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The OC: My guilty pleasure

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NOTE: This article contains spoilers for tonight’s episode of The OC.

This season’s weekly prime time guilty pleasure on Thursday nights for me has been The OC. I began watching the show mid season season one, and something hooked me in. Yes, it is another one of your angst driven teen dramas with every week something more and more devastating happening to the cast of adults and teenagers. A drug overdose, a car accident while driving hopelessly drunk, an affair that really isn’t an affair, a porn tape that somehow finds its way out of one woman’s closet.

These are all events that have befallen the residents of the OC. The latest being the death of one of the major cast members. Also the oldest on the cast, Caleb Nichol. It was foreshadowed earlier in the season with his heart troubles, but I know I for one was shocked to see him fall over into the pool clutching his heart tonight. Having a major cast member leave, and by death is a huge decision on the part of the show’s creators. Every major character does have its own fan following, even if it is to only strongly hate the character. This might have been the case with Caleb, but he was still a major force of a great deal of the angst with the characters he interacted with, and that was pretty much the entire cast. Each and every single character on the show had some dealings with Caleb Nichol, and now with his death someone else will have to step up to the plate.

Once his death is dealt with early on next season following next week’s funeral season finale, there will be something needed to press on and cause drama. Yes, we have the teen angst, but all this season’s students will be next season’s college freshman. That is if they are seniors this season. There is even debate on that issue. Are they juniors or seniors? Will the show follow the teens to college like FOX did in the past with FOX favorite, 90210. No allusions have been made to that point. Not one of the teens has even mentioned their college aspirations.

This show has become my weekly guilty pleasure. I’m way above teen age, yet I find this show enjoyable. Even with its sometimes laughable plots. As I said before, something is always going wrong to someone. Next week’s season finale promises to dazzle the fans of the show by bringing back many old favorites back for the funeral. It will definitely be an episode not to miss.

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  • -E

    Oh I am glad you share this guilty pleasure. I think they are just juniors, but I could be wrong. And I say that because I think they were sophmores in the first season.

  • sandra smallson

    Why guilty? I am a proud OC fan. sold on the series, I tell ya. I nearly lost my mind when Sandy ‘almost2 if not cheated on Kirsten. Strange as it is, they are my favourite pair. I used to like Kim delaney in NYPD blue but I could’ve strangled her when she came on to sandy. still, it only shows my feminists traits because I am currently or was delighted about the little ‘feelings’ business b/w Kirsten and the lovely Billy campbell from Once and again, a show they should never have cancelled..sorry, I digress.

    It’s a wonderfoul show, the O.C, and no one should feel guilty about enjoying it.

    There are worse things. I watch freaking days of our lives, as the world turns, guiding light..and if someone could just give me a DVD of Passions I would watch that too. NOW, THOSE are guilty pleasures.

  • sandra smallson

    I have to aplogise. My keyboard has gone haywire since last night so much as I am prone to typos, many of the mistakes you see now are totally down to keyboard.

  • I also was wondering what grade they were in. They must be juniors, or else there would have to be talk about college. Sandra, I was really peeved about the whole Kim Delany thing, too. Somehow, Sandy and Kirsten are like the normal, moral center of the show and I hate to see anything wreck that.

  • i recently found out Bright Eyes perform(s) on one of the first season’s episodes, and so have been forced to try and find this episode, meaning that something i never thought would happen – i’d be watching The O.C – is set to commence one of these days.

    i think i’ll dig it, actually. i loved dawsons creek.

  • Dawson’s Creek had the Kevin Williamson factor in its favor, though.

  • this is true. 15 year olds talking like Kevin Williamson. what wasn’t to love? but it also had an addictive tint to it, which i’m guessing The O.C may well possess.

    and dawson never had Bright Eyes.

  • dawson’s had james vanderbeek. his head was too big for his body. it drove me nuts.

  • Sandra, I say guilty because at my age I feel I shouldn’t be watching it. I was a teenager when 90210 first came out, and now I’m a woman nearing 30. Yes, their are adults on the show that do have issues, but most of the angst is teen driven. Plus, it took me over half a season to even begin to watch it.

    As for a the daytime soaps you mentioned, I began watching ATWT and GL when I was four. Yes, my mother watched them, and always had them on. I still turn them on every month or two to see what is happening. Three days of watching, and I’m usually caught up on what has happened in the months prior.

  • sandra smallson

    hahaha Gina..same here with the soaps..I live half in one country and the other half of the year in another country but as far as the soaps go, I find that I have missed nothing when I am catching up because they drag the story lines for so long so I stopped pestering my cousins to record every episode. It just wasn’t worth the bother.

    We are round about the same age Gina and I still maintain that I am a proud, card carrying O.C fan…what’s there to be ashamed of in loving the O.C? It is mostly well written..mostly well acted..and has fabulous music to accompany the scenes.

  • -E

    I first watched it because Ryan is played by a guy from here and there were billboards stating the fact. I figured I would support a hometown guy. But I got sucked in. And they play good music.

    Bright Eyes “Blue Christmas” is in episode 13, “The Best Chrismukkah” episode.

    No….I’m not a fan at all.

  • Another US show that has become a guilty pleasure is The OC on E4! Now that Dawson’s Creek is over (the series should have ended after 4 seasons) I was in need of a witty dose of angst and a cute brunette female fix! The sultry Summer Roberts, played by Rachel Bilson, fitted the bill! Now I can’t miss an episode and have finally ordered the S1 DVD.

    Incidentally, I was a huge Neighbours fan in my teens. And watching Caleb brought back memories of Jim Robinson and Ramsay Street dramas.

  • Firegirl

    Yes I like the show too. It’s the smartest thing on TV and the acting is very good.

  • I think that it is an exceptionally good thing that Caleb kicked the bucket! He was really annoying and had Ryan all wrong! He got on my nerves to the extent that i almost boycotted the series entirely! Hats off to who ever had the idea to make him bite the dust

  • Crazy

    I luv d OC!!!!!!i flicked ova 2 E4 one day n started 2 watch it, it wz d last few episodes of d first series n i wz glued 2 it! i wz nearly cryin at d end of 3rd series,ive become emotionally attached to d OC but im glad ive found it coz its sumtin 2 snuggle down n watch!