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The New Pornographers: Electric Version

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Everything Neko Case’s voice touches turns to gold. Or diamond. Or any cd that actually is worth shelling out just shy of $20 for. I became a fan of her music though her most recent solo alt.country outting, “Blacklisted”. And everything I’ve heard that she lends vocals to is stunning.

I had not heard The New Pornographer’s old cd, “Mass Romantic”, previous to buying “Electric Version” so I didn’t really know what to expect. Knowing Case’s alt.country background but also that the indie kids adored The New Pornographers I was expecting something like Pedro the Lion meets Wilco.

I’ll be damned, but that’s not at all what this is. Instead it’s edgy and innovative. It creates alternative rock with a bar band edge. It kicks some serious ass.

My big disapointment when first putting the cd in was that Neko Case isn’t the lead vocalist. Which is a serious waste of talent. Thankfully, the male vocals tend to wrap things up nicely and give the band a rougher feel.

There are a lot of high points on this cd. It just flows like almost flawless perfection. There are great sing-a-longs, which would compliment a wildly drunken crowd. Listening to this cd is sex.

Now, I recently bought Mass Romantic. I am not as impressed with that, but most fans seem to favor it over the new one. I suspect it has to do with the order in which you buy them. So buy Electric Version first.

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  • Patrick

    “There are great sing-a-longs, which would compliment a wildly drunken crowd.”

    Oddly enough, very few people among the highly intoxicated crowd sang along when I saw them at Emo’s. Still a great show, though.

  • Blacklisted is fricken’ fantastic.

  • Sorry to be pedantic but it’s Neko Case. But, yes the New Pronographers are pretty good. You could also try Maow, her punk band

  • Eric Olsen

    Not pedantic Dave, a name is a name. Thanks

  • The Theory

    Do you have a website for Maow, per chance?