that I don’t expect hatred and nastiness from the left, and I don’t want it from the left. I want the left to take the high road. I really feel that many on the left have taken the discourse down to the level of so many on the right. The “Dean Scream” isn’t what I’m pointing to with him. It’s when he told the senior citizen in Iowa to sit down and shut up. That level of interaction is very distressing to me. I want tolerant leaders who lead by example.

    There is no denying the value in pointing out the flaws and shortcomings of the GOP, but at some point, the left and the Dems have to be a champion of something. In this presidential campaign, I was getting this feeling of being for something from only Al Sharpton and Dennis Kucinich. The presidential frontrunners were defined by what part of Bush they hated. The biggest star on the left right now is Michael Moore. His films have great value, but they point out what’s wrong with Bush without extolling any particular virtue.

    I had taken great comfort for years that the pale GOP would always be the angrier, nastier, seemlier of the parties. These days, I’m not so sure.

  • [personal attack deleted]

    I believe Steve (Boom) has done an excellent job of summarizing how a reasonable person views the hateful outlook of conservatives who claim to be unable to grasp that they hate people based on race, gender or sexual orientation. And, then, go on to screech and scream when the people they insult take offense.

    My other blogging chore tonight will be to write an entry about Jonny Lang. I attended a performance by him last week. His grasp of race relations seems very clear for someone his age. Lang’s performance of Stevie Wonder’s “Living for the City” will make you dance and bring tears to your eyes at the same time. Lang is the exact opposite of the Tom Buxes of our society. He represents a new generation of white men who as far removed from the Buxes’ and Blog Blokes’ biases as I am. I look forward to being able to write a positive entry about civil rights.

  • boomcrashbaby

    Attention Commenter #26. Earth calling to Boom

    Yes? What do you mortals want?

    it was MD who made comment #18.

    Yes, I know. And in that comment she put in italics what he said. It was that to which I was referring, comprende?

    And I notice that you conveniently ignored her ignorant “KKK” reference.

    I didn’t ignore it. I just didn’t comment on it. She truly feels that Tom is racist. It’s not my place to defend him. If you look at what I said, I wasn’t defending her either, as much as I was stating from my own viewpoint that what he said was offensive.

    You don’t fool anyone.

    Good. Because it’s not my job to fool the right. The GOP leaders do that quite well on their own.

    I can’t comment on the rest, because it is a personal attack.

  • I apologize for misunderstanding you, Ed. [personal attack deleted] My mistake.

    We are not in disagreement that the Left has its extremists, too. I had to leave an anti-war demonstration a few months ago when white demonstrators surrounded a black cop and abused him for being a police officer. I often do not accept ‘pat’ answers to complicated matters from the Left anymore than I do from the Right. And, don’t get me started on IndyMedia.

    Best wishes and check out more of the entries on BC. The responses are not always ugly,[personal attack deleted]

  • Blog Bloke

    With respect to Comment #32:

    For your edification, the name is spelled B-L-O-K-E. Defame it wisely.

    It is rather appropriate that the wager was made with counterfeit money. Compelling as any reality show is it not.

    I repeat – “I’m not taking sides here, and in fact I am not interested who is right or wrong. That is NOT the point, because it’s NOT necessarily what you have to say – it is HOW you say it.”

  • [personal attack deleted]

  • Tom

    All I can say is I know I am not racist. If someone can fine a single racist post or remark I made in any of my posts here or on my blog, I will leave here forever.

    I am frustrated at the blanket accusations made against me and friends of mine without merit and without any backing evidence.

    I really enjoy posting entries and commenting on articles here at blogcritics. Vitriol like this almost makes me want to stop contributing to this site, but I know by quitting those who antogonize instead of contributing to spirited discussion would win.

    I will continue to do what I do and let people who have common sense and think for themselves decide for themselvses about me and about what I believe.

  • boomcrashbaby

    MacDiva, if you can reach a lot of Democrats in PA with your blog, here’s a link you might want to pass on: Repubs try to block African-American vote. Maybe we can get some Dems there to bus people around to the correct voting places if need be.

  • I had just posted today’s entry for Silver Rights when I read the comment above. It is about voting irregularities in Florida. I will be continuing the theme tomorrow with this information about Pennsylvania. And, I have a third item from Oklahoma where the GOP is running an ad implying only nonwhites get welfare aid. Thanks for the tip, Steve (Boom).

  • bob2112

    Man, I wish I would have seen this post a long time ago. I had no idea how ignorant it could get on the internets!

    When you hear, “I’m not a racist! I have black friends!” or “Powell & Rice are black!” my stomach gets sick. Who in the fuck do they think they are fooling? Token appointments, representative of diversity?

    When I hear the word, tolerance, I hear code word for teeth gritting smiles to cover true feelings. I hear, “We don’t lynch people any more. I wouldn’t have one over for dinner, or want one dating my daughter. I got an open mind. I’ll work with one but thank God for weekends when I don’t have to see ’em.”

  • Oh, some of the people who harassed me on this thread are the worst Blogcritics has to offer. I just let what they say go in one ear and out the other. Most of’em are really awful excuses for bloggers, so that is easy to do.

  • bob2112

    There you go again, pulling the race card, when you run out of things to say. Diva this…Diva that…

    The nerve you have to argue with these folks is shared by me enthusiastically.

    Oh no, here comes the ‘get a room’ avalanche!

  • andy marsh

    I just started putting my 2 cents in around here a couple of days ago, but I’ll say this about all of that above me here…

    There is an awful lot of hate around here. I think if all of you were in a room together, there would have been blood shed. I don’t think I want to come to any of your parties…yeah yeah…I know…I’m not invited anyway!!!

  • boomcrashbaby

    Several of the more lively conversationalists on this thread have not posted for months. It is an older thread. I brought it back up to give MacDiva info in comment 38, and this blog was the most appropriate place to put it, I felt so anyway. (assuming that those who create a blog get an email notifying them when there is a comment added).

  • andy marsh

    I noticed that there were names that I had not seen on here the last few days. There are also alot of personal attack deleted’s on this page…must have been pretty ugly when it was first posted!!!

  • bob2112

    Andy, I don’t hate you. You just stopped playing ‘Geography Quiz’ with me. I’m feeling left out of the sandbox. Is this the pale face of the GOP?

  • andy marsh

    you turned it into a history quiz…and that messed me all up!!!

  • boomcrashbaby

    The conversations going on today would clear cable television’s censors, I wouldn’t be so sure about conversations just a few months back, but there seems to have been some small ‘turnover’ of regulars recently. Perhaps something reached a boiling point.

    Some of the most vitrolic conversations are those that always raise blood pressures: religion, racism, gay rights, Iraq war, identity politics, etc.

    We all have to agree though, that any animosity from either side is not exclusive to this site. We have a VP who tells a Senator to f*ck off, we have pundits on the news who spread the same personal accusations on each other, maybe just with fewer cuss words, etc.

    We are more polarized now than at any time since desegration (on another thread I said since civil war, but I want to amend that). Some of the vitrol on this site too, came from people from other countries, Europe, Canada, etc. where their perception of Bush and America’s foreign policy isn’t all that glowing. Of course in the music section, you get a lot of teens making comments and that’s a whole different realm, etc. no human has been immune from the delete key here, it’s not confined to just the American liberal vs. conservative dialogue.

  • andy marsh

    I noticed…I’ve already been called the ugly american…though, I took it as a compliment

  • bob2112

    Sounds like Mac Diva came out on top! She’s still with us after all that hate was spewed against her. I cannot imagine what had to be edited from this thread but it probably was pretty interesting in a negative sort of way.

    Andy, you gave up as far as I’m concerned. The answer is Bremerton, WA! Home of Puget Sound Naval Ship Yard, Bangor & Keyport Submarine Bases. Home of the second largest Armed Forces Day Parade out side of Washington, D.C. Former proud home port of the USS Misouri, a gift from Harry Truman for supplying the slogan for his narrow 1948 presidential victory. (Stolen by Ronald Regan & given away to Pearl Harbor by Bill Clinton) Bastards!

  • andy marsh

    you need to go check the redneck post…I answered bremerton or everett a while ago…keep up…gee wiz!!!

  • bob2112

    Sorry, man. Pretty good work!

  • andy marsh

    you gave me enough hints…I was starting to get embarrassed!!!