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The NAFTA Superhighway: Fact or Fiction?

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Have you heard about the Superhighway? It is this super highway that is being built between Texas and Canada. It is also known as the ‘NAFA Superhighway’, the Trans-Texas Corridor, the SPP highway. It has many names, and will be four football fields wide. It is a means of getting goods and services expeditiously through the United States.

Also, Wal-Mart has a contract to exclusively serve this superhighway, and will be the only merchant allowed on the superhighway. The purpose of this is to bypass America! Guess who is behind it? No surprise, the great and evil George Bush and all his corporate cronies. If you know me, you know I have nothing but contempt for this criminal administration.

I have heard various theories as to how completed it is. Some say it is in progress, others say it is completely done. How come no one is sure? “The fed won’t let anyone get near it. It is a well-guarded secret.”

This is big and sinister stuff, folks. Small problem, though… it doesn’t seem to exist. Not yet, anyway. What the stories seem to imply is that this SH won’t have American stops or off-ramps. The whole thing will be just a jamming, haul ass highway between Mexico and Canada. Worse, "they" claim that this will all be owned by other nations and other nation's corporations. "They" also say that because it isn't being funded by us (but by these other countries) that Congress has no say. I don't know if this is true, but it's worth thinking about.

Oh, and this highway will eliminate security, oversight, labor unions, and it will all be paved with the skulls of golden retriever puppies. According to Humanevents.com:

Once complete, the new road will allow containers from the Far East to enter the United States through the Mexican port of Lazaro Cardenas, bypassing the Longshoreman’s Union in the process. The Mexican trucks, without the involvement of the Teamsters Union, will drive on what will be the nation’s most modern highway straight into the heart of America. The Mexican trucks will cross border in FAST lanes, checked only electronically by the new “SENTRI” system. The first customs stop will be a Mexican customs office in Kansas City, their new Smart Port complex, a facility being built for Mexico at a cost of $3 million to the U.S. taxpayers in Kansas City.

So, does the superhighway exist? No. Is it being built?  No. Is this whole story horseshit?  No. The idea is real, and it is being pushed. There is an official site set up for this purpose. That doesn't carry too much weight, though… this is a website you are reading right now. Well, let's take their own words and see:

NASCO’s purpose is to boost economic development activity by supporting:

  • Multi-modal (rail, truck, ships, air cargo) infrastructure improvements
  • Technology and security innovations on existing infrastructure to improve security and efficiency
  • Enhanced visibility, security, and accountability of supply chains critical to every day life
  • Environmental projects to preserve quality of life and allow for future growth
  • Strengthened security in cross-border trade flows

So, it is something to be aware of, but don't freak out. The government isn't outthinking you, they aren't that good at anything. I see a lot in this idea. Depending on how it's executed, it could be either the best or worst idea ever done. I thank god that George W. Bush will be out of office before it begins. I mean, think about it. It's practical, it will happen. Let's make sure we all participate in the dialogue, though.

Other great freeway myths? One is that Hitler invented the concept of the freeway with the Autobahn to move German war supplies better. That is what I heard. According to these dudes, that is a myth. Mussolini actually gets the credit for that gem. Hmmm. Hitler, Mussolini, and Bush. That's right, I just said that.

Presidential candidate Ron Paul went on record through Congress and explained that it is real, and we are being bushwacked. You may remember Paul, he was the only one of the GOP candidates to acknowledge the "truth" behind the 9/11 attacks. The more I dig around about this story, the less I understand. Let's open this up to our readership. Tell me what you have heard, and please use citations when you can.

I think this might be like the Moller Skycar, personally. Yes, a real and functional flying car does exist. It is rather like we were promised ages ago. Flying cars, and you can have one. That doesn't make it a bad idea, just not practical. That poor Moller guy has been trying to sell his prototype for 20 years.

What do you think? True or false? Good idea, or bad (the Superhighway, not the skycar)? Speak up! 

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  • Kevin Lang

    Update – from your author – it’s been almost ten years since I wrote this. Nothing has changed. It is still a great myth. Like all great myths, the truth is tough to find. That website I referenced above is gone. Wikipedia seems to acknowledge, and completely dismiss the concept. Still, though, there are people saying “it’s happening. I know for sure. I was there, I saw it. I am standing on it as I type this to you.” In fact, Wikipedia goes so far as to use the term ‘conspiracy’. Tee hee hee. Told you so.

    The super highway remains non a thing. Also, like any great myth… there is so much appealing to it. on the surface, there is so much good to it. As people add on, though, it gets all sinister. Other countries will own our highways, and congress is powerless to stop it. Wal Mart is nearly finished buying out our country. With no exists, it messes up the opportunity for taxes and businesses.

    No offramps? What about when I need to gas up. If I am crossing North America, that is at least a few tanks of gas. How about a bite to eat, while I zip across the tyrannical runway? Most importantly, I have to pee! I can’t pee until we get to Canada? My god, how my father would just love that. “I told you to go before we zoom 8,000 miles across the Earth”.


  • Rachel

    Have you checked out the Trans Texas Corridor info on the TxDot website lately?

  • Without the Trans Texas Corridor the so-called “NAFTA Super Highway” is just dead. And the TTC is dead as a doornail. It has not only failed to get approval or funding, but the Texas State Legislator has passed some new regulations which forbid the creation of such a road altogether. The alternative plan is to improve I-35 to accomodate more traffic and leave it at that – which was a reasonable alternative from the very beginning.


  • Rachel

    There is a Nafta Superhighway – they just don’t call it that. Just do a search for the map of the “proposed” (already a done deal as far as government approval) I-69. It will go from Canada through MI, IN, KY, AR, LA, TX, into Mexico. It will come right through the town I live in in Indiana just a few hundred yards behind my house. Apparently the only people who know about it are the those in the states where we are being forced to pay for it. I’m not a hugh fan of Dobbs or Beck, but they are correct about this one.

  • buzzkiller

    This article is long and gets dry, but this reporter goes to great lenths to put the nail in this myth’s coffin. If you’re the type to believe that 9/11 was caused by the US government, don’t bother reading it. You’re obviously not bound by logic.

  • moonraven

    Tell us about Plan Colombia–er, Mexico.

    Apparently it’s dead as a doornail, as it should be.

  • The reason foreign management companies get involved with these projects and with toll roads is that they have the experience and make the low bids. Toll road management and high-speed rail appear to be areas where foreign companies are particularly competitive and where there are few US challengers.


  • So, I think we can all see the concerns here. The next report will come from someone claiming that they are standing on the actual super secret superhighway.

    So, is it real or not? From my research (which is just internet surfacing from Denver, not exactly knocking down the door of city hall) it seems this plan is still in the planning stages, and probably won’t take off this decade.

    Something of this magnitude does seem inevitable. the thing is this, we can’t let foreign or corporate interests build it.

  • Wait a sec. I live only a few miles from where the TTC is supposed to be built, and although the Governor is still pushing the project, there’s no question that it is NOT being built. The right of way hasn’t been acquired, the money isn’t there, and no construction is taking place. It’s still a real threat, but it hasn’t been started yet.

    It also doesn’t hook into any nationwide system. The adjoining states which were supposed to be involved in expanding the system farther have shown little or no interest in participating.


  • cof

    You’re mistaken. The Trans Texas Corridor, which is only one leg of the NASCO supercorridor which will run, according to their website, from western Mexico up to Canada, is in process of being built. Texas plans to start taking valuable farm land from those in the path, and the TxDOT people are the ones that have said it could be up to 10 miles wide. (I attended a number of TTC meetings two summers ago that TxDOT put on for citizen comments and have their presentation recorded. You can see a bunch of them, including the TxDOT presentation here) Some of the other stuff you say in your blurb *is* baloney, like Walmart being the only vendor. The truth of the matter, at least for Texas, is that people’s property is going to be taken for the benefit of a private corporation, Cintra, which will lease out the road as a toll road, and effectively cut Texas in half. The TTC isn’t only around I35 but also I59 which runs through eastern Texas. and there is a Ports to Plains leg that runs around Lubbock.

    The real question is, do you think that Private-Public partnerships should be supplanting taxes for highways and toll roads should be the norm? USDOT would like to turn federal highways into toll roads; in our state, Kay Bailey Hutchison is against that and voted against it recently, on the basis of it being double taxation.

    Me? I’m an egalitarian. I believe that’s one thing government should be doing, using our taxes for infrastructure, where ALL can ride on the roads, not just those who can afford the tolls.