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The origin of the word “blog”

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In a 1953 story entitled “Scrambled Eggs Super,” Dr. Seuss wrote:

    I went for the kind that were mellow and sweet

    And the world’s sweetest eggs are the eggs of the Kweet

    Which is due to those very sweet trout which they eat

    And those trout … well, they’re sweet ’cause they only eat Blogs

    And Blogs, after all, are the world’s sweetest frogs

    And the reason they’re sweet is, whenever they lunch

    It’s always the world’s sweetest bees that they munch

    And the reason no bees can be sweeter than these…

    They only eat blossoms off Beezlenut Trees

    And those Beezlenut Blossoms are sweeter than sweet

    And that’s why I nabbed several eggs from the Kweet.

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  • RJ

    Eating Blogs? That’s like what Slate does!

  • That’s awesome Joe – the first Blog citing. Um, as far as we know.

  • yes – citing was intended.

  • Ah, but that is Blog the proper noun, rather than blog, the – um… improper? – noun…

  • Awesome. Now who do we blame for “blogosphere?”

  • Someone will tell you. Of course it’s a pundit. Allegedly.

    Blame him Daily.

  • Eric Olsen

    yes, Bill has never been shy about taking the credit for that one

  • yonderboy

    Of course, pre-9/11 bloggers remember it differently, as a joke about idiots making up idiotic words.

  • What were you trying to point to Y-boy? I couldn’t immediately see it at the bradlands.

  • yonderboy

    you can search that page for ‘blogosphere’ or go directly to the post.

  • AHA! I’m still older than “blog”. (first cited in 1953)

  • eat blogs??? blah!!!!

  • What in the name of Jerry Brightonhammer was that all about?
    I dont’ know but it doesn’t make sense to me.