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The Mushroom Revolution

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This addition of A Dose of Awesome features everyone's lovable digital plumber  Mario and the Deviantart artist *KidNotorious. Everyone knows Mario the lovable little scamp who has graced videogames since 1981. Since then the original design for Mario hasn't change much, even when he made his way into the 3rd dimension he was still recognizable as the same lovable little character. After almost 30 years of existence it doesn't look like Nintendo is ready to change their most beloved creation, but luckily artists like *KidNotorious are willing to do that for them.

*KidNotorious together with colorist copperthistle have given the lovable plumber and his friends a more serious and mature makeover and the result is pure awesome. Last month they uploaded a picture called Mushroom Revolution which introduced the new character designs and today they have uploaded a series of Mario Sketch Cards which features Mario, Peach, Yoshi, Toad, and Luigi. Peach no longer looks like such a helpless Princess, Yoshi looks insane with his Raptor like makeover  and I love the expression on Mario's face. He looks older, more serious, and kind of like nearly 30 years of fighting and princess saving has taken a toll on him. I also like the way they had workman-looking gloves, boots, and a mean set of kneepads. Luigi's wrench appears as though it could do some serious damage and something about the look he has makes me think he wouldn't think twice about inflicting said damage. Interestingly, the greens look slightly different from the Revolution image to the Sketch Cards, appearing slightly lighter in the latter. Yoshi looks more like a lizard than a dinosaur, but they are still some cool pictures. The question however remains, what the hell would Bowser look like? 

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