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The Mostly Autumn V Shows on DVD

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Artist: Mostly Autumn
Title: The V Shows
Format: DVD/Book Set (Limited Edition)
Genre: Progressive Rock
Label: Classic Rock Productions

Mostly Autumn continues to take advantage of the creative high they have been on for the last few years. Now a very limited edition 2 DVD/Book set The V Shows is available for fans to enjoy. This is a very collectable item, and not only because 2,000 copies were pressed. The format is stunning. Classic Rock Productions is surely on to something very important here, they are delivering a quality product at decent price and something very tangible. It is similar to the old days when you could go out and buy an LP with gatefold sleeves and view pictures, pullouts, or get a poster you could hang on your wall.

The hardbound book that holds the two DVDs fashions glossy and elegant pages, including some excellent photos of the band in action. The detailed overview of the now famous V Shows is a very interesting to read, and you get two full DVDs to absorb as well. The first set encompasses select songs from their catalog and the last track “Passengers” heading into the second set, kicks off the extraordinary Passengers album in its entirety. The laser show is awe inspiring on this stage, the images and lights clearly give their excellent music additional qualities and enhancements. As if Heather Findlay was not distracting enough, this formulates more dimensions to their already complex and visually exciting show.

The two focal points of the group, the lovely and graceful lead vocalist Heather Findlay, who floats around the stage like an angel, and guitarist/vocalist Byran Josh, who sounds like David Gilmour, just keep getting better ever time I hear them. Josh has developed into one of the best six-string benders on the planet; he is able to handle pronounced heavier parts as well as the delicate more intricate portions of their songs. There is no denying the heavy influence of Pink Floyd in their music and they acknowledge it wholeheartedly, which I think is a very intelligent and admirable thing to do. I cannot understate the importance of every band member however, Iian Jennnigs (keys, backing vocals) and his brother Andrew (drums), Liam Davis (backing guitar), Angela Goldthorpe (flute, backing vocals, keys) and Andy Smith (bass), are all important cogs in the wheel that help the Mostly Autumn machine run so smoothly.

I highly recommend grabbing this while you can, there are but a few hundred copies left in existence and I do not believe there are plans for a repressing. I am glad that I have my copy; I want everything that this band has ever done. They have become one of my most cherished listens over the last two years and I certainly plan to hear a lot more in the future. They still need to catch on in a big way in the U.S. and I am certain it will happen soon. All good things come in time and Mostly Autumn has nothing but good music and some fine entertainment for us to enjoy. Watch for some more releases very soon.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

November 5, 2004



01. Caught In a Fold
02. Something In Between

03. Another Life
04. First Thought
05. Pure White light
06. Simple Ways
07. Bitterness Burnt
08. Distant Train
09. Answer The Question
10. Pass The Clock
11. Passengers


1. The Night Sky
2. The Spirit of Autumn Past
3. Evergreen
4. Never The Rainbow
5. Heroes Never Die
6. Mother Nature
7. Afterglow

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