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The OC Season 2 Finale

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So The OC is a lame prime time soap opera. I know it. I’m still addicted. But Season 2 wasn’t as good as Season 1. So what about tonight?

Well, with Cal dead there had to be the funeral. Everyone showed up- well except for the illegitimate daughter he had. But let us not fuss over details.

Kirsten and her drinking problem. If you’ve watched the show, you’ve known it was there. Well she finally spun out of control to where her family staged an intervention. She’s off to rehab—for the summer I am sure.

Julie and her ex, Jimmy, seem to be getting back together. Again. And this time Marissa seems ok with it.

Marissa tells Summer she was attacked by Trey. And in true Summer fashion, she is a good friend but concerned. She lets Seth know who breaks the news to Ryan. And because Trey is Ryan’s brother and Marissa is his girlfriend, Ryan isn’t too pleased.

And the music tonight was weird.

Yeah, like I said, it is a lame soap opera. But my goodness I can’t turn away.

No one is as attractive this year as they were in Season 1. Though I am starting to like Marissa, she sure is learning to throw a punch, or shoot a gun. I find myself rooting “Go! Skinny Bitch, Go!”

They’re showing the whole season again over the summer. So you still have time to get addicted.

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  • Dave

    “Go Skinny Bitch…Go!” That’d be the perfect title for the alleged Kaitlin spin-off, once they age her ten years and make her hot. (bad idea #2 for the show, Oliver was the first.)
    The finale was a very strong episode. Probably the best one this year. The “once and for all” uttered by Ryan could’ve done without that, but the fight between brother’s was great; you hated Trey all over again (for the 4th time)(he was definately reaching for the phone, yikes!) Though after the gunshot, Trey reminded me of the Paul Reuben’s character in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. Marissa maybe finally started to deal with the attempted rape, with probaly the best acting from Ms. Barton ever. Maybe “The O.C” is a “lame prime time soap opera”, but it’s good and strong. Good, no, exceptional acting coming from the Galagher, Mckenzie, Rowan, Brody, and Barton. They’re acting circles around OTH with the exception of Moira and Craig. Writers need to get it together though, there’s a lot left of these characters that I want to see and hopefully that happens next season. P.S. Who’s the daddy?

  • Chance

    What was the group name and song that was playing in the beginning during the funeral scene of the season finale?

  • Chance

    What was the group name and song that was playing in the beginning during the funeral scene of the season finale?

  • sydney

    it would be listed at this site..


  • willak

    what song played at the very end of the season 2 finale?

  • Al

    The funeral song and the song at the end are the same – “hide and seek” by imogen heap.

  • Mikey

    The OC season 2 finale was by far the best television i have ever seen. i cried twice..everytime i listen 2 Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek i get goosebumps (the song that was played at the funeral and when coop shot trey). it actually couldnt have been done any better and i think a lot of pple will agree. i never want the oc 2 end!!

  • Arghhhhhhh

    What is the song in the second last episode where kiresten finds out her fathers dead…the one right at the end and she walks away with the bottle of vodka??

  • -E

    If you do a google search for The OC Music you’ll find tons of sites that list the music from each episode. Someone else posted a link to one of those sites in a previous comment as well.

  • The Second seasons finale…What’s the name of the song…when they enter the bate shop, after cal’s funeral, and run into trey and floater bitch (jess). I’ve looked everywhere and i can’t find it..

  • runnerchick

    Arghhhhhhhh the song you are talking about is “Fix You” by Coldplay, it is an amazing song. Hope i could help.

  • Vanessa

    when they enter the bate shop, after cal’s funeral the song is called a honest mistake by the bravery

  • lisa


    do u know what is the song played in one of the episodes towards the end of The O.C. season 2. It song goes something like this ‘I’m sorry..so sorry..’…i tried to look for it..but don’t know who sings it..Is it even an actual song?

  • john

    i heard a rumour that ryan will be killed off at the beginning of season 3, who thinks this is true?

  • I dont think so, that would totally ruin the show. I know there are rumors of Marrissa being arrested for shooting trey.

  • macy

    I NEED helP! can somebody pplease send me teh song that was played during calebs funeral and at the very end of show after marissa shot trEY!! thank you and can somebody please email it to me! thanks a bunch!!

  • Jaleesa

    I just finished watching the whole 2nd season for the 2nd time……Does anyone know the date of when the show comes back for the 3rd season? And ryan definetly isn’t getting killed off…..hot people/main characters don’t die in Soap Operas =)…i hope.

  • Jewels

    I watched Season One, really liked it, but after that, I don’t know, lost interest.

  • Jenn

    Season three starts Sept. 8th. It’s gonna be awesome! The song in the 2nd season finale is called “Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap.
    Does anyone know where I can download it/listen for free?

  • anna

    What the HELL happened to the OC?? I remember when it was all about Ryan Marrisa Seth and Summer…and Marissa’s drinking and her bi sexuality… Who are all these other crazy people? The scenes are much shorter and like daytime soaps with the dim lighting and close head shots. The scenes used to better and longer… The new OC sucks.

  • -E

    The beginning of Season 2 was lame. But it was getting there at the end of Season 1. But towards the end of the second season it was getting better. I’m just glad Marissa isn’t some weak whiney bitch anymore. Now she’s a whiney bitch that kicks some ass.

  • Renee

    i love the O.C so much iv loved it from the first eposode!i think thye cast the best cheractres thay all fit the parts so right! i dont no about u guys but i think as a twist oliver should find his way back into the story? but ya im in love with this show i hope there are lots of other seasons! oh ya and is ryan gunna die!?!?! that what iv heard!

  • Alison

    OMG! The Oc is the best show ever!!! If this show ends I do not know what I will do!!! It is the best EVER! I love it!!! The ending for season 2…Oh god, I cried and cried!!! I can’t believe it! Cal is dead and Marissa shot Trey! All I can say is that Season 3 is going to kick ass!! I can not wait to watch it!!!
    I LOVE THE OC!!!!!!!

  • Xtina

    “hide and seek’ is played at the season 2 finale its by Imogen Heap :o)
    when does season 3 start?

  • -E

    Season 3 begins on September 8th.

  • manu

    what is the name of the song in the season 2 finale when everyone is at the funeral and also the name of the song when marissa shoots tray??? I AM SOO ANXIOUS TO KNOW WHAT IS IS… ahaha

  • -E

    Once again, the song is by Imogen Heap and is called “Hide and Seek”

  • annominouse

    im addicted and kirsten cohen is my fav character i really hope sandy and kirsten make up…im begging.XxX

  • Farah

    does anyone know the name of the song from the season 2 finale when marissa shoots trey?

  • Emily

    Strangely enough, while reading this I am listening to Hide and Seek AND Fix You. Truly amazing songs.

  • liv

    This is for farah umm the song is hide and seek by imogen heap its like the middle of the song when it goes
    mmm…what you say hmm that it only meant well. i replayed that song like 1000000000 times over and over again its like the best song in the whole oc and also to everyone get Rooney songs especially im shakin and the best song of all timepopstars the drum beat is soooooooo cool

  • milly05

    wat is the song thts played as the funeral cars are in drivin?? i have got all of the soundtracks but its not on there!!!! THE O.C ROCKS!!!!

  • milly

    forget that last post, i read wat ya all put!! hide and seek is the one i was lookin for!! its an amazin song! cant w8 for the new season 2 start!!

  • Andie

    can you tell me where can i download the 3.season? i realy need to see it before september 8th….the o.c. is like a drug to me…i need more and more 🙂

  • K

    whats the name of the song playing in the backround while seth and summer are talking on his bed about his mothers drinking problem? Its in the season 2 finale. Thanks.

  • Ben

    I heard rumors that in season 3, while kirsten is in rehab, she meets oliver’s mother played by Jeri Ryan who is also in rehab…

  • josh

    whats that song that goes california california here we come or sonmthin

  • -E

    Phantom Planet’s “California”

  • OCFanatic

    Do you think that Trey died, or do you think he will have an amazing recovery?

  • crazyforOC

    omg, does like ryan really die?! i mean, c’mon guyz, think about it, if they kill off the main character in the beginning of 3rd season, would there really BE a point of 3rd season? i THINK NOT!!!

  • -E

    Trey isn’t dead yet. If you read the official site or this post, you will know he is still alive in the beginning of Season 3, which starts in less than 10 days.

  • lorraine

    oh my God guy’s thanks so much for the name of that song and teend of season 2,i was searching for that for ages!!
    it ROCKS!!! can’t wait for season 3,
    I hope trays not dead!!!

  • eriqo


    I have been waiting impatiently for it and its been there all along? Season one ended with some serious cliff-hanging suspense. At least i haven’t read the comments above. Think i’ll go buy it…

  • Amy

    I just wana say i love the O.C i cannot get enough of it…I watch it over and over and cry in most episodes…sometimes i feel like i know the charactors….that makes me sound weird i no!!! The last episode seaon 2 is the best EVER ive watch the final scene over and over and cry every time without fail!!!! CANNOT WAIT TILL SEASON 3!!!

  • tine

    O.c. is the best show..i just recently boutght the dvds and i lv it!!I can’t wait for season 3! Like wats gunna happen with ryan and marissa now??r they still gunna go out if she had killed his brother??

  • OCFanatic

    yeahh i think they will still go out..i mean it wasn’t her fault that she killed Trey..he was trying to kill her bf Ryan..and plus if she hadn’t shot him, he would have probably killed Ryan!

  • Jess

    WWOOOOHHOOO took me foreva to find but one of me good m8s told me, the song from calabs funeral season 2 finale is called “hide and seek”- by imogen heap

  • Julian

    hide and seek and fix you rock but hallelujia by jeff buckly that was played at the end of the first season rocks too. im ubsest with the oc but i definatley think season 2 is better than 1. i cant wait for season 3 i officially know that one of the 4 is going to die i just dont know which summer marrisa seth or ryan.

  • OCFanatic

    OMFG What?? one of the “fantastic four” is going to die?? how do u noe this?

  • Julian

    my bff’s dad is the producer and he told me because i told him i was ubsest. and he gave me the first episode

  • Hannie*

    It won’t work if there aren’t four of them- you are full of crapola.

  • OCFanatic

    I just watched the season finale and none of them died..are u saying that one of them is going to die in this season sumtime?

  • OCFanatic

    oops i meant the season premiere..hehe

  • godluvtheoc

    OMG! What a bunch of crap! Why would you write something like that even if it’s true?? What a spoiler… There is no way… they would be killing the show… they would lose like half the viewers. That would be murder/suicide if they do that, surely FOX isn’t that stupid. I’m a total obsessmuch when it comes to the OC… I will cry for days, maybe weeks if that happens. I luv the OC, I watch it, like, every chance I get. When it first came out, my friends would come over and we’d have a Thursday night OC Fest and watch it when it came on, and when they didn’t show it that week, we’d all get together and cry. God luv the OC! It’s amazing… what a great show… I dont’ know what they meant when they said it’s like 90210… it’s so way freakin’ better! *sigh*… man did I have to vent! Is that song by Imogene Heap or whatever on a soundtrack? What about the one played at the end of season 1? Just wondering… bye oc fans! Ya’ll are the coolest people cause we know how hard the oc rocks!

  • Jaimee

    WOW. I got hooked on the O.C. this summer! What an amazing show! All my favorite musical artists are featured, too. I knew about Imogen Heap, because of Garden Sate (it’s the same band basically as Frou Frou). When I bought the 2nd season- I of course loved seeing Death Cab, The Bravery, and the Killers, but I also ABSOLUTELY LOVE “Eve, the Apple of My Eye” by Bell x1. The scene is so powerful, too. When Rachel & Sandy kiss. I just cried and cried the last episode of the 2nd season! Hide & Seek is such an amazing/powerful song! So simple, yet it builds on itself and creates so much intensity. Deffinately the best season finale ever! It gets especially intense when the funeral begins and this just sad melody washes over the scene. You get a feel for what Marissa is going through when the line “I rub my eyes, this can’t be happening”. So good. Mmm whatcha say is just cool.
    Also, since I just started watching the OC this summer, I already had the Coldplay cd with Fix You on it. Deffinately my favorite song on the whole cd. A really neat prom choice. Being an Oasis fan, I LOVED the new version of Champagne Supernova. I strongly suggest checking out “Eve, the Apple of my Eye”.

    hewitt, tx

  • Jaimee

    Sorry…just one more thing. I noticed that the begining of the series premiere tonight, there was a smiliar song playing. Except it was a male with a synthesizer, not Imogen Heap.

  • jon

    i missed the premier of season three. can someone tell me where i can download it?

  • Rachel

    The song is Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap. Every time a hear that song it gives me goosebumps. It’s the best song ever!!

  • ocfan

    you can listen to the full version of “hide and seek” on her official website. heres the link

    its a great song….i think josh is very good at picking out music!

  • Jen

    Ya the song that played towards th end of the season premiere when trey gets on the bus is “Blue light(engineers “antigravity mix”)- Bloc Party ! could any1 tell me the name of the song that is playing at the end of season 2 when marissa shoots trey? thanx

  • Jen

    Ya the song that played towards th end of the season premiere when trey gets on the bus is “Blue light(engineers “antigravity mix”)- Bloc Party ! could any1 tell me the name of the song that is playing at the end of season 2 when marissa shoots trey? thanx

  • kim

    OMG i missed the oc season 3 premiere when are the reruns

  • dave

    the song at the end of series 2 when marissa shoots trey is called hide and seek its by imogen heap

  • Ava

    So is that woman in Kirsten’s rehab a lesbian or what?She is totally trying to pick up on Kirsten!But my friend made the prediction that the lady is going to try and pick up on sandy insted!What do you think?

  • OCFanatic

    yeahh i heard that the lady does try to pick up on Sandy..or get with him or sumthing

  • Jenn

    Does anyone know what song was playing during the season 3 premiere when Summer, Marissa, Seth & Ryan are on the boat & beach???

  • Ava

    So who thought that the episode preview on for the next episode of the OC sucked?I did!It gave you like no info on what was coming on the next episode!

  • timmah72

    What happened at the end of season 2 and what happened at the start of season 3??????? i missed every episode from the season finale to now!!!!!

  • timmah72

    just DL the hide and seek song, its good, is it british or something?

  • Oc101

    thats your own damn fault for not watching it…

  • Michelle

    omg guys i need help!
    does anyone knwo the song that was played when
    marissa throw’s a party for trey’s b day?!
    the one with FLOATER GIRL?!?!

  • oc101


  • Anthony

    hey dudes i love The O.C. and Seaoson 2 final episode realy realy dramatic ending. iif this show ends (i dont want it..)i do not know what i do!!! it is the best EVER! and i think… hehehe i love marissa she is realy sweety and she looks like my girlfriend and my girl friend jealous her 🙂

  • Allira

    hey guys, i’d like to say that i hate living in australia, coz we havent had the premier of the third season here yet, it sux, only about 2 months ago the second season finished, well, it was actually about 1 and a half months ago, and i have been looking for so long for the song “hide and seek” by Imogen Heap, lol, thanks for saying what the song was…

  • Joker

    Wow, you’ve pretty well put the Immi Heap thing to bed now. Nothing left for me to say but that Frou Frou are on the end of the Shrek 2 film credits, covering Bonny Tyler’s ‘Holding Out For A Hero’. It’s not much, but it’s something… 🙁

  • Aaylea

    hey umm what happend in the second and third episode of the oc for season 3 because i missed it i had to work and now i have no idea lol can someone please tell me what happend

  • k u all need to get friggin lives i mean really this is pathetic. this is a tv show….”OMG I MISSED THAT LAST TWO EPISODES IM GONNA DIE IF I DONT FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS” holy crap seriously get lives!!

  • Julian

    Dude im soo with you i mean i like the show but who gives a dam if sum1 gets shot. PS the Blue light and eve the apple of my eye r awsum songs.

  • Ava

    Whats that song that is played in the episode where Jimmy gets beat up and Ryan and Marrisa are doing it for the 1st time?It is a REALLY good song!So does any one know what it is?

  • does anyone know where i can download the o.c episodes on the internet ?

  • tasha

    If someone has a video clip of marissa and ryan having sex in the epi the end of innocence, please send me that clip. I greatly appreciate it.

  • urall lame

    the name of the song when jimmy is getting the crap kicked out of him is salvation-Black rebel motorcycle club
    now go get a life and ont stress over a dam show!!!

  • i missed half of the first season of the oc. i tried to ignore all my friends talking about it but it sounded too good to be true so i started watching. now i so addicted to it, i love the music the clothes adam brody everything about orange county. my favorite charaters are summer and seth, if i cant be adam brodys real life girlfrirend i happy rachel bilson can. the best episode was when seth dressed up as spiderman and fell off the roof and summer came to find him and they kissed. i cant imagin one of the four dieing i will stop watching the oc and i know most teenage girls will to.

  • bianka

    i got the episode where theyr doin it on pc,,,,,,,u can download it on warez p2p….it rox

  • beth

    OMG i luv the O.C a watch like the whole box sets evri nite a luv it summer is ace an ryan is fit 2 fuck a bum the programme sign ma guestbook on ma syt http://www.piczo.com/xbeth25x it as its own O.C page lol a bum the programme watch it all the time weout fail XxX

  • hasan jaswal

    whts the name of the song tht plays at the strt of season two episode 14 :rainy day woman?

  • Rick

    Hey guys,
    Love the OC!
    BUt just to clear this up, ANYONE WANTING ANY SONGS OFF THE OC…..




  • pikey

    wat is the song plaed at trey’s 21st birthday bash , its after all the ravers turn up goes sorta like “chart it, part it” ……blaa blaa blaa ????

  • okay, i havent bothered to read most of these messages but anyway, the o.c is the best tv show like EVER! the song in the season 2 finale is just AMAZING! the music 4 the o.c is great! but they cant kill off seth! he keeps it alive and funny! they can’t kill anyone off!!!!!

  • Seth is hottt! Who sings California?



  • cfrean

    so lots of people like imogen heap hide and seek then! hmmm yeah anyway i think this is an american site, and season 3 hasnt even stared over here! does anyone happen to know when it begins?

  • nic

    whoa…i was wondering like CRAZY what that “funeral song” and “marissa shooting trey song” was too….and i guess so was everybody else huh?!?! YAY i found it out from this site after googling some stuff. awesome!!! thank you everyone!!!

    i Loooooooooooveee the OC!!! fantastic filming, character chemistry and good lookers and actors. lovely. 🙂

  • lozza

    hey wat time does the third season start and what day and what time and what channle cause im a huge fan and i need to see it so please tell me ……….
    my room is full of the oc pics and ive got season1 and 2 so tell me please

  • jelisa


  • stephanie

    you know the last show when marissa shoots trey.
    whats the song there playing called?

  • maynard

    too bad, i can’t watch 0c3 … its not aired in phil yet…

  • Pete

    dude what episode’s the one were marisa goes in this mansion that contractors are working in and she starts havin all these flashbacks and she like faints and falls down the stairs. that song that their playing right then whats it called?

  • I just realised, everyone keeps thinking about whats happening at the moment with johnny and marrisa, ect…ect but what about old characters! what happeneed to the good old days of anna and alex that hottie lesbian! oh and i bet u a thousand dollars oliver returns!

  • tottiman30

    well I just arrived France from Ethiopia and my next door neighbour offered me the full season 1 DVD, i hadnt got my player yet so just tried a sneak peek o my x-box, and guess what? i stayed up two days watching them and ordering take aways, skiping class, the OC really rocks, got to go guys but paris calls me to get the season 2, cant beleive i didnt see the series after all these years, I really feel sick,
    lova ya all and wil be on often

  • lala

    where can i download the finale of season 2 of the oc? the scene where maurissa shoots trey, i used to go to http://www.youtube.com but i just checked back and it isn’t there anymore!! SOMEONE HELP! ITZ URGENT!

  • Sammy

    OMG! i Love The OC im so addicted to it..and i especially love the ending of season two when marissa shot trey and the song came on omg it was the best..and how scared marissa looked when she shot him..shes a really good actress..but im mad that seth and summer broke up because he didnt want to go to Brown with her..thats so deadly.!THE OC ROX!!!

  • Lorena

    OMG, i loved teh season 2 finale song 2!!
    That hella sux Seth didnt get inta BRown!!
    That sux sobad!

  • i have this weird fellingf that summer and ryan will hook up and then marissa and seth!!that’s weird ,i no!!i love all the songs they play!!

  • Rachel

    “Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap

    Thats the song!!

  • Wendy

    The OC is the best. I just finished watching season 2 again. I love that song “hide and Seek”. I can’t wait to buy season 3 when it comes out =]

  • Claire

    OMg!! OC is soooooo sexy. its like d best show ever and d actors sooooo cute.
    can’t wait for another season!!!
    Loves it.

  • Omg the oc is the best show everr ! Likee i can’t wait to by season 3 , when is it coming outt ? Well anyway You ROCK occ 🙂
    Love yah lots ! :]

    BEst showww everrr ! <3

  • Ryan is hot !

    Loveee yahh ! <3

  • Courtney

    Whats The name of the song when marissa shots trey?

  • Heather

    do any of you think that marissa really died tonight?

  • DatsSincere

    I think she did die, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they bring her back. If she really did die, I’m not watching the show anymore.

  • DatsSincere

    Does anyone know the artist and name of the song that was playing during the final scene of tonight’s episode when Marissa dies.

  • Kellie

    I’m pretty sure its Imogen Heap but i dont know the name of the song and i want to find it also

  • Kellie

    I’m pretty sure its Imogen Heap but i dont know the name of the song and i want to find it also

  • JP

    idk who sang the song during marissas death but i know the song is called hallelujah and a better version is by jeff buckley

  • kate

    what was the name of the song that kaitlin was listening too when she was moving into marrisas room?!!

  • hannah

    the song @ the end is imogen heap-hallelujah.
    she didnt write it. its bn redone heaps of times.
    she also did another song earlier in the ep.

  • jess

    I think that the O.C. is the best show ever…yes,I agree that the first part of season 2 was lame but at the end it got better just because summer seth marissa and ryan all got back together!! Season 3 should be really cool…I hope everyone stays together..can someone tell me if there is going to be another season after the third one?!?! thanks..

  • I need the awesome song.. were they graduating? its about half way through the episode..
    anyone know what the song is?

  • lala

    uhm cassi
    speeding cars – imogen heap
    is the song uhr looking for haha
    i spent like three hours trying to find it the first time i heard it lol

  • lala

    i think the season three finale was awsome
    but i cant believe they’re not making a fifth season..and the fourth is prob gunah be like..soo depressing coz marrisa is gone..and ryan will be soo sad
    i personally think ryan is gorgeous..i had to say
    he’s totally flippen sexy

  • Jade

    kate, the song that is played in the scene where caitlyn moves into in marissa’s room in the season finale is BOSSY – KELIS =)

  • David

    So the last episode of season 2 when trey gets shot… the slow motion and the start of the imogen heap song got me thinking and well i think i may add it to the movie im shooting…

  • Lee C

    on the first disc of season 2 where marissa sees ryan and lindsay in school messing about…when she turns to walk away what is that great song called?????

  • renata

    the last episode was very sad. i loved it but it was very sad. i loved that look in his eyes when he was shot just loved.
    i cryed and i cryed when that hapened and when they filmed marissa looking at trey and vice versa was to sad.
    and then that beautiful music by imogen heap ,…hide and seek make everything just to brilliant to be seed.
    sorry for my english i’m very bad i know … it’s just that i’m portuguese

  • luke

    have you all seen season 3 i have it was the best but poor marisa we will miss you

  • rachel

    when I listen “HIDE AND SEEK” i CRY this song is amazing , awesome it’s cool!! OMG if marissa dies i’ll die too!

  • remember when marissa, ryan, summer, & seth were throwing tray his 21st birthday party? there was this touch it remix played, but i can’t find it to download it. who sings it?

  • Chels

    hey this is for alessia i’m pretty sure Busta Rhymes sings it..its an awesome song I love it!

  • Shane

    I want to know when season 4 starts

  • Shane

    Oh and what’s the name of the song that plays when Marissa shoots Trey

  • shane oc luver

    hia i seen all the seasons up to 3 but not numba 4 yet people leave n sum stay in season 4 ill cry im not happy no mre

  • alex

    i listen that song from the season 2 end like for 23 times in that episode and i was insane about it. Thank you very much for finding it and post it here (the name i mean). Have a nice day all

  • jax

    wats the song called when marissa shoots trey??

  • Parr

    Does everyone SERIOUSLY have to ask the SAME Questions ALL the TIME? Like at least 100000 people asked for the same song name so if you have a question, read some of the comments that are already here before you ask. CAN’T WAIT FOR NEXT SEASON OF THE OC!

  • Lauren

    I Love The O.C., i know that this question has been asked alot, but no one no’s, whats the song called when Marissa shoots Trey people are saying that its Imogen Heap but i searched all of there songs and its none of them, so i will keep on trying. “Mmmmm what you say”

  • -E

    Is very much IS Imogen Heap. Try actually reading the comments or looking on the show’s website. The name of the song is Hide and Seek. They’ve been playing the song on a lot of shows recently.

  • Kieran

    I LOVE this episode!!

    And I love hide and seek!!

  • jack

    hey i know everyone is askin bout tht song when she shoots trey but it is hide an seek jus listen and bout 3/4 throught it comes on they do it with alot of songs they cant use all of it so they cut the gd bit but the hole song is gr8 so hope tht clears it all up

  • Silver

    tell me this what song is playing at the end of the 1st episode of season 4 when ryan decides to go after volcheck

  • Sam

    What is the song that is played during Episode 25 on the thrid season when Marissa and Vulcheck first hook up?

  • Caio


  • Seth is my lover

    What is the name of the song that was played when Marissa shot tray !?

  • balla

    what is the song played during prom in season two? the only line i remember from it is something about american girls?

  • meagan mactavish

    the song playing when marissa shot trey is “hide and seek” by imogen heap

  • Hi i love it and i always cry when you have to wait till next sunday to see it see you later


  • cameron

    the song for treys shooting and the funeral was hide and seek by imogen heap

  • Nikki

    First of all, I LOVE THE OC.. as cheesy as the show is, it IS addicting.. music is too.

    Okay, so does anyone know the name of the song that was playing when Marissa shot Trey & he died?

  • Ben W.

    “Hide and Seek” – Imogen Heap

    They mention that earlier in the thread.

    But yeah, I just finished with Season 2 about 20 minutes ago and I’ve been a fan since Season 1 Episode 1. Stunningly, I finished Season 2 ( I have the DVD box set) in about 4 days.
    It’s amazing, and sometimes when I let my guard down, with the right scenes accompanied with the right music (Season 2 Finale- the Intervention scene and when Trey was shot) I tear up. okay, you call it crying, I call it tearing up… cause I’m not actually bawling or anything. The Finale was a killer; kinda like Season 1 Finale, but a WHOLE LOT BETTER. Thank God for Jimmy’s return (Tate Donovan). I like him.
    I know the OC series end on Season 4, right?
    I wish it’d go on forever. It’s such an addicting and awesome, roller-coaster riding show.
    Love it.
    Looking forward to purchasing Season 3 DVD and embracing what comes next!

  • minna

    hey.. what was the song after the funeral in the disco??

  • S

    i love the OC and the music is spot on at every dramatic scene!

  • Steven

    Can somebody pls tell me the name of the song playing in O.C. Season2 episode 17, when ryan said come home with us man and trey said i thought U didnt want me over there.