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The NBA Finals – Detroit VS. San Antonio

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NBA Finals schedule:

1. Thu, Jun 9 – at SA, 9:00 pm
2. Sun, Jun 12 – at SA, 9:00 pm
3. Tue, Jun 14 – at Det, 9:00 pm
4. Thu, Jun 16 – at Det, 9:00 pm
5.* Sun, Jun 19 – at Det, 9:00 pm
6.* Tue, Jun 21 – at SA, 9:00 pm
7.* Thu, Jun 23 – at SA, 9:00 pm

* – if necessary

(All games on ABC)

How they got here:

Detroit beat Philly in 5, Indy in 6, and Miami in 7.

San Antonio beat Denver in 5, Seattle in 6, and Phoenix in 5.

The Pistons and Spurs were 1-1 against each other in the regular season (the home team won both games).

The Spurs went 59-23 in the regular season. Detroit went 54-28, so the Spurs will have home-court advantage.

This playoff series will be 2-3-2. In other words, the first two games are in Texas, the next three in Michigan, and the final two back in Texas. This differs from the rest of the NBA playoffs, which are 2-2-1-1-1.

Spurs Roster:

Brent Barry

Bruce Bowen

Devin Brown

Tim Duncan

Manu Ginobili

Robert Horry

Tony Massenburg

Nazr Mohammed

Rasho Nesterovic

Tony Parker

Glenn Robinson

Beno Udrih

Pistons Roster:

Carlos Arroyo

Chauncey Billups

Elden Campbell

Ronald Dupree

Darvin Ham

Richard Hamilton

Lindsey Hunter

Antonio McDyess

Darko Milicic

Tayshaun Prince

Ben Wallace

Rasheed Wallace

Pistons Likely Starting Five:

PG – Chauncey Billups
SG – Richard Hamilton
SF – Tayshaun Prince
PF – Rasheed Wallace
C – Ben Wallace

Spurs Likely Starting Five:

PG – Tony Parker
SG – Manu Ginobili
SF – Bruce Bowen
PF – Tim Duncan
C – Nazr Mohammed

RJ’s Prediction:

Pistons will steal Game One in San Antonio. The Spurs have had too many days off and will be rusty early. The Pistons, on the other hand, will still be on an emotional high from their Game Seven victory in Miami Monday night.

San Antonio will regroup and win Game Two.

The Pistons will win two-of-three at home, losing either Game Three or Game Four (but not Game Five). The series will then conclude back in Texas, with the Pistons up 3-2.

San Antonio will pull out a victory in Game Six, but the poised Pistons will finish them off in Game Seven, and join the small club of back-to-back NBA champions.

NBA Finals MVP:

Rip Hamilton, who will not only successfully contain Manu Ginobili on the defensive end, but will also lead the Pistons in scoring in this series (as well as through the entire playoffs).

Rasheed Wallace Technical Fouls Total:

Four. (One per road game…)

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About RJ

  • I know the whole rule that defense and teamwork wins championships, but this Finals could not be a more boring matchup.

  • RJ

    Why do you say that? The games should be close, there should be a lot of blocked shots, and there are quite a few stars in the lineup (Duncan, Ginobili, Parker, Hamilton, Ben and Rasheed Wallace…).

    And, anyways, I expect it to go seven games. And that’s exciting no matter WHO is playing!

  • I guess I prefer high scoring games, and I also like seeing new winners instead of a dynasty. I mean, we’ve seen the Spurs and the Pistons in this setting before— maybe not together— but it’s like watching the same TV show over again.

    RJ, thus far, I’ve watched the entire NBA playoffs… and the whole time, the only two teams I rooted against each series was the Spurs and Pistons.

    At best, the only game I’ll watch would be Game 7.

  • Great work RJ. I was going to do this last night but got derailed.

    I proably still will do something.

    I found I wanted the Pistons to win – and I’m not too sure why because i too think the more interesting match-up would have been Spurs/Miami – but I am Spurs all the way baby.

    I think I liked the idea of the defending champions being able to defend that in the Finals.
    More later …


    You had the perfect opportunity for a prediction here … 🙂

  • RJ

    “RJ, thus far, I’ve watched the entire NBA playoffs… and the whole time, the only two teams I rooted against each series was the Spurs and Pistons.”

    Huh. The Pistons are my fav team, and the Spurs are probably my second fav.

    To each their own…

  • RJ

    “Great work RJ.”

    Thank you, sir! Always good to get a pat on the back from someone in the biz… 🙂

  • RJ

    Jesus Christ on a horse!

    Does NOBODY care about the NBA Finals?

    We’ve got like 1,000 full-fledged members to this site, and countless other readers and commenters, and yet hardly anyone wants to comment on pro basketball?

    Bastards, all of you… :-/

  • We can’t force it. It just doesn’t seem to be a sports-oriented crowd.

    If I had a lap top I’d live blog / flash write the game tomorrow.

    I’m enjoying Mat’s comprehensive baseball posts as well, though I don’t always comment. I will suggest to him as it gets closer to all-star game to make a meta-post of all his previous baseball posts

  • RJ

    Pistons down 1-0… 🙁

  • 🙂 more later.

  • RJ

    2-1 now 😉

  • RJ

    It’s 2-2… ;-P

  • Have to hand it to the Pistons – they kicked major ass and played lights out at home.

    The contrast between how bad each team looks on the road is astounding. I didn’t watch about the last 20 minutes (being a Spurs fan)

    Back to San Antooooone. Looking forward to it.

    I’m also completely sick at how poorly Tim Duncan is playing – although Ben Wallace obviously has pretty much everything to do with that.

  • It’s a series like this that makes people think the NBA is rigged. =) Throwing games to make sure we get a 7-game series. Has to be.

    OK… I don’t really believe that but I am having a difficult time coming up with a better explanation as to why these two teams keep blowing each other out game after game. Very odd.

  • The venom which David Sterm and the NBA attacks anyone who even suggests that brings to mind the “protesteth too much” line.

    Jeff Van Gundy was fined more than any other coach, and I think any other player, for his statement.

  • bhw

    If the NBA is rigged, then why are two smaller market teams in the finals? Why not a NY/LA finals? Or how about a new Celtics/LA rivalry? Or some other matchup that will draw more viewers?

  • RJ

    “Back to San Antooooone. Looking forward to it.”

    Not until Game Six. Game Five is back at The Palace…

  • RJ

    The NBA isn’t rigged. That was just Sheed talking shit.

    If the NBA was rigged, the Knicks wouldn’t suck so bad… 😉

  • Oh yeah. Gulp 🙂

  • RJ

    It’s cool. Every other NBA playoff series is in the 2-2-1-1-1 format. But the NBA Finals, for whatever reason, is in the 2-3-2 format. So it’s easy to get confused.

  • RJ

    “The games should be close”

    OOPS! :-/

  • Sam

    ha spurs won it all

    go spurs