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The Nightmare Scenario – Heartbroken and Hungover

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The first time I listened to this CD I absolutely, unequivocally hated the vocals of Nathan Hess. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t that I disliked them… there was a sense of raw, unbridled hate. I was looking forward to ripping this CD to shreds. Then it got to me; I started to really listen to the words. Yes, the vocals are hard to swallow at first, but if you take time to read the lyrics and listen to the whole band you will be hooked.

Evidently these guys get dumped about as often as Chris Carraba, but the difference is that rather than getting all sentimental and bleating on and on about ‘you broke my heart, I miss your sensitive kisses…’ these punk rockers strike back with lines like:

Dear Heather

“You’re a face I’ll quickly be forgetting. An enigma I never figured out. And though I said I’d never leave… I lied. I’m sure you’ll live. How much do I matter anyways? Honestly, can you say you ever cared at all? And how many times did you expect me to say it didn’t matter, that you did not care at all. I guess I assumed it would get better. But it didn’t so now I’m gone. And someday maybe our paths will cross again. And someday maybe things will have changed. But as for now, I’ve nothing left to say. And as for now, I’m nothing… nothing. And once again, I’m left to myself. And my destructive nights and pitiful days. Thanks for nothing.”

In general this is a pretty solid release, and if you are a big punk rock fan you would be wise to pick this up from Kickstart Audio.

Mike Frost

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