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The Olympics make you fat.

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It’s not so much the Olympics themselves that make you fat, as watching them on TV and eating all that McDonalds you’ll inevitably want to consume with their oh-so-catchy “I’m Lovin’ it” commercials. From the above Reuters report:

In Germany, Tagesspiegel newspaper estimated that the 80-million nation will weigh 240 million kgs more after the Games.

If that’s Germany’s science, I might sell my Volkswagen. According to the above numbers, EVERY German will average 6.6 pounds. Assuming only half of Germany watches the Olympics, that’s 13.2 pounds per olympic watcher. At roughly 3500 Calories / pound, each of these Olympic fanatic Germans would have to net burn 46,200 less or consume 46,200 Calories more over a 2 week period. Science?

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