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The Open Doors Project

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The Open Doors Project
Order information available at the website above.

The Open Doors Project is a worthy cause for a debilitating disease that affects many, many Americans and their families. By way of response, a lot of generous (and generously talented) musicians from North Texas contributed songs and performances for a CD entitled Open Doors. A lot of these people are personal friends of mine (but I’m not so sure they would say the same about me.) Unfortunately, I missed the CD release party yesterday(thanks to a filthy office that DEMANDED attention), but then I already have my CD and it’s in the truck on regular rotation.

Here’s a little snippet from the web site for Open Doors:

    Parkinson’s Disease is a thief. As it slowly steals priceless parts of a person’s life, it affects not only the patient, but also the family and friends who helplessly watch their loved one lose independence and self-sufficiency. As the disease progresses, patients struggle to maintain dignity and feelings of self worth. PD affects more than 1.5 million Americans with tens of thousands of new cases each year. Researchers, however, are getting close to discovering a cure for this debilitating disease.

    The Open Doors CD, is a way for you to help. Some very generous and talented people donated their time and energy so that we could offer you this very special collection of music. Not only is this a very worthwhile cause, but also a fabulous collection of songs by an extraordinary group of songwriters. For less than a dollar per song, you get 15 wonderful songs, based on the themes of Faith, Love, & Hope. That’s hard to beat.

    Production is complete and the final cost is just $13.00 + shipping and handling. Production costs are very low and as much as $10.00 will go straight to research through the American Parkinson’s Disease Association (APDA). The CD is currently available by mail through the American Parkinson Disease Association. See the Order page for further details. They will soon be available online through www.lonestarmusic.com.

    Open the door to discovery.
    Open the door to hope.
    Open the door to a cure.


    Mitch “Slowhands” Lechelt

    In 1995 Mitch was a Captain for American Airlines when he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease at the age of 37. When one door closed, another opened and he was able to pursue music, his true passion. He is a songwriter and musician with a strong belief that God gave him musical talents for a reason.

    Mitch has written the title track for the Open Doors CD. With the help of some very talented Texas artists and the American Parkinson Disease Association, he has pushed open doors to produce this CD.

Bottom line is this — if you’ve got the least little hankerin’ to learn just what the heck Texas Music is all about, this is a fine opportunity to do just that, and your hard-earned shekels go to a good cause. What could be better than that?

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