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“The Music Internet Untangled” by Andy Breeding

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Andy Breeding is, like me, a music lover first and a writer second. This shows through out his writing in a very good way. One of the great things that e-book has to offer is that it is designed with serious music discovery in mind. Not only does Mr. Breeding cover a broad array of methods of listening from online terrestrial based radio to on demand and near on demand listening, he also reviews many of these services. LAUNCHCast, Rhapsody, iTunes, the new Napster and many others are all reviewed with the pros and cons of each given in a very objective manner.

Mr. Breeding also devotes an entire section of the book to music information and how to find it on the Internet. From using the awesome power of sites like AllMusic.com to using charts and best-of lists to search out new music and find more information on music that is already a favorite. He also takes this a step further and explains how to discover more information about whole genres and subgenres. This is very helpful in not only finding new music but also expanding you music knowledge in general. If you ever plan on being a contestant on Rock N’ Roll Jeopardy make sure to check this out.

Lastly Mr. Breeding does not leave you to cruise the information superhighway alone. He includes seven “Music Discovery Plans” The plans each highlight one service that he has covered and gives you a seven day plan of how to use this service to its fullest. This is a great way to help get people who love music but are not that technically savvy into these great resources. Even if you are an Internet Pro this structured approach could still be very helpful.

In conclusion, Mr. Breeding has compiled an authoritative guide to helping people of all skill levels use the Internet to expand their musical horizons. This in itself is a great service. It is also full of personal examples, wit, and informative asides. If you have a desire to find new music and don’t know where to start or if you would like to see what kind of services are out there on the net, this book is for you. You can find it at Giant Path

Byron Schaller resides at In The Congo.

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  • Eric Olsen

    Wow, that was quick Byron, good job, thanks!

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  • I wish that I had found this book about a year ago when I had to wade through the list of options in the emerging radio and broadcasting aspects of the Internet…. I certainly did have a fantastic journey, which keeps getter better every day, but this book would have offered some guidance and saved many weeks of searching and trial and error in the beginning….

    I eventually got hooked and even became a broadcaster on Live365 as well as an ardent listener on many of the services including Rhapsody, Launchcast, etc etc…

    Kudos to the author… looking forward to his updates as this whole area of the Internet takes off in the next couple of years.

    DJ Eazy

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  • Hi,

    Since this review was posted an updated edition has become available. Also, the Web site (giantpath.com) has expanded to include service profiles from the book and on-going articles on using online music services. E-mail updates are now available too.

    Andy Breeding

  • Eric Olsen

    thanks for the update Andy, best of luck with it!

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