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The Office: Pam and Jim’s Wedding Day Lives Up to Expectations

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My roommates and I have a weekly ritual — wine and The Office. After a long week of homework and tests, we take 30 minutes out of our busy schedule to watch Jim, Pam, Michael, Dwight, and all of their co-workers get through their workday. The show, starring Steve Carell, has been on air since March of 2005 and has attracted followers among all age groups.

One reason why Office lovers have remained faithful to the show is because of the long, time-coming romance between Jim (John Krasinski) and Pam (Jenna Fischer). Don’t get me wrong, Dwight (Rainn Wilson) and Michael’s office pranks keep my ribs aching from laughing so much. But if you ask most Office viewers, Jim and Pam’s relationship has kept them intrigued over the past four years. Watching Jim wait over various seasons for Pam to realize the special bond they have was heart-wrenching.

Since Jim and Pam have been together for the past season, various intense events have occurred. When they finally got together, I thought the world was going to die of happiness. No one would have guessed what happened next: Pam got pregnant. Of course, the next course of action would be to have a wedding! Thus the one-hour episode dedicated to Jim and Pam’s wedding aired on October 8.

The whole office was invited, which terrified Pam. Andy was on a quest to get Erin to fall for him. Stanley brought his mistress Cynthia, a chance to get some play while away. Dwight was on a quest, along with Michael, to get some bridesmaid loving. And the lovely wedding couple just wanted to get married. All of this was going on, while Jim and Pam were trying to keep her pregnancy a secret.

After the extremely awkward rehearsal dinner, the party actually began. I loved the “office” party that Andy threw, which in turn ended up tearing his scrotum. Poor Pam was forced to drive him to the ER because she was the only sober person around, for various reasons. Jim was previously getting drunk with Michael and his brothers. And the rest of the office, minus Dwight, was busy dancing the night away. Dwight, on the other hand, hooked up with Pam’s best friend throughout the night.

The day of the wedding was extremely nerve-wracking and beautiful. Like the typical Office episode, things unfolded in an unexpected way. Pam looked stunning, as to be expected, and Jim was composed and in awe of her, as always. After spending a horrific wedding rehearsal night with Andy and his damaged scrotum, Pam was not looking forward to the wedding she’d always dreamed of. Yet again, the fabulous Jim had an amazingly romantic backup plan. It was to get married, just the two of them, at Niagara Falls on a boat. Although it doesn’t sound romantic, the way Jim and Pam acted made it extremely romantic and had my roommates and me wishing for a wedding like that someday.

After the dreamy private wedding, the couple came back for the “real” wedding. As to be expected, the office crew had another idea for how the wedding should be played out. Instead of the traditional bridesmaids and bride walking down the aisle, all of the office workers danced their way down to the song “Forever” by Chris Brown. Little did I know, the idea sparked from a famous YouTube video of something that actually happened at a real wedding. It had not only the church laughing, but the viewers at home laughing as well.

This amazing Office episode will be one to remember. My roommate has watched The Office since its first airing, and was in tears after watching this wonderful episode. It kept its traditional comedic one-liners between the co-workers, but also grasped the unique romance between Jim and Pam. I can’t wait for the next big event, for it will be highly anticipated for Office watchers.

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