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The OC Season Finale

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For being such a great show, despite the whole Oliver storyline, the season finale was a disappointment. While the idea of the show coming full circle to the pilot episode was a great idea in theory, the execution was terrible.

I’ll deal with the positive’s first. The relationship between Sandy and Ryan has been handled wonderfully, the goodbye scene between the two of them was excellent. Seth’s fascination with the word pudding – those instances are what makes his character so endearing. Kelly Rowan, Kirsten, was giving some great scenes to show off her acting chops. A supportive Summer makes for a lovable Summer. Seth dissing Marissa – something we’ve all been wanting someone to do. Seth’s realization of how isolated he felt before Ryan arrived, and how he will feel lost again without his presence was very touching too.

And now for the negative.
– The use of Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah.” This is one of my favorite songs, and it’s use put the final moments way over the top.
– Ryan going back to Chino with Theresa. He doesn’t even know if it’s his baby or not! The only outcomes to this situation will be that it’s Eddie’s baby after all, or it will be Ryan’s and Theresa will lose the baby. The show is called The OC and not Chino.

– The buildup to Julie and Caleb’s wedding, and NOTHING happens. At least Caitlyn is let out of the dungeon so she can attend the ceremony. I have a feeling Caitlyn will either disappear completely next season (like the daughter on Life With – Bonnie), or she’ll age a few years, so they can give her a storyline.
Seth sailing off to Tahiti on his little boat. Nice idea, but that boats not going to get him to Tahiti.
– Marissa turning to the bottle. How cliche. Not it would have been a finale if she had downed the bottle, and jumped off the balcony of the new mega-mansion.

We do have a few plot points that were revealed. The Newport Group is in major financial trouble. Kirsten had an abortion that Sandy didn’t know about (seems like Jimmy may have knocked her up). I say Ryan will be in Chino for maybe one episode or so, and then high tale it back to the OC. I still love my OC, but I was expecting a little bit more.

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  • Sandra Smallson

    Again, we are still watching the 1st series here. Is it the season finale of the 1st series you are talking about? If so, how come you want Marisa told off? Does she become annoying? It won’t spoil it for me, I will enjoy seeing what you may tell me acted out….please….?????

  • Marcia

    I really liked the music of Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah at the end. It was beautiful. Are we so sure that Seth is off to Tahiti or has he made the decision to “end it all?” Would love to see what’s in the letter’s he wrote.!!!

  • jess

    heeey..i agree with everything you’re saying! and wow i hate marissa..and i hated the oliver crap..what a horrible “bad guy”..i mean you didn’t even love to hate him, u just HATED him lol..they compromised all the characters and made them morons for the sake of the crappy storyline and it pissed me off

  • tst

    Re: the wedding…
    Does anyone know the name and/or location of that beautiful church overlooking the ocean with the glass walls?

  • Kathryn

    Does anyone know who sings the song that is on the episode when Marissa dumps Ryan n he sees her at school talkin to her friend and then she walks over to stupid Oliver!! Some one please help!! xxx

  • emmjay

    Maybe I’m the first to post on the finale for SEASON 2, but I just want to point out a HUGE omission from the final episode that I’m wondering if anyone else picked up on. Where on earth was Cal’s illegitimate daughter–Kirsten’s sister and Ryan’s former girlfriend at Cal’s funeral. They couldn’t fly her in for the funeral? Didn’t tell her that Cal died? Lame, lame, lame. If the producers are going to bring in all these crazy twists, they need to remember what they’ve done and not leave all these loose ends hanging and people disappeared and the like.

  • Rachel

    Go here and you can find music from each episode from each season!!






  • Adele

    does Marissa realy die or not?
    if she died they should have shown a funeral or soemthing like that.

    i dont want to wait a whole summer to find out what happens or not.

    what a stupid and disapointing ending.

  • NavBurn

    We enjoyed the show, but it is depressing to see Marisa “die”. We think she is dead, but hope they make the trajedy into something that is not fatal – perhaps something she can rehab from….. Volchok is gonna be in trouble if Ryan gets his hands on him.

  • Billy

    wtf how can they end it like that this is the end of the oc you cant take one of the fore main characters out and think i wont ruin the show is this guy retared

  • Ishita

    No, honestly seeing all the rumors surrounding Mischa Barton wanting to leave the OC, cause she didnt wanna be typescast into bratty teen roles (please! she’s 20!!), probably have something to do with it. It’s really odd to jeopardize the show for the sake of an actor leaving though! She’ll regret it. Plus the next season OC is supposed to be about Kaitlin returning and Taylor and the others, So it’d not be the end of the world if Marissa who probably would’ve “reinvented” herself at college doesnt turn up

  • I think its so stupid to kill off Marissa!!!!!!! I think they should save her life and say shes not dead so her and ryan can be together 4 ever!!!! And why didn’t ryan just pull over and tell Marissa 2 run and he would follow? This way Volcheck would keep driving and everyone would be safe. I might not watch the next season if its all about kaitlyn. I don’t want 2 wait a till fall 2 see what happens next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jemma

    bye bye marissa!!!:) 🙂

  • Beth

    I don’t want Marissa to die because then her and Ryan will never get to be together again.

  • Cassy

    Marissa dies at the end of the third season.I think that Ryan will go crazy and end up in jail, not college.I also think that the show will now be about Marissa’s little sister, Caitlin.After that, it’ll be another younger family member, and so on.

  • cindy

    i cnt believe da marrisa dies. cme on shes da bst . xda show would be rued with out her. wats gonna appened 2 ryan.

    misha is da bst . i hope dey tink bout it agan nd dot get her killed plz. or oder y’z me nd me m8ts aint gonna buy da oder series of da oc.

    mish should not die.

  • Mike

    Wow cindy…that’s some grammar you have there. If I deciphered what you said correctly, I guess I share your opinion.

  • Shelly

    This is one of my fav shows, and I hate to see Marissa die. I know that she is leaving the show so that leads me to believe that she did die. I love the original cast in this show, and think it would have been alot better had the people all stayed and kept up with what was happening in the beginning. They have added people, and got rid of people and so on, to the point that it is not even like the show I first watched. Does anyone agree with me here??

  • Shleprock

    I agree damn it

  • ju

    is there any chance that mischa stay in the oc or did she really say that she is over with this show?

  • Shelly

    no, according to every article I have read and interview I have seen, she is done on the show, and is NOT returning in the next season. Mischa says she wants to go after a movie career. Best of luck to her, I just hate to see her leave, she was huge on the show.

  • Anna

    OMG!!! i cant believe that Marissa dies… damn, she was one of the best in that show!!

    Honestly, i think she cant leave The OC, cause then, the show will be ruined and she was one of the 4 principle actors! If she “dies” i think that many people wont watch anymore The OC, cause one of the major conflicts that happened were about Marissa, so now its gonna be like WTF???

    Ok… I hope you all agree with me!!


    Bye Bye *

  • Alyx

    Marissa is leaving the Oc!! NOooo!!
    She cant just go on that way! =(
    She can do many things at a time, she can film the oc and other movie films too!! Like all the other actors!


    Marissa is the best in the OC! if she goes out of the show i won’t watch it more! MARISSA TE KIERO!

  • beth

    im realy annoyd coz watz gonna happen 2 the show if 1 of dere main characters dies god i bummed out! i dont want it 2 b bout kaitlin coz shes gud bt OMG Y?

  • jack

    name of song for last episode of oc; ryan carrying marissa when shes dead(slow song)

  • Claudio

    In here (Brazil) we don´t agree with the death of Marissa, i think she´s alive, because she “was”(or are) a protagonist of the series. NO MARISSA, NO O.C.

  • Paul


  • Que mal wato, la marissa se muere… Digo, la vdd no se me antoja ver la historia de kaitlin, igual y si estuviera vinculada con marissa si. No soy Big fan de marissa, pero considero que a pesar de ser Bitch merece estar en la serie

  • Lizzy

    i really hate this idea that marissa is out of the show, she can’t die, she’s one of the main characters and if she’s out of the show i’ll never see it again, without marissa i think is going to be like bored, i wanted that ryan and marissa were back together again. i’m totally disagree with the death of marissa

  • Dani

    I think Ryan and Marissa should’ve gotten together before she died

  • …somethingpretty

    I think Marissa should have told Ryan she loved him. Gah.

  • Vanessa

    ohh my gosh… marrisa dying…stupid move peoplez! i like most of the viewers will not watch it if its about kaitlin umm like hello..marrissa is the shit! n without her its gonna b poo!

  • Amy

    I think it is stupid to kill marisha off the show it sad hoe peractilly every season fanilie is about some one dieing I think that ryan should have tryed to save her and yeah it stupid

  • ryan luva

    i havn’t seen the end of the third season. but i want to know how marrisa dies. i am desperate to know. all i have heard is stuff about a car. please can you explain the last episode of the third season to me…..:(

  • ReBeKaH

    OMG she so cannot die, I reckon they will bring her back they have to! How can we watch the OC without marrisa and who wants the show to be all about Kaitlin noooooot me how boring…..If Marrisa does leave, the show is dooooomed!!!!!!

  • jen

    marrissa has gone i am not going to watch OC anymore becos the original people are not in it! like friends at least it finished with all the same ppl etc!! this sucks totally not going to watch oc now!! and definately she should have said she loved ryan at least arrggghhh so angry she left!

  • i think if mrischa dies the show will be crape i mean she is the best on the show every one will stop watching it so i hope mrishca doesnt die and she makes the show so so entersing she is so pretty and if any one thinks its good that mrischa is going to die u are guy i mean she IS THE BEST AND ONLY THE BEST i wish she doesnt die and i think she should get back togerther with ryln agin so thats all xoxoxo

  • i am in australia and she hasnt died yet can some one tell me how she dies

  • ryan luva

    i am in australia too. i want to know how she dies. can someone explain it to me pls i beg of you

  • John (UK)

    I want to know whether Ryan will finally sort out Vorchok. Also I thought that Ryan giving him the money to go was daft as Vorchok didn’t have a leg to stand on if he tries to get Ryan into trouble

  • John (UK)

    Oh, by the way, for the Aussies, Vorchok rams Marissa and Ryan off the road as Ryan is taking Marissa to the Airport to spend a year with her dad cruising the Greek Islands. It finishes with a shot of, what we are to believe, is Marissa dying in Ryans arms by the side of the road

  • Saba


    KEEP MARISSA :”””””'(


  • C

    First of all, I have to confess that I did cry when Marissa died – the whole flashback to season 1 brought tears to my eyes. I mean, it was pretty much a symbolism of Ryan saying goodbye to Marissa.

    However, Marissa’s character was getting out of hand and as hogging all the drama — so byebye Marissa, don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

  • caz

    Mischa barton wanted out of the series, she did her best to piss of the writters and producers..
    and now shes gone?
    makes sense..
    she wants to be a serious actress not on a star on a teenage drama..
    but poo ur right the OC will never be the same

  • anna

    i think that she is selfish because the show wont be the same. couldnt they just write her out of the show for a year instead of killing her. i cried as soon as they played jeff buckleys hallelujah and carried on cos i knew in the next 15 mins it was going to happen. AMBUSH MISCHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Allan

    Well does she really die! I don’t think so, for the most part i think it’s like like the rumors that Paul Mcartney of the beatles died! A thrilling captivator to keep you intrigued!
    Mischa barton is the salsa in the taco!
    The end of season 3 episode 25 Ryan was in the vehicle dressed in suit with Sandy looking back @ Caitlin who was not dressed up at all for any funeral. I think Sandy was taking Ryan to testify against Volcheck legally at Sandy’s new job and Barton is re- COOP ing in some OC hospital. No Shit !

  • lauren

    Omg it is soo sad wen they play then song Hallelujah. And yer marissa should of gotten bak wif ryan and old him that she loves him and hes th only one shes ever loved not just dont leave how gay!!. come on that would of brought more tears and now im not watching the oc becuase noone can never replace marissa and if theresa does there gona loose so many viewers the shows a waste now. But wot im exited is the funeral and how julie, summer and ryan will handle her death beacuse theres no 4 theres onli 3 and marissa was the biggets character yer LOVE U MARISSA DONT LEAVE :'( IVE CRIED FOR DAYS


    its realli gud how @ the end it has like wen ryans driving ofg. its like saying godybe marissa but hopefully theyl have a flash bak were marissa and the gang had al the good and bad times. It is one of the biggest goodbyes this year and theres gona b many tear i just hope theyd ecide to lock that volchecks ass right up and not blame ryan and hopefully thereas dosent cum in i h8 her and u kno now lots of people will watcht he first 5 weeks but as soon as there over marissa noone is gonnaw atch it well hope ya satisfide cuz now uve lost money HAHAHHA marissa should of said i love you and still be going out with ryan :’

  • Danielle

    Omg i started to ball my eyes out when ryan was holding marissa in his hands that was so sad.. but i would of thought she would of as lease said i love you to ryan 🙁 so sad

  • sara

    i can’t believe it!!!!im italian and i ve just seen the end of the 3 season on paytv….marissa can’t die!!!!!news about the 4 season?

  • anomous whistle blower

    hi. the last episode was very sad, although i think it could have been a lot better. The Hallelujah song was fantastic. i am still confused though. is this the end of season, or the end of the o.c all together? lots of people are saying NO MARISSA, NO O.C, but its not the producers fault MISCHA BARTON DOES NOT want to do the o.c anymore. and why didnt she say i love you??

  • Erin

    Apparently in the start of the fourth season Marissa isn’t dead shes in a coma… althogh ita not the best iat least it leaves a bit of hope.

  • loz n nerissa

    omg there is nooooooooooo MARISSA!!!!=(
    no marissa = no O.C

  • zach

    the O.C. sucks!!! I’ve nevr liked it… you people are stupid for caring so much…

  • Hey.. the essence of the oc is Marissa Cooper.. and i want she to stay! ´cause she had the glamour.. she had everything that a OC girl had.. and.. c´mon.. writters!!! it´s so a stupid idea to kill her.. And.. Don´t you think about the money that you will lose killing her?? ´cause meeeee like over a million peoples who watch The OC will stop see that.. ´cause.. without Marissa will never.. but hear.. NEVER BE THE SAME!!! is someone AGREEEEEEE with meee??????

  • ryan luva

    i luved da oc. and i think that marrisa’s death is going to lead into lots of questions which ppl are just gonna want to know the answers to them. so mayb if you think about it. maybe her death was not that bad at all. And it will still keep the show intresting with the questions waiting to be answerd
    when she died in the last episode i didn’t cry even though i thought i would. i think they should have had more flash backs. it owuld have made it sadder.
    i’m looking fwd to the next season and hopefully they will make it intresting and make it more like the first season cause that was a rly good season.
    i hope you are looking forward to it as much as i am and i hope you agry with me that marrisa’s death might not have been so bad after all!
    but i do feel sorry for ryan and marrisa’s mum cause there lives with marrisa were just getting back on track.


  • sad carly

    waaaaaaaaa no i hate it how she died..especially the song at the end WAS SO SAD. why couldnt they hav like kissed or sumthing b4 she died?!??! then it would’ve not made it so bad 🙁 its so not gonna be the same.

  • ryan luva

    lol i agree. but maybe there will be some good that can come out of her dying. even though it was sad.

  • i love the o.c it my fav show like wwe wrestling i like mischa the o.c would be nothing without her.

  • Someone


  • mich

    Uhm… wtf .. i agree with all you! dont kill off marissa!! shes the best.. the most interesting character by FAR!.

  • Giulia Yvonne

    I’m italian… the third season in started some day ago … and now reding your comments i find out Marissa dies …

    :(((((((((((((( nooooo….

    un bacio a tutti! 😉

  • Bizzzio


  • becca

    OMG! I jst watched the season finale of The OC season 1! It was sooo SAD!!! MG i cant beleive ryan went after teresa he shld hav stayed with marissa and seth away on his boat! oooh the 1st episode of season 2 is gonna b gd i think!!

  • i luved marissa thats dumb y r they killing her off her and ryan should hav got married n everything i think Oo there stupid writing her out because she was like 1 of my fav characters and it seems alote of othere ppl like her 2 the shows never gonna be the same without her!!!!

  • Gabriel

    OMG!! I just watched the season final a couple of minutes ago (I’m from Venezuela) And I just can’t believe Marisa dies! I hope she doesn’t.. I ran and came here to try to find the truth if she dies or not.. PLEASE BRING MARISA BACK!! WHOEVER BRING HER TO LIFE!!! That show won’t be the same without her!! She’s the best!!

  • leli


  • Ale*

    OMG! I’ve just knowen the end of the 3rd season! that’s not possible!! i don’t want marissa die.. it’s so sad! anywhere.. somebody knows anything about a possible fourth season?? please answer to me!!

    OC 4EVER!!!!!

  • lisa Twamley

    AHHHH how can marrissa be dead this is ridiculous!!!! she is one of the main characters NO ONE will watch the oc after that!!!

  • Becca

    marrissa is dead!! tht is like soo stupid!! shes 1 of the main characters!! but glad seth & ryan r still in it cos mmmm are they yummy!!!!!!! i luv seth cohen!!!!!!!

  • ryan luva

    the 3rd season is over and gone, but what i can’t wait for is the 4th season, though marissa won’t be in it, it shall still b good!!!!
    i vowed i wouldn’t watch the oc ever again after she died but now i have seen the previews for season 4 i can’t stand to miss it,
    if you know the date it airs in australia please tell me 😀

  • Becca

    OMG! although marissa is dead (huge mistake) i still think season 4 will b gr8. cos its all new storyines & how ryan n summer n tht will cope i jst hope it doesnt bcome all bout Kaitlin

  • Kela

    I love the OC. I’m gonna miss Marissa but I wish her the best and can’t wait to see her in future movies. 🙂

  • It sucks that they didn’t include the funeral I want to see how everyone greaves. It’s sad and they didn’t show flashbacks I thought the season premier was kind of weak and I expected alot more. hopefully the show will get better I’ve been whahing this show ever sence the begining. Summer Roberts and Julie Cooper Nickle are my favorite charecters i was geting kind of sick of her but i still kindof liked her its sad and i thought she needed a to be remembered better. thanks for reading and listening sorry if i affended anyone its just how I feel.

  • Ale

    I heard some weeks ago that in the first days of november in the states would be begin the 4th season of the oc.. that’s true? how is it???
    Please answer!!!! I want the oc show again..

    p.s. i’m sorry for sm mistakes but i’m not english!


  • Liz

    At the end of season three i was so made that one of the main characters died Marisa I think you should of just had her go with her dad like she was suppost to! Now that Marisa died i don’t like the O.C that much because know it is just boring

  • coop

    i am going to jump off a building a kill myself because i miss the VERY last episod of the OCOCOCOCOCOCOOOOOOOOOOOOOCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC i love the oc i love oc espechaly Sum,Ryan,Seth,coop i LOVE you some people think this show is stupid but NO! it is not i CRYED my head off when Marissa died. Ive seen like all of Michias movie some i have LOL ttfn g2g BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • charlotte

    omg dont tell me marissa dies :(:( please keep her on i beg u


  • abs

    im not cryer….
    but season one finale is so sad. for some reason.
    the tears…. they, they just.. came.

  • 50 cent

    yo guys why u all worried about merrisa i know shes hot but she aint gonna die chill

  • james


  • james

    come on guys is she really gonna die plz send know!!

  • james


  • ha.

    does ne one know the name of the song at the end of the second season when marissa shoots trey?!

  • Ell

    Hey all..
    Im totally the biggest Fan ov the oc.
    Any questions ask me?
    On my behalf of the opinion Marrisa. (Mischa Barton)And Ryan (Benjamin Mckenzi) Are the best couple…
    Marrisa dying. Recks the whole plot..
    The reason people watched that show was because ryan and marrisa made it interesting…

    Oh and the way she dies..
    Ryan gets the money For Volchok So he can get outa town. And When ryans on the way to takin marrisa to the airport 2 go sail on ships with her dad (Jimmy Cooper). Just before they leave Volchok Knocks on marissas window.. And she drivess off. Volchok gets so angry as he really liked marrisa.. But screwed it up from cheating on her..
    So there driving And volchok Comes and Rams the car of a cliff. And it flips… And Marissa then dies in ryans arms.. Her last words.. *Ryan Ryan dont go Stay here* And ryans last words to Micha barton On the oc for Good Were * Its gonna be allright* and he wispers it. And says marrisa.. Marissa..No NO no and a he starts crying..
    Its hell sad Cause Ryan does not cry once the whole show untill then. I cried So much when she died..
    Volchok takes of As he said he got scared,,
    Ryan then sets of to Kill Volchok
    But doesnt Coz he doesnt wanna do Volchok any Favours.
    I reckon they Should of got Marrisa to say.
    Ryan I Love you. Just before she dies.

    Ohh Imogen Heap’s “”Hide and Seek”” Is played While marrisa Shoots trey,,

    I have ti admit.. It recks it when taylor gets with ryan Because its just like ryans using taylor to get over Marrisa..
    Deal with it.. On thee show he aint Gonna get over ger…

    Marissa We Lovee Youu..
    You Leaving the Show…

  • Deani

    I just started wachin the O.C from season 3 and I love it! but if Marissa dies, and the show is gonna be about Caitlin, then I’m done with the O.C, they cant take someone and make them…………bad like Caitlin was in S 3 and expect people to still enjoy the show!!! that extreamly stupid of the dirctors!!!

  • oliver

    i’m in africa ,the o.c was going to be the best if marissa wasn’t die.we know that she was quitting but the reason of killing her in the movie was the bad idea ,best reason was to go work with her dad and gone forever but killing wooooooooo someone who wrote it that was the bad idea