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The Not-Quite-Sunday Funnies

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Most of the cartoonists publish 3-5 comics per week over at Full Tilt, so if you want to see more of a particular comic, or catch up on this past week`s toons, just click on the image to access its archive. Have a great weekend!

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IJO Blog

The thing about putting actor  Will Smith in any cartoon, is that about
every six months you can run it again because he’ll be starring in
something or other.

This is one of the original 15 or so pilot strips I did for Lamtoon
last year, only this time it is in color. I suspect Easter must be
getting near as my pastel palette seems to have taken over on this one.


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About Annie

  • Temple Stark

    Is this legal?

  • Aaman

    Apart from that, they are not-quite-funny

  • Temple Stark

    Well I guess these are cartoons from Annie’s site so probably “yes” on the legal question.

  • Annie

    Temple, I do know the cartoonists personally,and yes, I did ask the cartoonists for their permission first, so they are “legal”…although I think perhaps Aaman would rather they be outlawed 😉

    We post TNQSF on our blog every week, and I thought it might be something fun for BC.

    I`m sorry you didn`t enjoy them Aaman, but thanks for taking a look!

  • Aaman

    I did enjoy them – especially ‘Round The Bend:)

  • Annie

    LOL! Thanks Aaman, I`m glad :)

  • Temple Stark

    I neglected to say I enjoyed a few of them, too. I just saw a lot of cartoons posted before I looked at who posted them.

    My humble apologies Annie. Thanks for sharing.

  • Annie

    No apologies necessary, Temple, but thank you.:)

  • sydney

    I like the will smith one where he says “getin’ jiggy with it” and he’s dressed as a knight. Thats a funny one. laughed a long long time there.