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The Painful Stupidity of Left Wing Bloggers

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Before I get into this I feel the need to preface this with the fact that I take no political funds for my voice. I have never received any funding from groups like Media Matters, unlike Daily KOS, MyDD or Eschaton.

The reason I feel the need to declare this is that all three of these blogs have decided to report the exact same story in the exact same way. Their belief is the reason John Roberts was nominated on Tuesday was to try and take some heat off on Karl Rove’s “illegal disclosure” of a CIA operative. In my opinion this is either painfully stupid or these three headline bloggers have been bought off.

It is no secret that Karl Rove is a favorite target of those from the left. They would do almost anything to get him removed. This laughable non-scandal is only the most recent assault on reality. I’m sure some of you are still convinced that “Rove is the leak”. Let me explain how this is completely impossible.

In order for Rove to be guilty of illegally leaking the name of a CIA operative he would have had to of given the name of a CIA operative that was an ACTIVE CIA operative. For anybody interested in reality Plame had NOT an operative for several years prior to the fiasco. In fact, she was quite proud of the fact she was an analyst for the CIA. I fail to understand how what Rove did could be considered either an outing or illegal. Are we now going to allege that he said or did something else?

Still on the leakage issue, I believe there is something else we missed. Wasn’t the original reason the two journalists were brought to trial over a cover company for the CIA being ousted and not some analyst? Couldn’t the Rove non-story be a cover for the real illegal leak? I would believe that to be the more likely story.

So what purpose would making a ridiculous accusation serve? The only purpose I see is the fact that no one really has any good dirt on John Roberts. As far as I can see the Democrats et. al. are hoping for something to come out of the dumbass questions they’ll be asking in the near future. Besides, I’m pretty sure everybody knows this fight to come has absolutely nothing to do with Roe V. Wade.

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  • So left wing bloggers get paid to push DNC talking points and you push RNC talking points for free. In my opinion, that’s painfully stupid of you.

    I really wish both sides would just shut up and let Fitzgerald do his job. Then, when his work is done, everyone will have a better sense of what happened instead of reciting the sane old spin over and over.

  • This entry only addresses one law that may yield indictments. Also, before assuming that her name was not classified, read this article. Furthermore, from other articles I’ve read, there are some indications that Fitz may be widening his investigation to look at perjury and obstruction of justice.

    – RBP

  • M Paulding

    “Plame’s Identity Marked As Secret”

    “Memo Central to Probe Of Leak Was Written By State Dept. Analyst”

    By Walter Pincus and Jim VandeHei
    Washington Post Staff Writers
    Thursday, July 21, 2005; A01

    Jeremy, don’t you read the papers?

  • Nancy

    There are those of us on the left AND the right as well as in the middle who want Rove removed because he is an embarrassment, a scandal, & a screaming failure as a human being with any sense of ethics whatsoever. He’s low – so low he has no place in ANY legitimate government function, of any party. He cheapens, distorts, & falsifies whatever he touches. THAT is why people want him removed. Party is the least of it.

  • Maurice

    Nancy –

    ‘screaming failure as a human being’

    Are you refering to Karl Rove or James Carville?

    Personal attacks against these people on either side tell me you have no real reasons for your hate.

  • Nancy

    When a ‘personal attack’ involves an attack on someone’s public record of behavior & speech involving dirty tricks, smears, lies, slander & libel, & orchestrating any number of other actions which have destroyed or seriously injured the lives and/or reputations of honest people in order to gain political ends, then there are more than enough “real” reasons for my disgust with this maggot, & my desire to see him permanently removed from dealing w/public business of any kind. I go by his RECORD. And so far, his record is abysmal. Not to mention all the crap he’s pulled but has not been convicted of, altho recitations of it are out there in plenty – and he takes absolute delight in it. By his own admission, he loves to wallow in filth & play dirty. He has absolutely no conscience, no remorse, & no hesitation about destroying anyone, for any reason, if it takes his fancy. His own record & statements over the years condemn him, regardless of party, as I said above. Carville … I don’t know his record as well, but I have not heard to date that he has indulged in the sort of extreme behavior involving destruction of others that Rove has. IF he has, then he also should be anathema.

  • I want all Democrats removed and sent to Cuba as a threat to National Security…

  • talk about a boat lift!!!

  • Nancy

    I want all extremists of either side removed and marooned together on a desert island; they deserve each other.

  • I’m with you on that one Nancy!

  • PseudoErsatz

    Loved the title of this post, Andy, but it might be a tad inflammatory. You must have learned how to title articles while working at a MSM outlet, no?

  • I didn’t write it!

  • PseudoErsatz


  • Yeah…I hate it when that happens!

  • Nancy

    Please educate me again – what does MSM mean? Thanks.

  • main stream media

  • Maynard

    It’s painfully obvious the original Poster is lacking in breadth when it comes to his information sources.


    That article may clear up some of the misconception he has about the facts involved in this story.
    It is also painfully obvious that the original poster is quite the extremeist and wants to be Rush Limbaugh when he grows up, so certain allowances will need to be made when perusing his inflammatory rhetoric.


    You forgot to include Bloomberg News (not exactly a leftwing bastion of blogger-babble) on your list of those pointing to the Bush administration for trying to take the heat off the Plamegate story.

  • David Gergen, not a left wing blogger, on Fox News’ Dayside with Linda Vester,

    GERGEN: This White House, which has not been as adept politically the last three months as it was the first term, on this one, I think it was smart, to echo Tony Coehlo. When you woke up this morning you did not find Karl Rove’s name in the front section of your newspaper, and that is quite intentional. They got Karl Rove off the front page.

    A July 19 Wall Street Journal article, not written by left wing bloggers, reported that White House advisers “urg[ed] the president to expedite his announcement to deflect attention from a growing scandal over the role of senior administration officials — including political adviser Karl Rove — in leaking a Central Intelligence Agency agent’s identity to the news media in an effort to discredit critics of the White House’s prewar Iraq intelligence.” According to the Journal, ” ‘The Rove situation has accelerated it,’ said a Republican lawyer who consults the White House on judicial issues. ‘They would like to get something that will knock it off the front page.’ ”

    There were also mentions by Reuters and The Wash Post, but I wasn’t clear if they were on the left.

    Bamb, we have an embargo with Cuba so we can’t send Democrats there.

  • The Karl Rove story is a PR nightmare, despite the fact nothing criminal took place there.

    Some ambassador ran off his mouth about lies and was sent their by his CIA wife even though he had no real experience in the matter. Why isn’t that a story on why CIA agents are trying to develop talking points for the DNC on the taxpayer dime?

  • John, I will wait until Fitzgerald determines whether or not anything criminal took place. You might have a little bias.

  • Next Season’s Survivor premise: Right- and left-wing extremists are marooned together on a desert island. The first contestants to find the hidden caches of small-arms, grenades and napalm will have an obvious advantage. Alliance-building will be less important than access to cameras, microphones and slush-fund providers.

    The real twist: No one will be back to pick up either the final survivor or those “voted off” the island.

  • Afraid that’s not going to work out as much of a show. When the leftwingers find the weapons cache and recoil in horror it’ll pretty much be over.


  • Amen, Jeremy. Amen.

    And LOL @ Dave.

  • “There are those of us on the left AND the right as well as in the middle who want Rove removed because he is…” far too effective at blunting the lies, deceptions and obfuscations of poltroons and Mass Media Podpeople on the Left. The poor right-and MOR-ers who want Rove removed have all allowed themselves to be brainwashed by the spin, lies and obfuscations of politicians and Mass Media Podpeople who have nothing positive to contribute to public discourse.

    heh. I actually met another group of (very conservative) folks today who had no idea that Wilson had lied about

    1.) who arranged for his trip to Niger
    2.) His wife’s status at the agency
    3.) the content of his tea-sippin’ veranda-sittin’ “report”

    …and more. They also had no idea that the Mass Media Podpeople had been lying to them about Rove’s role, Plame’s occupation (six years OUT of _loose cover_ covert work, living and working continuously in the D/C/ area under open employ at the CIA, etc.) or the timing of Rove’s comments (AFTER having been told about Plame by Robert Novak), etc.

    Yep. As long as Loony Left Moonbats have their Mass Media Podpeople’s Army to do the assault on the truth for them, most folks just won’t know that the only reason Karl Rove must go is because… Lefties are sore losers.

  • TJ

    Rove as bad PR?
    Rove as disaster?
    Rove as embarrassment?
    No, No and No.

    The bad PR, disastrous statements and embarrassments are all on the other side of the house.

    The worst you can call Rove, at this moment, is a distraction.

    AND – if he is only distracting his detractors (while the useful part of the government continues operating) that can even be a good thing.


  • >>AND – if he is only distracting his detractors[presumably democrats?] (while the useful part of the government continues operating) that can even be a good thing.<< The above comment must explain why the RNC and various other conservative talking heads are trying so hard to spin the Rove top in a different direction (sarcasm intended). - RBP

  • billy

    “The worst you can call Rove, at this moment, is a distraction”

    no id call him a traitor who undermined national security.

  • As Billy demonstrates you can call any public figure anything you like, and it doesn’t make it true.


  • This is so typical of the lefty minded people. They beat a subject to death because they have nothing else to dwell upon. They just don’t have a life I guess. Rove is no more guilty of any wrong doing than Clinton was when he didn’t have sex with that woman….

  • billy

    damn i must have missed that. when exactly did bill clintons CRIMINAL GRAND JURY convene, or was that only in your demented right wing mind.

  • leftwinger

    “They just don’t have a life I guess. Rove is no more guilty of any wrong doing than Clinton . . ”

    And you do? You are still obsessed with a man’s personal sex life from six years ago, and there were never any criminal charges. treason is a little more serious than a personal sex, or trying to save your family by denying it.

  • Save his family. That’s a good one, leftwinger. Do you do standup in your spare time?


  • >>They beat a subject to death because they have nothing else to dwell upon.

    You don’t come around these parts very much do you pardner … 🙂

  • Anthony Grande

    Leftwinger, stand up and stretch for a little, then sit back down and read this post by Jeremy H. Bol.

    Done already? Well do you see now that Rove is not guilty of anything wrong or illegal, just like your beloved Clinton,
    who lied to a Grand Jury which is a serious crime if anyone else did it.

  • “I have never received any funding from groups like Media Matters, unlike Daily KOS, MyDD or Eschaton.”

    Blogads are not funding.

  • Elbegdorj

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