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The Naked Truth Of City Living

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For your eyes only, these upmarket condos on Brady street are so forward that nudity is merely an impasse. Well, not really, the ad was merely a witty attention seeker in the Onion. The lady somehow reminded me of Kristin Davis and the gentleman in the background seemed like a highly paid escort who literally is a naked chef sporting a rather cute tush.

Alternatively, the booming real estate market may have finally jumped the shark. The boom one has heard of for so long seems to be winding down. People tell us of being stuck with high-value homes like a stableful of white elephants.

Jokes apart, beyond the beautiful city of Milwaukee and its million dollar lakeside homes lies vast stretches of deserted , dilapidated streets and broken down homes. Boarded up pubs and empty industrial buildings speak volumes of the bygone era of industrial progress and a time when a high school degree was good enough.

Then, just like that starts the upmarket suburb called Wauwatosa where mostly professionals live. These gorgeous suburbs of Milwaukee have their share of gated communities, the best mall in the area and homes so pretty that most of them could be featured in the Good Housekeeping magazine.

These are the picturesque neighbourhoods where it is perfectly safe to jog at the local park as the sun starts setting and the last straggling kids are seen dragged back home by moms after the soccer practice in their pricey SUVs.

Now, compare these scenes of prosperity enjoyed by the settled in Wauwatosa and by the rich Pottery Barn singles who are living and clubbing downtown to those who are living in between the two happening areas.

These people living in between would surely find some ironical humor in the ad. After all, when the rich shed clothes and are seen naked it’s hep and cool, but when a poor person loses his/her shirt, it is a sign of poverty and the loss of dignity.

The evolving nature of the city makes it hard to tell the future of city life, but one thinks the nakedness of the rich will continue to be distinct from the nakedness of the poor.
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  • janet

    Interesting take on the naked divide between the rich and the poor.
    Bernard Shaw once said- poverty is the biggest crime (paraphase).

    Wisconsin is a welfare state and there are enough bums living on it who dont want to join the work force.

    My sympathy towards them, therefore, is somewhat diluted