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The Other Mix From January

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Music Mix

created by laurenb

  1. The Beginning Of The End “Funky Nassau (Part 1)” – A great tune with tons of vibe, a good groove and nice lyrics.
  2. Nicola Conte “The In Samba” – Booooring. Electronics laid over chants.
  3. Cardigans “Carnival” – Light-hearted love song. Nothing bad but nothing stellar, either. I’m not a big fan of love songs, so I’m no expert.
  4. David Bowie “I Would Be Your Slave” – The half-mouthed snarl-sing Bowie does in most of his songs annoys me. This is one of those songs. It sends shivers up my spine. Just eewwww.
  5. Nicola Conte “Fuoco Fatuo” – Boring background music.
  6. Moby “Memory Gospel” – Interesting seduction instrumentation with a nice mellow feel. Picture the music you would have on when candles are lit and the champagne is flowing. The horn work alone makes it worth a listen, since it is extremely good.
  7. Dave Brubeck “Unsquare Dance” – The clapping makes this song really annoying after the first 3 or so seconds.
  8. Led Zeppelin “Your Time Is Going To Come” – There is a reason certain Led Zep songs are “obscure.” It’s not terrible, but it’s no “Song Remains The Same” or “Immigrant Song.”
  9. Rolling Stones “Can’t You Hear Me Knockin” – I’d forgotten this song. The guitar riff from this one has been used about a million times since.
  10. David Bowie “Man Who Sold The World” – One of the few Bowie songs that doesn’t annoy me.
  11. Nicola Conte “Jet Sounds” – A nice danceable track with lots of energy.
  12. Phoenix “If I Ever Feel Better” – A simple looped beat with a very good singer. It has a nice feel that makes you think you’ve heard it somewhere before.
  13. Nicola Conte “Dossier Omega” – Not too bad. A mid-tempo techno track. The chanting gets old fast, thought.
  14. The Strokes “Last Night” – A groovy, upbeat song that I like a lot.
  15. Rolling Stones “Rip This Joint” – This is my all-time favorite Stones song. I absolutely love this one.
  16. Rolling Stones “Monkey Man” – I just don’t like this song. It’s an okay song, but not something I happen to like.
  17. Rolling Stones “That’s How Strong My Love Is” – Another Stones song I could pass on.

Grand total: 4 Nicola Conte songs, 2 David Bowie songs, 4 Rolling Stones songs. That’s 10 out of 17 songs by three artists. I try to stay away from repeating artists on a particular mix disc but that’s just my personal preference. I’m very mixed about the multiple songs by the same artists. I like some very much and can’t stand some of them. The lead song is the best on the disc and after listening to it, I had high hopes. The disc just never regained that momentum. The fact that the track list is in the wrong order in a couple of spots made it difficult to figure out but doesn’t hurt it too much.

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  • Eric Olsen

    Excellent Jim – I love these. hey, will finally have CDs for you next week. Guess who’s going to be on Blogcritics Radio?

  • thank you.

    Elliptical on BlogCritics Radio? Cool!