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The Mustang Ranch, World Famous Brothel, Back In Business

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The world-renowned Mustang Ranch, at one time the largest bordello in the United States, has reopened under new management, now calling itself the World Famous Brothel.

The original Mustang Ranch was run by Joe Conforte, an erstwhile cab-driver from San Francisco, who began running it in the 1960s, and made it the state’s first legal bordello in 1971. He ran into rough weather with the IRS and fled the country to Brazil, owing them $13 million. The government seized the buildings and land. They were uncomfortable owning a brothel and put it up for sale on eBay, where Lance Gilman, owner of the Wild Horse Resort and Spa brothel bought it for just $145,000.

He has moved the buildings to his main location, and intends to open fifty rooms and two VIP suites. At present, 18 women work there.

The total restoration project is 35,000 square feet. The octagon-shaped parlor and fountain are parts of phase one, which is 20,000 square feet. The dome is 22 feet high and 65 feet across.

“The parlor is designed to have the feel and look of an Italian courtyard surrounded by a bistro and several facades that look like homes,” Gilman said.

The second phase, which includes 30 more rooms and four VIP suites, will be open by the end of the summer.

Gilman and Burgess are in a trademark dispute about the name, and not being able to use the name may put a damper on business, but the notoriety should compensate.

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  • Bennett

    Interesting stuff. Never did the brothel scene as a young man, and of course never will now that I’m “hitched”.

    Who is Burgess? And why would he have some claim on the name of this joint?

  • HW Saxton

    SP, You are waaaaay off the mark about
    some of your brothel history.There have
    been whorehouses opertaing legally in NV
    on-again and off-again since the 1870’s.

    I live in Nevada and while prostitution
    isn’t legal in Clark and Washoe counties
    (our only counties with any sort of real
    populace,Vegas and Reno respectively)it
    is only an hour or less of a drive to a
    legal cathouse from these major cities.
    I’ll give you more info at length if
    you want to know but for now I must go.

    Convenient for the tourists ya know?

  • HW, more info would be welcome – and shall be added to the post – or you could do you own:)

    Bennett, he currently owns the rights to the name – info elsewhere on the web.

    Visiting a brothel – who’d admit to that really?;)

  • HW Saxton

    I’ll give you some more info when I get back home this evening. I live way out in Nevada and will admit to visiting one of the local brothels, Sheri’s Ranch outside of Pahrump, NV. about an hour and a half drive out through the lovely Amargosa Valley (no kidding the desert is awful purty, in a minimalist way) Though, I am not too sure if anyone would really want to hear about that though. What do you think?

  • Can I second the ‘who is Burgess’?


  • Nick Jones

    If I lived in Nevada, I’d go.

  • David Burgess owns the Old Bridge Ranch brothel, adjacent to the old Mustang Ranch property. He claims he acquired the trademark after the government seized the property.

    Interestingly, I found a convoluted connection between Lance Gilman and the Scientologists.

  • HW, I’d like to know whether legalized prostitution is better than skanking on the road and its always better to hear from someone who has been to a brothel than an arm chair pundit.

  • Bennett

    “Visiting a brothel – who’d admit to that really?”

    Past history? I dont think I’d have a prob talking about it.

    HW, sure, how did it go? What were your feelings after a few days?

    Did you go back for seconds?

  • HW Saxton

    Bennett,I may just to have to blog about
    this after all. But I’ll answer these
    quick like for ya: “Seconds”? You don’t
    really have the time unless you up your
    “Admi$$ion” price. Bad pun I know.

    It was FUN and a bit of an adventure too
    what with taking a long drive out there
    across the desert to the middle of East
    Nowheresville with some friends,ice cold
    beer and ZZ Top blasting away on the car
    stereo. “La Grange” natch.In honesty, I
    actually felt a little robbed.But as far
    as robbery goes it wasn’t too bad. LOL.

    And the babes(some of ’em)were just drop
    dead gorgeous!Playboy material literally
    of this I kid you not amigo.

  • Nancy

    Swingie, you do find some bodacious thread subjects 😉 What ever happened to the fabled chicken ranch? Like in the movie, did it really shut down & go away? There was one I thought was still up & running that gave out ‘tokens’ as souveniers. As for brothels per se, I should think the women would prefer them, at least, as they would ensure safety, along w/fair wages, healthier conditions…but I hear the legal brothels in Europe aren’t so very hot, and too many women are not voluntary occupants? And of course there’s the gals who aren’t pretty enough to work there. I suspect there’ll always be someone working on their own or slaved to a pimp out on the street. Pity. I’ve always thought it was a damned shame it was always the ‘girls’ who got caught & prosecuted, while the ones who created the demand, the johns, got away for the most part scott free. Whatever happened to COYOTE, the prostitutes’ organization?

  • Nancy, I keep my eyes open for things out of the ordinary, especially the salacious kind;)

  • Nancy

    Is that because you’re going stircrazy this close to d-day, or because you always are like this, lol? When’s the date, anyway?

  • The hormones are making me crazy, but I feel more like a walrus or a beached whale, really.

    July 21st, but could be any time sooner – stay tuned…

  • Bennett

    HW, Thanks man. I would like to read more about your adventure. ZZ Top would be the right thing to crank up just before walkin in to drop trow, eh?

    I can picture it so clearly.

    By seconds, I meant did you go back a second time, or was this a one time experience?

    Not that it matters…


    You should do up a post about it.

  • HW Saxton

    Mr. Bennett, I did go back to another
    brothel.This brothel was up in Central
    Nevada just outside of Tonopah.Waaay out
    in the middle of flat out f’ing NOWHERE.

    It was a small house built around the
    turn of the century called “Fran’s”.It
    had a red light on the porch and a sign
    that read “Girls,Drinks,Fun”. Other than
    that it looked just like an ordinary old
    house in a small desert town. Which it
    was,I guess. You knock on the door,wait
    a few minutes, then you hear a woman(the
    madam)say: “We’ve got company ladies!”
    You are then invited into the parlor and

    To reveal more would cut into what I’d
    want to blog about this.But you can let
    your imagination take over at this point
    for the rest of the story for now.

  • Bennett

    Cool Mr. Saxton, (is HW too informal?)

    I DO look forward to your musings on said topic. The voyeur in me I guess…

    Not to sweat it, but my first name is Bennett. If you wanna get all formal, you kin call me Farmer Dawson.

    What a riot, that.

  • HW Saxton

    Bennett, You can just call me Harold.

  • Bennett

    Pleased ta meetcha Harold.


  • HW Saxton

    Likewise, I’m sure, Bennett.

  • Coming soon: Harold and Bennett go to White Castle, after visiting the Mustang Ranch

  • HW Saxton

    A bag full of Belly Bombs to go!!!

  • Kickstart

    A little bit of good information is better than a whole bunch of supposition.

    David Burgess is the nephew of Joe Conforte. He owns the Old Bridge ranch, as noted above.

    The Chicken Ranch brothel is alive and well in Pahrump, Nevada, about 100 yards down Homestead Road from The Resort at Sheri’s Ranch, another first class legal house. All in all, there are about 30 active, legal brothels in Nevada. The quality of the ladies there is world class, both in looks and abilities. And, yes, I have visited. No big deal.

    If you wnat first hand information, there are several message boards dedicated to the hobby, where you can get all the details and infor you wish, without having to register or join. Try http://www.nevadabrotheltimes.com or http://www.nevadabrothelgirls.com (the only website owned by and run for the ladies of the LPIN industry) or http://www.sex-in-nevada.com a message board for LPIN hobbyists.

    There are also websites for several of the houses themselves. Most are listed on these sites.

    Checking these places out will give you whatever first-hand information you want, short of actually visiting a house for yourself.

    Good luck!

  • Amy

    Fact: Dave Burgess is my “first love.” I stayed with him at Aunt Sally’s and Uncle Joe Conforte’s home in ’70’s. Dave has every right and claim to the business, in my opinion.

  • terry

    hello everyone I am taking a college class controversal issues in criminal justice and I would like to know a few opininons on legalization of prostitution in the united states as a whole many of my class members agree it is pointless to spend money on a crime that does not really hurt people but a few think we should spend money and resources to protect society from being victimized by prostitution

  • Linda

    My ex-boyfriend and his sister both worked at the Mustang Ranch back in the 1970s. My ex was a trainer and a limo driver and his sister was a “working girl”. For those of you who believe that brothels are safer and less sleazy than walking the streets, think again. My ex told me dark stories about the goings-on in that brothel that still haunt him to this day. And in response to Terry, after hearing all this inside information, I can assure you that legal prostitution is not the answer.

  • this sounds likle a pretty upper class brothel! but just as degrading all the same!