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The New Food Network Star

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As reality shows go, especially the few aimed at would-be cooks, this recent series on Food Network has it down pat.

It wasn’t overdone with endless weeks of hype. Although as a cable network such as FoodTv presents the same show about five thousand times during any one week.

Still, this past Sunday night, 6/26/05, the finale of that network’s “Next FoodTV Star” efficiently presented eliminations from four, to three until the final two. Both of whom were then turned over to the viewing audience for the final winner.

In between all this action, we had Eric, a lovable roly-poly black fellow, who made what appeared to be a wonderful seafood platter he called “Kissing Cousins”. The dish included lobster, scallops and much more but with the first two ingredients I was sold.

Susannah, the would-be “cooking-lite” guru, too prepared what appeared to be a delicious dish no mind the missing calories. Hers was a Thai chicken dish.

The challenges were quick and creative. The remaining four contestants by this final night, included Hans, Susannah, Dan & Steve, and Deborah.

Deborah, who ended up in second place, was a personable and pretty black woman who would mysteriously instruct viewers to add some of “Daddy’s spices” during her food preparation. She also made a serious faux-pas during one challenge when asked how long to cook pork chops. She failed to give a set amount of time, but instead kept insisting they should be cooked until “they’re done”.

The finalists had what was called a “market challenge”. Their mission was to prepare a meal from the contents of a market basket. The contestants also had to cook while answering questions from the press and all had a guest appearance in a cooking show with another celebrated chef.

Eventually it came down to Deborah and Steve and Dan.

Steve and Dan, it must be explained, are out-of-the-closet homosexuals. Indeed I text-messaged my own vote in for this unusual duo.

They work well together, cook with a flair, bring along a smart and cocky comic routine and hey, admit it, this is a premise that is certainly different.

Had I chance I would have phoned up Susannah, the diet cooking guru, and told her early on she didn’t have a chance.

The woman resembled Rachel Ray entirely too much. There was no way she would win that competition although I’m speculating. Having two Rachel Rays on one Food network would simply not do.

As for Steve and Dan, their new show is scheduled to premiere in September of this year. It will be called “Soup to Nuts”.

I wish them luck and have every intention of tuning in.

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  • PseudoErsatz

    Chalk this up as the first Reality themed TV program I watched. After the first program, I announced to my wife that the gay “couple” would be the ultimate winners, not particularly based on culinary skill or on-camera chemistry, but based on a feeling that this was the Food Network’s way of getting onto the “gay bandwagon”. The Food Network did their part to eliminate their three-dimensional opponents early, so the final show was anti-climatic but oddly democratic at the same time, with the voting and such. Will I watch? Possibly. By September, the Weather Channel may air a reality-based program that will pick the next anchor person who will announce gay weather, so I may be watching that instead.

  • rachel ray
    hi! i love all of your shows i watch them all of the time. im 12 years old and i love to cook. me and my grandma cook once a month. last month we made home made chiken corn on blue and a whole bunch of other things to. i have all of your books and i have read each one of them. i think i was ment to cook to because my middle name is ray to how cool! well for me. hope i didn’t bug you
    madelien ray ford

    my email is

  • zina

    I’m so tired of television shows feeling as though they have to have gay association. It’s really getting old. I dislike, in particular the fact that these two new gay men (Food Network Challenge) feel as if they have to mention how gay they are whenever they have an opportunity. If they’re gay, let them just keep it to themselves-I don’t want to hear about it. I love the Food Network, however, I have no plans on watching these guys on the show. I wouldn’t mind watching them cook, I just don’t need to be reminded of their sexual preference while in the midst of talking food. It’s just inappropriate.

  • Stevie

    God You’re a BITCH!

  • Sierra

    I can understand what “zina” is saying. In a truly equal world, people wouldn’t even be talking about one’s sexually preference when it’s not necessary because it simply ISN’T an issue! It shouldn’t matter whether you are gay or straight….it’s about the food!