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The Newsweek Error

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Personally, I think the Newsweek error was pretty bad. It only furthers the public’s distrust of the media. There is no good excuse for printing a story based solely on an anonymous source and no evidence. The error wreaks of a tabloid rag headline, not a respected news source like Newsweek. They have severely crippled their reputation as a credible source from here on out for me and many others over one stupid article/mistake. You just have to wonder how much other information is presented as truth when it is nothing more than wishful thinking or propaganda.

The problem though is not this stupid error/action. The problem is the fact that radical Islamic men took to the streets to riot over one stupid article and 17 people were killed. You could criticize Newsweek for being the bad guy or even reckless but who was REALLY the bad guy here? Afghanistan and Pakistan are supposed to be allies of the U.S. and what do we get for our billions spent and American lives lost? We get riots, flag burning, death and more hatred. The “export of democracy is the goal” as president Bush says frequently, but you have to start to wonder if it will ever be possible with such deep, deep hatred for the U.S.

If one article can cause death and riots, one must imagine what cost we’ll pay for waging war in their lands.


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  • BillB

    Didn’t we beat the crap out of this story enough already?

    Besides, for the most part it’s true. While the specific incident may or may not be true they’ve since confirmed 5 incidents of Kuran abuse not to mention the rest.

    Yes, yes, the anonymous source changed his mind about confirming the existence of a military report about it. That’s what Newsweek gets for trusting someone going against the Bush folk.

    They should have paid more attention to the trail of the dead who’ve chosen that route.

    (I couldn’t help myself; had to give it another slap and kick!)

  • And impersonally, what are your thoughts Yensid?

  • BillB: “they’ve since confirmed 5 incidents of Kuran abuse not to mention the rest.”

    Care to provide a link to the source that “confirms” this assertion.

  • BillB


    I hope (unlike some around here) you can handle a truthout.org copy of a times article (Maybe it’s the Times that’s the problem!) w/o throwing around “commie”. I’ll see if I can find it elsewhere with a little more info.


    NY Times
    Saturday 28 May 2005
    Relevant excerpt.

    “Emotions have boiled over in the Muslim world ever since the allegations of desecration spread through a brief article in Newsweek. The magazine retracted the desecration report last week, but an American military inquiry found five cases in which the Koran had been mishandled by interrogators and guards at Guantánamo.”

    May not be a coincidence that it was a Saturday.

  • BillB


    This excerpt from here;


    “We found that in only five of those 13 incidents, four by guards and one by an interrogator, there was what could be broadly defined as mishandling of a Koran. None of these five incidents was a result of a failure to follow standard operating procedures in place at the time the incident occurred.”

    A nice critique by David Corn of the Nation here;



    Yea I know he’s a commie, makes me think of Monty Python “She’s a witch!”

    It’s sometimes difficult to keep track of political leanings around here. If I’m mischaracterizing you Marc, I apologize in advance. If not, never mind.

  • BillB

    The briefing was Thursday 5/26.

  • Geza

    My coworker’s military son is currently in Afghanistan . Actions and comments as such have and can jepordize his and others safety . Read the sunday’s article and photo in the Connecticut Post. She and other military moms have many sleepless nights. So as U.S. citzens and nurses we support his efforts to serve and protect all of us. AAC/GEZA

  • Nancy

    As pointed out above, this title ought to be changed, since it has since come out there there WAS no error – except on the part of the Pentagon and Bush Administration, but who’s keeping count with them anymore? At this point, I discount any assertions or denials the government makes as lies and/or propaganda of the most egregious sort. Like Bush coming out and assuring everyone every week that happy days are here again, and we’re doing real well over in I-raq. Yeah, right.

  • Exactly, the error is now generally acknowledged as that of the military person (as yet unnamed) who saw and did not comment on the article.

    The fact that you still believe its a newsweek error (apart from the error of them issuing a retraction when the story was true) implies a problem with the media handling of newsweek’s name being cleared.

  • When, exactly, did picking a Koran up, or turning a few pages or even reading a bit of it become ‘Koran Abuse’?


  • bhw


  • Speaking as a journalist, even if a story is true, without proper sourcing (which means multiple sources and tangible evidence), you don’t run it. Newsweek should have waited until its evidence was more solid. Means matter.

  • true. plus, newsweek doesn’t have the build-in teflon that a site like the drudge (“kerry fathered alien bigfoot babies!! no wait, just kidding”) report has.