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The Mutiny Of The Marionettes

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Ever since the Chinese recently expressed – in simple and plain language that even a barbed-wire barricaded, trash-talking Texas trailer troglodyte could understand – their ability to topple the US economy (even though they also stated in “equally clear” banker’s lingo that China would be “a responsible investor in the international financial market”), only in the United States is there still the delusion that America is the world leader.

Watching the housing markets collapse over the last couple of weeks has been an illuminating experience for those who choose to learn from what is, and who are not going to continue to swallow the press-release drivel of the neo-confidence world that never was. For those who still swallow the Bush kool-aid, this way to The Egress.

[Jeopardy theme plays for a few moments]

OK, now that the mindless have returned to watching loving paeans to Karl Rove on Fox, we can get to it.

Liam Halligan, writing in The Telegraph, states what is in language as understandable as that used by the Chinese to remind us of their economic clout. “The Western world has got itself into a mess, and is now squandering its long-standing role as the bedrock of global finance.”

A commenter to Halligan’s article puts it in more common terminology:

In the “old days”, of not that long ago, it seemed you could sort of trust your banker, and your politician, perhaps even your stock broker. No-one should trust anyone anymore, when there are vast sums of money around, and an old boys club mentality of let’s screw the little guy, ordinary people are going to get burned. It really is too bad, though, that the poor buggers who have to scrimp for a few scraps are also the ones who have to bail out the arrogant not-so-smart arses who abuse the system.
– Posted by Don Richards on August 20, 2007 10:37 PM

As the late Linda Ellerbee used to put it, “And so it goes.”

Few in the domestic media are doing anything like real economic reporting, opting instead to parrot the trite and tepid lines issued to them by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson. Bu in the rest of the world, the business press reports are much more likely to report factually about what is happening to the incredibly huge investment sums shipped over to the American Babylon to keep our party going. The Australian of Sydney reports what the international investor really thinks (rather than attempting to tell them what to think), and published the following observation: “The contagion from the US crisis over defaulting sub-prime mortgages … and the associated falls in global markets has spread faster, wider and on a more frightening scale than the experts … predicted.

As was said in that one Dodge commercial a while back, “Thet Cain’t Be Good!” And it certainly isn’t. One observer opines that America is “debt culture gone awry” and “threatens to bring the rest of the world economy crashing down with it.”

Those who choose to downplay the Chinese threat to the current American “prosperity” – because it would hurt China as well as the US – ignore a salient fact, which our observer – an economist and banker – defines the consequences for our Texas trailer trogs: “China has the far stronger hand, because a run on the dollar would merely reduce China’s gigantic cash surplus while increasing America’s debt burden to astronomical levels.”

But even if taking down the dollar really would also hurt China as some believe, I point to these facts: When China and the US last faced off on the battlefield, Chinese KIA outnumbered those of the US almost 3:1, yet the Chinese believed that it was a cost worth paying. [China’s Decision to Enter the Korean War by Michael M. Sheng, Professor of History, Southwest Missouri State University] Therefore, if the Chinese government decided that Bush’s corporofascism was becoming too much of a threat to Chinese interests, their longer-term vision would require that they take significant action to end that threat, even if such action would prove costly in the short term.

The fact that the United States is now seen internationally as an inflated and over-borrowed paper tiger hasn’t gone unnoticed across the globe, and the rash of actions taken that don’t align with Bush administration plans are on the increase. J. R. Nyquist of Financial Sense says that recent Chinese and Russian military demonstrations are “part of a strategic sequence in which U.S. power is eclipsed”. The influence of the China-led Shanghai Cooperation Organisation is growing, as the SCO seeks to prevent any further US encroachment into the region, a popular local topic. To use a metaphor more familiar to Westerners and more “Christian”-friendly in tone, there’s no room at the Central Asian Inn for the US.

Now, I know that this fact is quite painful to all you Yellow Elephants serving in the 101st Fighting Keyboardists, but as the great Sun-Tzu suggested, victory can only come through understanding your adversaries. So hear me now and understand me later when your brains unclog: Bush doesn’t scare either Hu or Putin, and the more they both reach out to other nations, the more allies they gain at US expense.

US troops are among the NATO contingent in Afghanistan risking their lives to keep Bush puppet Hamid Karzai in power, and yet the former UNOCAL exec is photographed shaking hands with Chinese President Hu during talks between the two leaders. And why should he not shake Hu’s hand when Hu promises to come to his rescue with something other than oil lawyers, guns, and failing fiat money?

Hamid’s betrayal of the Crawford Kid doesn’t end with meetings with the BushCo Bankers. He’s also met with Axis of Evil lead man Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – in American-defended Kabul!

Are you Yellow Elephants going to enlist now, or are you going to betray Yore Leedur? Do you need any more proof that the American Reich is in decline?

Never mind. Football season is about to start. We already know what your priorities are.

Karzai isn’t the only Oil Toy leaking out of the barrel. Over in The Other Rich White Oil Man’s Burden, McClatchy Newspapers is doing the job more of America’s media should be doing, and reporting the facts concerning The Surge before Oval Office Offalists can carry the compost to the compositor’s desk. McClatchy is letting it be known across the land that The Bush Iraq Plan Is Failing! This puts Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki in a really bad position. Robert Fisk of The Independent puts it like this: “Always, we have betrayed them“.

Why do we always betray our puppets? Writes Fisk, “Those pesky Iraqis don’t deserve our sacrifice, it seems, because their elected leaders are not doing what we want them to do.”

And that would be?

How about not accepting Syrian offers to rebuild Iraq contingent upon US troops leaving? Did Maliki not listen when he was told not to play with those of whom George doesn’t approve?

He may have listened, but he didn’t hear (He could have qualified to be a Yellow Elephant with that talent!). Time reports Maliki expressed an open disdain for obeying his master’s will. “This government is elected by the Iraqi people,” he said, “not to satisfy the Americans.”

What’s Maliki thinking his first official visit to Syria is going to accomplish, except to make Dick Cheney reach for his shotgun? He’d get away with using it again, because even Democrats are calling for Maliki’s head. How dare our boy Nouri meet with that evil Ahmadinejad in US-patrolled Baghdad! Will Unka Dickie have to pull out that dusty CIA case file on Ngo Dinh Diem?

[Note to Dick: care to remember how well that plan worked? And you might also want to remember what it cost.]

One does have to wonder how George and Dick can think they can continue to order the world about. The British aren’t playing baseball according to Bush’s Iraqi League rules, and what’s up with the French?

Not long after George had Nicky over for lobster [it worked so well with Pooty-Poot, after all!], one of the Sarkozy Boys – no friend of George! – is poking about in Halliburton’s playground where he isn’t wanted.

The nerve! If George’s hands weren’t already entangled, he’d show them a thing or three! He might not let them play with his collection of private war yachts!

Is there no one left to stand with George as he draws his line in the oily sands? According to this report, I’d say no. He can’t count on the keyboard kommandos, for they would rather relive the historical wars during which they weren’t yet alive rather than note that the economic weakness of their own land in their own time will lead to future wars, of which there is no guarantee of victory or glory. They would rather stick to the sure thing from the past whose outcome is already known and use that as their model to project into the future.

As you will see in the comments, that is what they will discuss. Who is then the puppet, and who the master?

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  • I note that Realist is another one of those who doesn’t like to have people respond to articles on his site – what a surprise that he’s in the Chuck Adkins club.

    Since he might read this here, I’d like to direct him to the article he links to in his article “Baghdad, Goodbye”. The article from the anonymous contracter he quotes has a comments section to go with it, and in those comments a better informed contractor totally debunks the article and the various untruths it contains.

    I realize Realist doesn’t give a damn about truth, preferring to repeat propaganda, but he might vet his sources just a little if he doesn’t want to look like a fool.


  • Clavos

    Meanwhile, new home sales rose nearly 3% in July, and orders for US-made manufactured goods were up almost 6%…

  • STM


  • Egbert Sousé

    As the late Linda Ellerbee used to put it, “And so it goes.”

    She got that from Vonnegut’s “Slaughterhouse Five.”

  • Clavos, don’t forget that gas prices are also down, unemployment dropped to a six-year low, at the end of last month the Conference Board set their consumer confidence index at the highest level in 6 years.

    Oh, and BTW, did I mention that GDP was up 3.4% for the 2nd quarter, and personal disposable income is up 5.1% for the year thus far, doubling last year’s total income growth in hald the time.

    Yep, it’s all tragic around here.


  • I am with you all the way, although there will not be a major military conflict with China, a brutal money hungry economic powerhouse. The empire will travel the route of previous empires. Rome was not defeated by an external power. The legions that protected the outer reaches of the empire were defeated by hordes of barbarian tribes. In short, it was the internal contradictions that brought about the decline of Rome. America is following the same path and preparing for battle in the homeland against its own citizens.

  • Clavos


  • Howard, you ought to read my recent review of A State of Disobedience over in the book section (despite my effort to post it here in Politics where it belongs). You and Realist and a few others on here NEED to read the review and then read the book. Clavos, on the other hand, might actually enjoy reading it.


  • Clavos, please don’t try to fix people’s coding errors. It doesn’t work and I then have to delete your efforts too. Thanks.

  • Clavos

    I’ll do as you ask, Chris, but it actually works at the point at which I do it–I’ve seen it over and over, including this time, when the words “close link” that I typed came up as not part of the link. Though Dave’s post wasn’t corrected, I DID stop it at my post.

  • Lumpy

    I wonder if realist spends his offline time rubbing a lucky rabbit foot and wishing desperately for the governmental collapse which will usher in a socialist utopia.

  • Regarding the notion expressed in your blog of August 24, 2007 – that one can no longer trust one’s leaders: I confess I can’t recall a time when one could or, merely on princicple, should.

    Of course the same can be said about those who would report on those who would lead us, and, I guess, about those who would quote those who would report on those who would lead us. I refer to the following line from the same blog:

    As the late Linda Ellerbee used to put it, “And so it goes.”

    While the sentiment applies, the chronology does not. As fortune would have it, I remain on the right side of the grass.


    The Not-As-Yet-Late Linda Ellerbee

  • Baronius

    I think I read this article 15 years ago, about Japan.

  • Dr Dreadful

    Baronius #13: LOL and an astute observation. However, I think you’ll find people have been making such Doomsday predictions about Japan since at least the 1960s.

    One significant difference though: Chinese premiers tend actually to be able to find their arse with both hands.

  • Clavos

    Spot on, Baronius.

    And we all know how THAT turned out…

  • How ironic to see Egbert perpetuating the ‘Linda Ellerbee is dead’ urban legend, and how even more amusing to see the still kicking Ms. Ellerbee show up in person to prove she’s still alive.


  • RJ

    Wow. A Bush-hating leftist who seems absolutely gleeful at the unlikely prospect that the US economy and military will collapse in the near future, to be followed by the rise of Red China in an alliance with Putin’s Russia.

    I’m shocked.

  • Egbert Sousé

    Perpetuating? All I did was copy and paste what was written in the article as I am a fan of Vonnegut’s novel. It never occurred to me to verify Ellerbee’s status as I wasn’t dealing with that aspect. If anyone perpetuated the writer’s false information, it would be whoever published the piece.

  • I just looked to the last instance of the comment – and technically you were perpetuating Realist’s prior perpetuation of the error.


  • bliffle

    How would one know that “Linda Ellerbee” is not simply another internet alias?

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    While it is entirely possible that the person who wrote in as “Linda Ellerbee” was a fake, the tone of the comments suggest quite differently.

    I remember NBC Overnight rather well and Ms. Ellerbee cast a fish eye on the world, all done with class and a dry sense of humor. We see that precise same fish eye, with the same class and the same sense of humor, in these comments:

    “Regarding the notion expressed in your blog of August 24, 2007 – that one can no longer trust one’s leaders: I confess I can’t recall a time when one could or, merely on princicple, should.

    Of course the same can be said about those who would report on those who would lead us, and, I guess, about those who would quote those who would report on those who would lead us. I refer to the following line from the same blog:

    As the late Linda Ellerbee used to put it, “And so it goes.”

    All Ms. Ellerbee did was to remind us all that she is not yet dead, and that a healthy mistrust of those entrusted with leadership, as well as those who would report on them (like us), is a good thing.

    That sounds an awful lot like the lady I was privileged to watch over twenty years ago on NBC Overnight.

  • Hmmm…How do I prove I am the person who came onto this blog claiming to be me?

    A toughie, that.

    Especially as I didn’t know that the fact of my death was an “urban legend.” Frankly, I believe I prefer the one about the alligators living in new York’s sewers.

    Number nine. Number nine. Number…oh, never mind.

    Just take my word for it. I am Linda Ellerbee. Still.

    And ruvy, thank you for the kind words.


  • Clavos

    I think most of us believed you, Linda.

    Hell I even told my wife,

    “Guess who just posted a comment on BC!!…”

  • Dr Dreadful

    Now we’re just waiting for moonraven to tell us that you’re really Dave Nalle.

  • bliffle

    Well, Ms. Ellerbee, let me take this opportunity to thank you for your several excellent TV appearances.

  • Leslie Bohn

    Ms Ellerbee’s work on news for kids should be especially noted and admired. Love her ‘Girl Reporter” series of books, too.

    If Ellerbee’s a BC, even by just commenting, it’s a boon.

    Wonder if she’d deign to answer any questions from the bourgoisie…

  • Leslie Bohn

    Ms Ellerbee’s work on news for kids should be especially noted and admired. Love her ‘Girl Reporter” series of books, too.

    If Ellerbee’s a BC, even by just commenting, it’s a boon.

    Wonder if she’d deign to answer any questions from the bourgoisie…

  • bliffle

    Anyway, to return to the Economy, how much did the Dow drop yesterday?

  • Clavos

    About 2.1%.

    So far this morning it’s up a little over .75%.