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I wanted to see The Motorcycle Diaries ever since I saw the movie trailer. The film is the story of two young men who go on a long motorcycle journey through South America that changes their lives. As the movie trailer says “Before he knew where his life would take him. Before the world knew his name. One journey defined his life. Let the world change you and you can change the world.”

The movie didn’t disappoint. The film shows how at certain points in our life there are moments that define us and that reveal to us our place in the world. I didn’t know anything much about Che Guevara or his story but what struck me in the film what his deep sense of connection that he felt with people and their struggles to create a better more dignified life for themselves. He had a big heart and a big love for life.

The scenes that most touched me in the movie were the ones that took place in the leprosy hospitals. In conditions that would have appalled most of us he chose to stand with the people, the poor, the diseased, the abandoned rather than view them from the somewhat lofty position that his status as a doctor awarded him.

This movie affected me quite deeply. I rushed out and bought the book. I would highly recommend it.

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