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Maybe I was wrong about distancing ourselves from our emotions in order to avoid being offended (see On Being Offended). Equilibrium is about a post WWIII society that has decided to rid the human race of emotion in order to prevent an even more destructive WWIV. This means that they send out Gramanomatron Clerics (forgive me if I misspelled it), supremely skilled fighters who have mastered the art of gun kata which allow them to dodge tons of bullets and be extremely accurate in shooting their own (as in The Matrix—and no, gun kata has nothing to do with that Kurt Thomas martial arts movie crapper, Gymkata), who kill rebels hiding in the city and in the netherworld and destroy all cultural artifacts that they find (the Mona Lisa was burned early in the movie).

Forgive me for using another cliched movie equation: it’s 1984 (Father = Big Brother, thought crimes, trying to be human, kids turning you in, etc.) + The Matrix (costumes and flashy gun kung fu) + Blade Runner (they use emotion testers a few times) + Brazil (rebels and terrorism, without the comedy) + They Live + Fahrenheit 451 (censored culture) + A Brave New World + Total Recall + Escape from New York + Cyborg (the netherworld/wasteland). Wow, this sounds like exactly the kind of movie that I like (actually, Cyborg sucks, but I still have seen it several times—just to laugh at how wimpy the villain is—he raises his arms out to make himself look bigger). But it does not offer anything new in terms of ideas. I still enjoyed watching it, though. I somewhat identified with the hero as he struggled after having stopped using the anti-emotion drug that they were all supposed to take. And yes, Captain Kirk, you were right all along: if . . . we suppress . . . our . . . emotions . . . then we cease . . . to . . . be . . . human!

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  • Jonathan

    This movie has been playing on the free movie channels on my crappy digital cable alot, and I like it.
    I don’t know why.
    The action scenes are fairly cool, mostly the ending one when he is against all the guards. That was pretty impressive.
    I think the movie could’ve been oh so much greater, and it’s not going to go in the books as an amazing film or anything but it’s pretty entertaining to watch.

  • jo

    i love that fuckin movie
    the fight scenes are i think much better than in the matrix.the story line was like ok i guess but the fights were killa.

  • adam

    HAHAAH its better than all the movies amazon is selling in that add