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The most Smashing poll ever…

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A few weeks back, it was Presidential Masks. The next big thing? The Presidential pumpkin poll. You pick your state and you ‘vote’ in order to get the pumpkin pattern for your candidate of choice. I’ll tell you right now, if the pumpkins are any measure, John Kerry needs some help. He’s down by 14 points. Heck, Bush is taking California and New York.

I think you should vote, and we’ll see how the votes change, but I’ll go ahead and provide the patterns. Download the George Bush pumpkin pattern here, and the John Kerry pumpkin pattern here. That way you don’t have to ‘vote’ in order to get the pattern.

UPDATE: As of 9:45 am CST, the results have changed significantly since I originally posted this, and it’s looking worse for Kerry. Come on people, make this a race.

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  • No, Jeremy. Actually, Bush needs help. See, people are downloading the Bush patterns (hence ‘voting’ for him) because they want to stick his face on pumpkins and serve them up as sacrificial pinatas for local teens to take baseball bats to.

    Or, maybe I’ve spent too much time in spin rooms this week.

  • this is the pumpkin that most accurately describes our way of electing a president.