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The NFL At Six Weeks

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ESPN Power Rankings can be found here.

– Atlanta is 4-1, but Michael Vick is not the reason. If anything, he’s the reason they aren’t 5-0:

The legend of Michael Vick appeared to be on the verge of ballooning yet again as he dropped back to pass in the game’s waning moments. Down 17-10 to the visiting Detroit Lions, Vick had done what star quarterbacks are supposed to do — march his team down to [the] opposition 26 yard line with 51 seconds remaining.

In the past, this was Michael Vick’s time to shine, game on the line, capacity crowd on edge.

Then, the unthinkable.

As Vick’s eyes darted from sideline to sideline for an open receiver, Lions defensive end Jared DeVries swatted the ball out of Vick’s hand.

As Vick lay on the Georgia Dome turf, he watched helplessly as Detroit’s James Hall scooped up the football to end Atlanta’s comeback bid.

I’ve always felt Vick was over-rated. You know, because the media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well. (Just kidding!)

– The Lions are 3-1, despite devastating injuries, and are 2-0 on the road. As a huge Lions fan, this is a very pleasant surprise. I expect they will win again next week against a slumping Green Bay. (When will Favre finally realize he’s past his prime and retire?)

– Seattle is 3-1, and would be 4-0 if it wasn’t for an almost-miraculous comeback by the Rams last week. Still, their defense is a serious force to be reckoned with.

– The Super Bowl Champion Pats are 4-0, with an undefeated streak (19 and counting) reaching back well into last season. And I expect it to continue. (I believe Tom Brady will one day become a successful politician. And I hear he’s a Republican…)

– The Eagles are undefeated at 4-0, but they shouldn’t get too cocky just yet. The 4-1 Giants are nipping at their heels. (And don’t count 2-2 Dallas out so soon…)

– The Jets are a surprising 4-0. A NY vs. NY Super Bowl? Nah. The Jets will choke, just give them time…

– Indy (4-1) unsurprisingly leads the NFL in points scored. But their defense hasn’t been quite as poor as in seasons past. I give them a one-in-three shot of making it to the Super Bowl this season…

– The Dolphins and Bucs just need to forget about this season. Floridians are rooting for the 3-2 Jags now.

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About RJ

  • rj, it’s kinda fun for me to have watched the pats up here in new england break that record…because when it was set down in florida i lived there.

    i was in fifth grade when the dolphins won the superbowl. i think i still have that silly “miami dolphins #1” 45 around here somewhere.

  • RJ

    As a Lions fan, I have never been lucky enough to experience such a thing. We’ve never even BEEN to a Super Bowl! (And this year probably won’t change matters…)

  • Antfreeze

    My condolences RJ. I also have the debilitating illness of Lion love. Isn’t it amazing how many years and how many players and coaches have managed to combine to create the exact same team, over and over and over. Two of the greatest running backs ever, Billy Simms and Barry, untold first round quarterbacks etc. all for naught. Oh well, keep the faith.

  • Eric Olsen

    thanks RJ, I don’t pay much attention to football until baseball is over unless the home team is ripping it up, which they most assuredly are not

  • RJ

    When the Lions eventually win the Super Bowl, when I’m about 87 years old, I will weep with joy like a small child. Until then, I will grit my teeth and bear it.

    Go Lions! (In 2050…)

  • andy marsh

    What about my Giants??? 4-1..who’d a thunk it!!!

  • RJ

    The Giants are doing very well right now. I think they stand a good chance of making the playoffs. But they still have no realistic shot at the SB…